Prepositions after "insist"

insist on, upon, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 88% of cases insist on is used
    Hence I insist on individuality.
    And I would insist on a response.
    And for insisting on the red lip.
    But Byeong Gun insists on trying -- he will audition on the final night of auditions.
    Moderator Response: DB Part of your problem is insisting on arguing from ignorance.
    I wish she'd stop insisting on the edgy thing and just go with softer hair/make-up.
    Almost every manager, for their own reasons, would predictably still insist on calling it ' early ' in the campaign.
    Since accounts of the cause of her death have differed, her cohorts are insisting on an UN probe into the murder.
    Schools and parents enforce this idea by insisting on rubrics that spell out exactly how students will be graded.
    Goodfellow introduced iodine in every possible way and lived to see the Government insist on all salt being iodised.

    In 7% of cases insist upon is used
    In other words, a proper process was insisted upon.
    However you can deduce AS from the Gospels if you insist upon it.
    Third-party monitoring for seismic-resistance was insisted upon.
    It may sound like a crude attempt, but insisting upon German ways may indeed work.
    Sita suspected that Rama was in danger and insisted upon Lakshmana? s going to his help.
    At least in Chile, that order appears not to have been delivered, nor was it insisted upon.
    This Government insists upon having a monopoly on the use of force, but can only impose it upon law-abiding people.
    In a word, he maintains the utmost respect for her while insisting upon a healthy dose for himself -- and ends things.
    It's clear to everyone that Greece can not possibly recover with the punitive &; callous policies insisted upon by the Troika.
    Your furnace repaired require august, potentially super early the fall, the time insist upon is less could be to your advantage.

    In 2% of cases insist in is used
    One store owner insists in English that she is not actually speaking Hindi; when Ms.
    Some insisted in trying it, and now one actually joined SWAT to handle a FAMAS all the time.
    According to the High Court, what is insisted in the rule is that the purchaser should have paid the price charged, less the discount.
    Yet he insisted in an interview in the past few days that he was growing up and would steer clear of controversy before, during and after the derby.
    President Kikwete insisted in his public monthly national address recently that the law will control those whouse their good pockets to lure voters.

    In 1% of cases insist to is used
    He insisted to superiors that he was ' fine ' and was determined to carry out his duties as an Apache helicopter pilot.
    Contrary to the cover story run by Star magazine, a Kardashian family source insists to E! News that the two E! reality TV stars are not engaged just yet.

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