Prepositions after "insignificant"

"insignificant in" or "insignificant to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases insignificant in is used

It's all insignificant in the end.

I am insignificant in the eyes of men.

It was totally insignificant in that 99.

Each indiscretion though, has been insignificant in their own standalone right.

When CH4 is held against the BBC three, CH4 becomes insignificant in comparison.

It can sometimes seem like our requests are insignificant in the presence of God.

This has left them the impression that they are just insignificant in the power equation and easily forgotten.

The result, whilst always significant, for me, for once, was insignificant in comparison to what I'd witnessed.

We are so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of the cosmos that we're not even a needle in a haystack.

He had his faults, as who has n't? But his virtues made them unimportant, insignificant in the scale of things.

In 20% of cases insignificant to is used

The growth is insignificant to me.

It is utterly insignificant to him.

He was still insignificant to them.

If a male dog sees a beautiful woman, the latter will be insignificant to the former.

What is insignificant to their elders is often to them a source of great joy or sorrow.

By the way, these choices are only insignificant to the arrogant, naive or inexperienced.

Why? Because the incremential cost is so insignificant to my hobby to share them on a website or burning a cd.

I only use the adjective descriptor ' little ' to denote that it is one site, not that it is insignificant to me.

Planting of crops, such as willow and miscanthus, would help, but plantings have been almost insignificant to date.

Health experts say the effects of mold can range from being insignificant to causing allergic reactions and illness.

In 7% of cases insignificant for is used

No issue is too insignificant for these slimy shysters dude.

The location of bank accounts is insignificant for this matter.

The Higgs is essentially insignificant for it, even if it exists.

The difference on a cold day or warm day is pretty insignificant for those particles.

The sakai and the natives elswhere are too insignificant for them to be bothered with.

The question of whether Greece retains the Euro is insignificant for anyone but the Greeks.

The small investor may wind up paying a few $$ per trade which is pretty insignificant for an infrequent trader.

Although it is next to being insignificant for some circles, it has been causing national leaders sleepless nights.

But as there is compensation for the most affected the whole issue will be largely insignificant for the average punter.

While these purchases are fairly insignificant for most, they still add up, especially if they are made on a regular basis.

In 5% of cases insignificant by is used

The assistance to GM is insignificant by comparison.

Whatever scars her past had left were insignificant by comparison.

CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere and insignificant by definition.

That is the predominant rule with minor exceptions too insignificant by comparison.

Tourist arrivals to Pemba and the Mafia Archipelago remain insignificant by comparison.

Patrick is an observer who notices the little things considered insignificant by history.

In fact the sins which do not deserve to be pardoned are regarded as insignificant by the one who commits them.

They are always present between adjacent molecules, but they are usually rendered insignificant by stronger bonds.

What I can achieve here is so insignificant by comparison to the immensity of the problem in this rural environment.

Because the lava is largely degassed by the time it reaches the sea, any HCL coming from it is insignificant by comparison.

In 3% of cases insignificant as is used

There are just a pile of details to sort through and each is as important or insignificant as the next.

Something as seemingly insignificant as a change in the way your pet chews or sits can signal a problem.

It's just a silly thing in my mind to invest so much cash into something so minor and insignificant as a blog.

Comparatively insignificant as an employer, the City has no equal as a political and social force to which the political class defers.

MS smartphone market share is insignificant as of this writing, even Gartner's market prediction for the new Windows OS for smartphones was dead wrong.

No less solid must be the legionary's conception of duty; no less thorough its application to each item of work, the most insignificant as well as the most difficult.

Unless the tamils get leaders who really love their people they are going to become more and more insignificant as a part of india than their numbers and area size warrant.

A man who is easily bought by one political party with peanuts (or is it cashew nuts) would easily surrender our sovereignty to other countries with something so insignificant as a foreign wine.

In 3% of cases insignificant at is used

Question: I feel so insignificant at times.

The cost is amazingly insignificant at GCH 1.

The comment seemed insignificant at the time.

How significant everything is, yet how completely insignificant at the same time.

There are statistically insignificant at the 95% confidence level peaks at 70, 25, 16, and 7 years.

Examination of the t-statistics reveals that the parameter 1 is statistically insignificant at the 5% level.

These words are so insignificant at such a time, although unfortunately there's not much more that can be said.

It is an appreciation and a memorial to our ancestors whose lives may have been seemingly insignificant at the time.

While these factors may appear to be insignificant at first glance, they do carry significant importance in the long run.

That trip put everything into perspective for me -- no matter how much politicians anger me, it all seems so insignificant at the end of the day.

In 3% of cases insignificant on is used

While this may seem insignificant on a 1.

Now they are insignificant on the European scene.

Insignificant on the scale of the Great Wheel, of course.

But it's just as empty and insignificant on the second level as it was on the first.

The costs of administering the trusts and llc's alone is not insignificant on an annual basis.

However, most decisions are based on multiple traumatisms that appear insignificant on their own.

These differences strongly influence the local environment, although they are insignificant on the national scale.

Although we are puny and insignificant on the scale of the Cosmos, this makes us, in a sense, the Lords of creation.

However, its industrial base is insignificant on the global market, and the majority of its people live in growing poverty.

We consider ourselves masters of all creation, but as a species, humanity is insignificant on a cosmic scale, our limited perceptions.

In 2% of cases insignificant from is used

A deer is insignificant from statistic point of view.

Such stunning views! Everything seems so insignificant from up there.

It seemed in those days insignificant from the historical point of view.

The gun show regulations are INSIGNIFICANT from the gun owners perspective.

I tell you, everything looks very, very small and insignificant from God's perspective.

It seemed in those days to be trivial and insignificant from the historical point of view.

This occurred only among a small percentage of specific age groups and therefore, was considered insignificant from a health perspective.

The grasslands, macchia, forests, pans and swamps are excluded, since they are insignificant from the point of view of browsing ungulates.

That may seem so insignificant from your perspective but not from those who have come in contact with you, been loved by you, been nurtured by your spirit.

Certainly enough to ensure the book's continued commercial success, which makes the very mixed reviews that it has been receiving look pretty insignificant from where Welsh is sitting.

In 2% of cases insignificant next is used

The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

Monty says: 04:30pm 13/04/12 Steve are you serious? Australias debt is insignificant next to the USA and some European countries.

I do not understand, mine is insignificant next to other blogs, Oh well, I'll have to switch servers and begin to reupload the lost files.

While this may seem insignificant next to physical molestation, it still brings home the fact that if you're a woman, you will be a target.

Don't be so proud of this technological military marvel; the power of the US armed forces is insignificant next to the power of the market.

In 2% of cases insignificant of is used

He had the strictest ideas of duty and responsibility and even the poorest and most insignificant of suitors always found him ready to give his case a fair and prompt hearing.

Personally I avoid women when I travel home because most of them from top professionals to fresh graduates are fascinated or interested in the most trivial or insignificant of things.

In 1% of cases insignificant after is used

Fear of being insignificant after giving up one's reputation; 3.

I did something, something that seemed insignificant after everything that had gone before, and Clementine looked at me as if I'd stamped on a bag of kittens.

In 1% of cases insignificant against is used

A black fleck perched atop a gargoyle, Batman appears insignificant against the scope of the setting.

Their only goodness consisted in firing; to come to sword or pike, they were insignificant against the Irish.

I would think the cost of rating a game would be insignificant against all other costs so doubt publishers would havee too much of an issue with it.

Frankly, the matter of equality of genders or many other feminist issues simply became very insignificant against the compassion and kindness she showed for the plights of a section of women.

In 1% of cases insignificant before is used

As I approach I seem to shrink, becoming increasingly insignificant before this giant.

This despise is for the sake that all powers are insignificant before the Might and Wrath of Allah.

The total complexity of the algorithm is $n$, and as you may know, $nlln2$ (complexity $n$ is insignificant before complexity $n2$).

Further more, the beauty of the women of this world will appear pale and insignificant before the beauty of those stunning damsels of Jannat.

One should keep in mind the Greatness of Almighty Allah with whom one communes while offering prayers and should consider oneself to be very humble and insignificant before His Grandeur and Glory.

In 1% of cases insignificant due is used

She became insignificant due to impoverishment pursuant on war, once denied the precious metals of South America.

Its impact on slowing population growth is generally projected to be insignificant due to the current high level of fertility according to recent studies.

In 1% of cases insignificant relative is used

Server-side latency must be insignificant relative to Internet latency.

We've only been broadcasting for about a century, which is insignificant relative to the age of the universe.

Honestly these situations that we come across are sooooo insignificant relative to the big picture of our lives as a whole.

That has meant many factories and textile mills have been able pollute at will, with any violation fines often insignificant relative to profit.

It's now your turn to see the sales grow and the cost of getting there, will be insignificant relative to the profit you generate for your company.

Even if the projected growth emerges, though, total sales of electric vehicle will remain insignificant relative to the production of gasoline cars.

The total revenues that it might turn out at the end of the day would probably be reasonably insignificant relative to other things Plutonic was doing.

In 1% of cases insignificant with is used

Inversely it can also be something totally insignificant with no substance at all (e.

These variations are almost always insignificant with respect to the practical meaning of God's word.

This implies a pointless addition of weight to the vessel, which is not insignificant with a long length of chain.

Reason, justification or purpose becomes insignificant with the passage of time and the memory of brutality gets lost amid fresh disasters.

Although I agree the chances are fairly insignificant with regards to anything going horribly wrong, the point is there still are those odds to consider.

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