Prepositions after "inscribe"

"inscribe on", "inscribe in" or "inscribe with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases inscribe on is used
    Allah revealed to prophet Musa (pbuh) the Tawrat inscribed on tablets of stone.
    Another shows its back side, which has the Google and Sony logos inscribed on the surface.
    In the case of very young children their names can be inscribed on the Compostela of the accompanying adult.
    A show-off and propagandist, he made his mark by having his name, like a graffiti artist, inscribed on every possible stone.
    The various characters are still inscribed on the cards, and she is reading in reality, though she does not know, the fortune of the protagonist.
    But after noticing the signature ' Nepro Mailliw ' (Orpen's name backwards) inscribed on the reverse, expert Rupert Maas deemed it to be a genuine copy by Orpen himself.

    In 22% of cases inscribe with is used
    The soul tablets are inscribed with details of the deceased.
    The huge stone slab, inscribed with Gelert's name, still marks the grave and the village nearby still.
    Sometimes those books were inscribed with a name and date or a message of well wishes was written on them.
    For instance, the ' Shrine ' inside the gallery is inscribed with the sacred writings and hieroglyphics of the Igbo people.
    One coffin inscribed with the words ' RIP Notre Fille Stacy ' meaning ' Rest in Peace Our Daughter Stacy ' stood out from all the rest.
    The JI workers gathered in the main office of the party and marched from there to the Karnal Sher Khan Chowk, holding placards and banners inscribed with anti-Israel slogans.
    The protesters holding placards inscribed with anti-Israel slogans marched through the main Jamrud bazaar and later gathered in front of the offices of political administration.

    In 20% of cases inscribe in is used
    All the 99 sacred names of Allah with 33 Quranic verses are beautifully inscribed in the mosque.
    Day Washington (CNN) -- A controversial quote inscribed in the granite of the Martin Luther King Jr.
    inscribed in the monument are the names of the victims who had suffered that terrible fate on the night of September 1, 1957.

    In 4% of cases inscribe by is used
    For we have in our heart a law inscribed by God.
    The mother has grown up in a world inscribed by the harsh tattoo of the desirable male and the devalued female; this has become as natural as the air she breathes.

    In 3% of cases inscribe as is used
    The Le Morne Cultural Landscape was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 2008.
    Br na Binne was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in December 1993 in recognition of its outstanding universal value.

    In 1% of cases inscribe between is used
    The graffiti was mostly inscribed between the 7th and 11th Century AD.

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