Prepositions after "inherit"

"inherit from" or "inherit by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 73% of cases inherit from is used
    The traits of the fo:inline are inherited from R.
    All other traits are inherited from the **27;18036;TOOLONG.
    All other traits are inherited from the **27;18243;TOOLONG.
    Since I am in need of cash I have to sell the portion I inherited from my husband.
    The blood group you belong to depends on what you have inherited from your parents.
    The earrings could be those they inherited from their grandmothers who died of cancer.
    Around quarter to four, in the office he inherited from Villas-Boas, di Matteo was informed he was being sacked.
    They are inherited from our parents and are responsible for our development from fertilized egg to fully grown adult.
    Japan's inheritance Law sets standard yardstick wherein all qualified heirs will inherit from the estate of the decease.
    Read More Introduction The condition of sin was not the only thing humanity inherited from Adam and Eve's disobedience.

    In 16% of cases inherit by is used
    My business was inherited by, or I inherited his immediate upline.
    For example: If a man dies without offspring, his estate is inherited by his parents.
    Researchers in the Unit have found that stroke is more likely to be inherited by women than men.
    Each of the events could have redefined the Standard Time's official name and was later inherited by Singapore.
    It is clear that Indian religious cosmology is sharply at variance with that inherited by Western peoples from the Semites.
    There is a certain satisfying irony that the huge steaming pile of suppurating economic excrement inherited by the loathsome lying.
    A half-million books inherited by his son, the songwriter James McMurtry, quickly started to look like a burden rather than an inheritance.
    The point I am getting to, because this is an important point as we return to the bill, is that that scheme was then inherited by the National Government.
    It took its shape in the reign of Qian Long, Qing Dynasty (17361795 ), and nowadays it is inherited by amateur folk craftsmen who divide themselves into groups.
    Note: Property values set on an fo:marker or its ancestors will not be inherited by the children of the fo:marker when they are retrieved by an fo:retrieve-marker or fo:retrieve-table-marker.

    In 4% of cases inherit in is used
    The tendency to develop epilepsy may be inherited in families.
    Lately the focus has been the North Mara mine, which opened in 2002 and which Barrick inherited in 2006 when it acquired Placer Dome.
    This happens because the language we have inherited in our (particularly Western) cultures provides resources for making ourselves and our relation to our world ' mean ' who we are in certain ways.

    In 1% of cases inherit as is used
    For example: Compound values of properties are inherited as a unit and not as individual components.

    In 1% of cases inherit at is used
    One is the terrible overhang left by its own mismanagement of the economy which the former administration inherited at the start of a global recession.

    In 1% of cases inherit of is used
    Little has been inherited of the welfare-state doctrine of distributed risk and social insurance.

    In 1% of cases inherit on is used
    His father, Ed, occupied a significant role in the city, and now Mirvish is using the money and the position he inherited on his own terms.

    In 1% of cases inherit to is used
    It was inherited to their grandfather who was the only son.
    Successfulness isn inherited to us hailing beyond a lot of mystical make.

    In 1% of cases inherit towards is used
    A woman with leadership qualities that are easily inherited towards this grand march to State House.

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