Prepositions after "inhabit"

inhabit by, in, for, as or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 81% of cases inhabit by is used
    The park is inhabited by wild macaque monkeys.
    It was an attractive planet, inhabited by nice people.
    One chap told us that it was inhabited by anti-conscriptionists.
    When I was little people pointed at suburbs inhabited by Italians, Greeks and Asians.
    Until seven years ago, it was a wasteland inhabited by bootleggers and auto mechanics.
    Many, I was delighted to discover, are inhabited by sacred fish, invariably salmon or trout.
    Ogden is equally a colonial issue That region is inhabited by ethnic Somali but within the Ethiopian sovereignty.
    Fahan Street was worse again with 164 dwellings inhabited by 244 families, again with around about 7 members each.
    Similarly, the inhabitants of another island exclusively inhabited by males would identify human beings with males.
    It also led to the area being inhabited by an incredible diversity of wildlife, supported by the contrast in habitats.

    In 7% of cases inhabit in is used
    Our cities must be made more liveable -- places we inhabit in greater harmony with nature.
    About Tamil Nadu Native residents of the state are called Tamilians and have inhabited in the state since 500 BC.
    The area around Cork harbour was inhabited in prehistoric times and some artefacts, including axeheads, have been discovered from that period in the environs of the city.
    Pocked with natural cave shelters and rock overhangs -- supplemented over the centuries by numerous hand-hewn additions and modifications -- the rock may have been inhabited in prehistoric times.

    In 5% of cases inhabit for is used
    Wales as an area of land has been inhabited for around 28,000 years.
    The space of the third gender is not a space that is easy to inhabit for the ones who are there, and not easy to imagine for the ones who are not there.

    In 2% of cases inhabit as is used
    I lived and worked in France from 1978-1981 and my recollections seem make it a very different city to the one Denis McShane inhabited as a journo.

    In 2% of cases inhabit with is used
    Near adjoining to the Bawne he hath built a town consisting of 26 houses, and a good water mill, all which is inhabited with British tenants.
    I have pledged on behalf of my 12 year old son, to give him his on start in a possible future career, or if not a doorway into a world inhabited with like minded supportive people.

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