Prepositions after "inflict"

"inflict on" or "inflict by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 49% of cases inflict on is used
    All the injuries were inflicted on the left side of the body.
    Procedure when, higher punishment should be inflicted on accused 352 347.
    But the price inflicted on Paraguay for choosing this path was devastating.
    Over the years, they have been some real beauties inflicted on the small ball game.
    Now you refer to Assad supporters being gung ho about the violence he inflicts on his people.
    They will suffer a fate worse than the one they have inflicted on us whites in our homelands.
    One trouble defying solution ' s the distortion which the punishment kick inflicts on such a big amount of matches.
    Considerable damage was reported inflicted on locomotives and rolling stock, but the bridges survived this effort.
    The most severe temptation possible was inflicted on Jesus when God withdrew from Him in the hours before His death.
    The so-called ' deepest darkest part ' is relative, there are varying degrees of hurt inflicted on others and yourself.

    In 17% of cases inflict by is used
    It was a double-blow inflicted by Mugabe's allies.
    Specifically that discrimination (in large part) is being inflicted by Pak.
    Yet the lacerations inflicted by his writing do remain, and are remembered.
    The only flaws in the season's makeup were the two defeats inflicted by TPS (both away).
    Police have confirmed several injuries inflicted by bullets, while others have multiple injuries.
    There was a circular bruise on the left side of the face which also might have been inflicted by the pressure of the fingers.
    Driver Jack Mills, then 57, never recovered from the head injuries inflicted by decorator ' Big Jim ' and died seven years later.
    The thought of such a torment being deliberately inflicted by divine decree, is totally incompatible with the idea of God as infinite love.
    Therefore, the evil inflicted by active participation in sin actually undermines any good that could be accomplished in a loving, committed relationship.
    Simi, protesting injustice with her life After silently enduring the humiliation inflicted by the neighbourhood mastaans for some time, Simi couldn't take it anymore.

    In 17% of cases inflict upon is used
    They are inflicted upon us and we resent them.
    If we fight you we will not rebuild you on the rubble we inflict upon you ever.
    These losses that were being inflicted upon the German Luftwaffe, forced the Germans to change their strategy.
    Very nice of you to ignore the hartals and violence inflicted upon the country by the AL when they are in opposition.
    All should be chosen carefully so that the least amount of harm is inflicted upon your environment and other living things.
    I just hope they don't invalidate the twenty-odd years of post- RotJ canon with the kind of twoddle Eps 1-3 inflicted upon the saga.
    The Muslims have to know what services the Muslim walis had rendered to the Islamic civilization or what blows they had inflicted upon it.
    For this reason, when actual damage is inflicted upon this particular bond, the results can be devastating and the damage nearly irreparable.
    Dyack is still nursing the wounds inflicted upon Too Human at E3 in 2006 when SK's Xbox 360 exclusive was ripped apart by mean old journalists.

    In 5% of cases inflict in is used
    All adult floggings must be inflicted in the prison at New Providence.
    They inflicted in thier minds that this was natural and excusable in the eyes of human and God.
    Fortunately the mojority of the effects of extremism are inflicted in the very places that extremism originates.

    In 4% of cases inflict with is used
    More than eighty wounds inflicted with swords, spears and arrows were found on his body.
    The poor performance of the England football team at the FIFA 2010 World Cup offers an example of a venture inflicted with fundamental problems, and therefore likely to fail.

    In 1% of cases inflict for is used
    His dismissal, therefore, is the least punishment that can be inflicted for the neglect of duties, upon which human life depends.

    In 1% of cases inflict onto is used
    There was, if my memory serves, the worst of all wounds that Akasha has inflicted onto me, and now it can no longer be felt.
    One of Bin Laden's driving propaganda tools was the raw memory of civilian deaths inflicted onto populations by western forces.

    In 1% of cases inflict to is used
    Unfortunately our knowledge in science is still rather limited in order to understand how pain can be inflicted to a soul.

    In 1% of cases inflict under is used
    Procedure if punishment can not be inflicted under section 394 395.

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