Prepositions after "inferior"

inferior to, in, about, of or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 79% of cases inferior to is used

The Jewish women are inferior to the men.

The copies were inferior to the originals.

The Kosiya and Bh? radv? ja clans were inferior to the Gotama and Moggall? na clans.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to and think I am inferior to the brain.

Bell thought that ' negro ' art was essentially inferior to the best of European art.

Reason #6: Islam can not be from God because its morality is inferior to the morality taught by the New Testament.

I found the screen to be crisp, clear and vivid, though inferior to the superb Retina display on the current iPad.

They were designed to suggest to Mr Demetrio that he was inferior to the officer because of the colour of his skin.

Yes, I reiterate that the egg white is far inferior to the yolk in terms of providing you with essential nutrition.

In 11% of cases inferior in is used

Yet all these tea were inferior in quality.

This does not mean they are inferior in any way.

Gallaher was his inferior in birth and education.

They are also politically weaker and inferior in social status to the pastoral clans.

Performed in the modes of passion or ignorance, they are certainly inferior in quality.

TOP Women were never considered inferior in Aboriginal society until Europeans arrived.

For there are several races in the modern human species, and several that are inferior in respect to intelligence.

Bret it got like this because christians have made everyone else inferior in they're minds for thousands of years.

Such people are inferior in rank to the people of the first category and can be taken to task for their omissions.

This she says after she discovers that the woman her husband is having an affair with is her inferior in every way.

In 1% of cases inferior about is used

There is nothing inferior about you or me.

Those poeple feel inferior about them selves.

Hence, they'll feel inferior about themselves.

Can you name something that's technically inferior about them, instead sounding like a mindless fanboy.

You fail to actually address what it is that you believe is uneven or intellectually inferior about my review.

Yes, there's absolutely nothing inferior about a stable relationship or happy family that isn't supported by a piece of paper.

As the area she is most attractive is her interior pure and gentle personality, but she feels inferior about her background and past.

I am so happy that our lovely Beo Jin is working doing something she is awesome at, and no longer has to feel so inferior about her diving skills.

Compared to these benefits, CX / UX is very peripheral - not that I personally find anything inferior about the CX / UX of handing over my credit card to be swiped.

In 1% of cases inferior as is used

They help in the kitchen, don't consider that being a woman means that you're in any way inferior as a human being.

Your stickhandling, even if slightly inferior as a rightey, will pick up with time and probably relatively quickly at that.

Comparing and contrasting by yourself to be able to others creates the illusion which you are either inferior as well as best.

These bronzes deliver a hammer-blow to any suspicion that their component is, somehow, inferior as a working metal to gold and silver.

I have travelled fairly extensively and felt inferior as a human being to some people and superior to others as I suspect you may have.

Clara Schumann Despite her talents and the hype that surrounded her, Schumann herself felt inferior as a composer, compared to her husband and many others.

I have to agree -- the capsule drinks are inferior as the machines can not extract the coffee unless it's at a higher temperature like with the huge professional machines.

If the question at hand concerns experimental intervention, then random assignment to groups may well be inferior as a matching technique to even an ex post facto matching of groups.

In this way, although we are inferior as a whole (in terms of numbers ), we are absolutely superior in every part and every specific campaign, and this ensures victory in the campaign.

In 1% of cases inferior at is used

Women aren't inherently inferior at sports.

It was then that she found what is was to be inferior at sea.

Nobody is accusing women in general of being inferior at gaming.

It's not politically correct to say it, but women are inherently inferior at sports.

As I said, reading this as saying that women are somehow inferior at gaming is totally wrong.

Any injuries on our bones could result to a difference in our appearance, which could make us inferior at some point.

Non-speakers can be made to feel inferior at times but this misses the point of the diversity of gifts that God has given to profit withal.

Surprisingly, for someone who would later become known as New Zealand? s most famous adventurer, he also felt inferior at sport, awkward and uncoordinated.

Following this reasoning, it could be concluded that judges are inferior at weighing up the policy content of claims on social policy and should therefore defer to the executive.

In 1% of cases inferior because is used

I don't have to be proud or feel inferior because of that.

Never let a man make you feel weak or inferior because you are an emotional being.

Are your over-sensitive because you feel inferior because that is the impression I get.

Yet we in Ireland can still be made to feel inferior because of our fondness for the spud.

Should be amended to never let anyone make you feel weak or inferior because you are an emotional being.

One day I would like to get married, but it is sad if my love is deemed inferior because of arbitrary reasons.

Not least, it is demeaning to admit that other people think you are inferior because of the colour of your skin.

The school uniform ensures that no child sits in that classroom feeling inferior because of the clothes they wear.

Protect them from manipulators, from people who would make them feel inferior because of money, or status in society, or any other reason.

He won four gold medals and was the star of the Games in the world's eyes -- even if Hitler regarded him as inferior because of his colour.

In 1% of cases inferior by is used

They can tend to look inferior by direct comparison.

Other forms of life do not think and are inferior by default.

Wine) is not inferior by virtue of not being written by Microsoft (native).

Max Lykov ended up on the eighth place, when his hands were proven inferior by Negreanu's.

She never claims superiority over her husband and she is never treated as inferior by her husband.

Obeying to God and submitting your will to the Final Creator doesn't make you inferior by any means.

Jews under Qur'anic doctrine are inferior by virtue of their false religion and must not be allowed to be equal to Muslims.

Mind as an animal like ram????? -- Ram is inferior by nature, and is interested in nothing except the desire of eating and sex.

Their arms were inferior by no small degree but hugely greater numbers of the South/Meso Amercian Empires should have more than compensated.

In 1% of cases inferior for is used

But any DRM that makes a product inferior for paying customers is evil.

The West he argued, judges the rest of the world inferior for not measuring up.

Great article! I will now stop feeling inferior for not using Photoshop for mockups.

The quality of the material also seemed to be rather inferior for such a highly-priced case.

Students shouldn't be made to feel inferior for something that has never been properly taught.

Certainly it was not an entirely new idea--medieval scholars believed women were inferior for similar reasons.

Being viewed as inferior for hundreds of years makes some feel inferior and causes them to do inferior things.

Penalty shoot-outs are however frequently won by teams that have been clearly inferior for the preceeding 2 hours.

Being shorter at Christmas could be a significant downside to individuals who come to feel inferior for their height.

It is a status symbol, yet they try to make us feel inferior for making that choice the most common and preferred one.

In 1% of cases inferior of is used

Be the inferior of no man, or of any men be superior.

In a way I would say they are trying to make them feel inferior of them.

Augustine tells us that Satan turned to Eve because she was ' the inferior of the human pair.

Instead of taking the best of the crop, Umno is willing to entice the most inferior of them to wrest Perak from PR.

In nitric acid salt and the meat that nitrite can give to be machined now, they are N -- inferior of nitro- compound before body.

Southampton may be the inferior of the two, but they really seized every opportunity presented through Newcastle's flaw and earned the three points.

Simply put, they are tea that is made for you, using normal black or green tea -- usually the most inferior of these, which offer thick liquor and strength.

These are placed in the part inferior of your wardrobe and thence you will be able to be piling up one on another one, or to destine one to each wardrobe of the family.

The challenge to them, then, was: Show that your race has possibilities in the intellectual world, bring forth proof to uproot the argument that your race is the inferior of the other peoples.

One does not like to be told that one is naturally the inferior of a little man -- I looked at the student next me -- who breathes hard, wears a ready-made tie, and has not shaved this fortnight.

In 1% of cases inferior without is used

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Be strong no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Uh huh! No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

My life motto: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Elanor Roosevelt: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent -Eleanor Roosevelt.

I love the Eleanor Roosevely quote ' No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

I love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote ' No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

To feel pride in the person or individual you are and that no one can make you feel superior or inferior without your permission.

Just as, Eleanor Roosevelt once observed, no one can make a person feel inferior without his or her consent, no one can terrorise you unless you co-operate.

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