Prepositions after "infect"

infect with, by, in, as or during?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 79% of cases infect with is used
    Over 12 per cent MSM are infected with HIV.
    Indeed, trees are infected with dormant spores whilst alive.
    The mice are then infected with HIV as part of AIDS research.
    Hence pregnant women should avoid being infected with these infections at all costs.
    Because rifampin is not effective therapy for Lyme disease, patients coinfected with B.
    He explained that my computer was infected with ' hackers ' software and that it was likely to crash at any time.
    Still a good world, but some how some of our people became infected with a bug that makes them utterly irrational.
    Strangely, my email was just recently infected with a virus so I believed it at first and went along with the call.
    Individuals with weakened immune systems, including those with AIDS or those infected with HIV, are at increased risk.

    In 11% of cases infect by is used
    Our country is infected by spread by uncultured, uneducated rascals today.
    Dublin vets are seeing an increased number of cases of dogs infected by fox-mange.
    You can actually get infected by AIDS HIV multiple times even if you are already infected.
    LSEnvironment) does not exist Then you're home free and you're not (yet) infected by Flashback.
    It is also believed that 13% of the prison population is believed to be infected by HIV and AIDS.
    Scammer then goes on to tell me that my mom's PC is infected by some kind of malware at chip-level.
    I suppose like other religions Buddhism has also been infected by human desire for power and material wealth.
    K Zaman, who conducted the survey, said the rate of children being infected by the disease is also diminishing.
    How many were infected by someone who knew they were infected but refused to disclose and take precautions? Half.
    Name: WILLIAM Anybody who associates with this party will be infected by the corruption cancer, this is why God killed Mills.

    In 3% of cases infect in is used
    They said i was probably infected in 1996.
    The incubation period for the bacteria is 14 days, and therefore, officials determined the patient became infected in the hospital, he said.
    Multiple blood smears should be examined, because only a few erythrocytes may be infected in the early stage of the illness when most people seek medical attention.

    In 1% of cases infect as is used
    On the simple shut-downa, most dream everything check clubs are quickly infected as a growth for all consultant in the feature.

    In 1% of cases infect during is used
    If chronically infected during childhood, adults can die from liver cancer or cirrhosis (scarring of the liver).

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