Prepositions after "inexperienced"

"inexperienced in" or "inexperienced at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases inexperienced in is used

Inexperienced in battle hand to hand.

Secondly, she was inexperienced in politics.

I'd not inexperienced in front of the cameras.

He was perhaps inexperienced in learning about the diversity of African culture.

In fairness, Maddow is quite inexperienced in politics? and it persistently shows.

Your new team in the coming season looks a little bit inexperienced in the playoffs.

The Communists lose their members, with the exception of those who are inexperienced in real political fights.

If you're inexperienced in telephone communication, the pressure and difficulty you might feel is only natural.

To dissolve this unnatural connection again is not so easy for one who is completely inexperienced in this matter.

I was thirteen and in junior high school, still a very young man and quite inexperienced in the ways of the world.

In 16% of cases inexperienced at is used

The remaining individuals were inexperienced at leisure cycling.

And, Alessandro Diamanti is wildly inexperienced at the top level.

Training At Yonkers, soldiers inexperienced at facing the undead panicked.

He's always looking to learn, he is relatively young and inexperienced at international.

And (I was) pretty drunk, on wine -- because I was so nervous, and so inexperienced at making a.

Connor Knapp is a promising 6-foot-5 rookie behind him, but totally inexperienced at the pro level.

Don't be afraid, as it is the only way to improve and grow, and everyone has been inexperienced at one stage.

She was inexperienced at the time because the memorandum of good practice was only just beginning to be implemented.

The leadership is now even more entrenched, hidebound and inexperienced at dealing with the outside world than ever.

He's kinda inexperienced at this and seems to have the ease at doing this that some desperate fourteen year old would.

In 11% of cases inexperienced with is used

Maybe she's too young, inexperienced with cake styles.

The problem is drivers inexperienced with these types of road features.

These are common misconceptions, I think, by those inexperienced with both.

A person inexperienced with bronze reeds can easily destroy them, so beware.

In season 1, Giles states that he is inexperienced with magic and has never used it before.

There were some off duty nurses near the scene at the time, they were drunk and inexperienced with mace.

Those inexperienced with cutting hair should visit a professional to insure the split ends are cut properly.

If you are inexperienced with connecting electrical supplies, then get a professional to do the job for you.

I was starting to think it was just a matter of experience (and I am inexperienced with cotton) and then look at that.

If you are inexperienced with beauty regimens, you may be a little bogged down with all the information available to you.

In 5% of cases inexperienced for is used

I thought BR was too inexperienced for the job in hand.

Jones is pretty inexperienced for his age, but has done quite good so for this season.

I have thought that from the very beginning that he was too inexperienced for the A team.

Your partner should never make you feel stupid or inexperienced for not knowing certain things.

People have realized that Obama is not what he pretended to be and that he is too inexperienced for the job.

Damion Crawford is a good contender but the fighters in the party may deem him as inexperienced for the top job.

I find it funny how he said Perez is too inexperienced for Ferrari but now says he does nt want a driver that could bother Alonso.

Rubio would help Romney in Florida, but his appeal otherwise is limited and he's too inexperienced for the national stage at this point.

His departure at half time on Saturday (as well as Laidlaw 's) meant that the team looked distinctly green and inexperienced for the second half.

I blame not the President, but his staff for being too young and inexperienced for not knowing what they hell they are doing on the internationl stage.

In 4% of cases inexperienced as is used

I feel awkward and inexperienced as a freshman again.

Inexperienced as a trekker, Tom soon discovers that he will not be alone on this journey.

She may be inexperienced as a number 2 but she is as experienced as the democrats number 1.

With Tom Gordon inexperienced as a closer, the team is searching for a setup man with closing experience.

It's easy to see why he might be an appealing choice for the Turf Moor board, though he remains relatively inexperienced as a manager.

She was feeling inexperienced as a board chair, the organization was going through transition, and she wanted to bring her best to the mission.

A personal who is unskilled or inexperienced as an occurrence planner can often build many of the common mistakes that result in the failure of the events purpose.

In 4% of cases inexperienced to is used

Through your current articles, I've gone via just an inexperienced to a skilled in the area.

Through your articles, I've really gone out of just an inexperienced to an expert in the area.

Legal herbal highs to suit most people from the inexperienced to the much experienced drug user.

Through your own articles, we have gone through just an inexperienced to a specialist in the area.

The music with a range of legal herbal highs to suit most people from the inexperienced to the much experienced drug user.

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So whether or not you are inexperienced to casino game or in case, you've done it for a number of years, there are few issues to know on each kind of the casino game for everybody concerned.

Before leaving Longannet I myself was found checking the risk assessment of a new worker and advising him on the specifics that made my transition from inexperienced to experienced more practical.

In 3% of cases inexperienced on is used

That was a mad thing to do and a tad inexperienced on his behalf.

Most of the time they are inexperienced on deciding which step they should or should not take.

The Raiders are young and inexperienced on the offensive line and it showed against a physical Clintwood team.

Relatively inexperienced on the bigger European stage, Moyes may quickly realise that the pressures of competing at every level overwhelms him.

She is doing well running our State, but is totally inexperienced on the national level, and very much unequipped=2 0to run the nation, if it came to that.

Cinematographer Zondi, was also relatively inexperienced on the film front, having mainly focused on working as a musician, and filming weddings and functions.

I would have to say that our major weakness is experience, because our team consists of many young and new players, so the majority of our team inexperienced on a varsity level.

In 1% of cases inexperienced about is used

Mostly because I was inexperienced about the SAP installation and how the SAP is implemented.

He seemed very young and inexperienced about running an office, therefore he had no problem with Granny taking charge.

In case you are inexperienced about stock investments and have no prior knowledge about trading, you may require a full service broker to assist you and to provide you advice.

In 1% of cases inexperienced by is used

Both are seen as inexperienced by their opponents.

Uhuru, who vied for Gatundu South parliamentary seat in 1997 and lost to Moses Mwihia was seen as inexperienced by many of those who had attended the gathering.

In 1% of cases inexperienced like is used

But how to start that with someone, who is totally inexperienced like me about sex.

I wouldn't recommend this to anybody inexperienced like myself, as it may cause damage or death to your console.

In 1% of cases inexperienced without is used

Sometimes when they have succeeded in assigning jobs to the inexperienced without the proper training, the experienced are again impatient in carefully guiding them through the work.

Quote: Originally Posted by KellysEye he had an inexperienced crew I don't think we can conclude the crew were inexperienced without knowing what experience the crew had, and nobody seems to know.

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