Prepositions after "inevitable"

"inevitable in" or "inevitable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases inevitable in is used

It was inevitable in one sense.

This is inevitable in the world.

Setbacks are inevitable in life.

It almost seemed normal and inevitable in most of the villages I visited in Vanni.

Too much was made of the antisocial behavior inevitable in such crisis conditions.

The universal adoption of biometric verification is inevitable in the modern world.

So, take heart, a good homeopath can smooth the rough patches that may be inevitable in the course of treatment.

Even if one doesn't believe in abortion, genetic modification and self-improvement are inevitable in the future.

If the sacking of Daglish is inevitable in the eyes of the club owners, then they better get it right this time.

If nurses work too many hours and work with the intensity that is now inevitable in the system, it takes a toll.

In 17% of cases inevitable for is used

Ageing is inevitable for us all.

Death is inevitable for every mortal.

Vista is inevitable for most businesses.

It became inevitable for God to test whether he still loved Him (Genesis 22:1-2).

The project has been inevitable for years now, even to the point of being obligatory.

But it also had to be careful about opposing the inevitable for purely selfish reasons.

We are a big country with many issues to deal with, and it is inevitable for people to forget soon and move on.

Attending a kola nut ceremony is almost inevitable for anyone visiting Enugu and is Igbo tradition at its best.

After the demise of Mulana Sahib his blue eyed son Mulana Fazlur Rehman has been inevitable for the same party.

Who knows? It might work for him; unlike some, I don't believe a European disaster is inevitable for Mr Cameron.

In 6% of cases inevitable with is used

Extreme stress is inevitable with moving.

So, war is inevitable with either parrot.

Colour change is inevitable with exterior use.

It's almost inevitable with a collection like this that there are some quibbles.

In Cavan a wise golfer is always prepared for the inevitable with a few extra balls.

Austerity is inevitable with our decisions what matters is the focus on jobs and growth.

Shots are inevitable with the kind of game Barcelona plays, but where the shots come from is really important.

While a decline in eyesight may seem inevitable with age, there are steps you can take to preserve your vision.

The other difference inevitable with a modern remake, and my chief concern with a Jackson made production is CGI.

However, as is inevitable with strikers, it was not long before Curran was on the radar of First Division scouts.

In 5% of cases inevitable about is used

There's nothing inevitable about it.

There's nothing inevitable about that.

There was nothing inevitable about it.

Ah, it? s not, there? s nothing inevitable about it, and it? s all preventable.

There is nothing natural or inevitable about what's considered ' normal ' today.

There was nothing inevitable about the emergence of a doctrine of natural rights.

Just as there is nothing ' modernising ' or progressive about this, neither is there anything inevitable about it.

The Iranian revolution shows that there is nothing historically inevitable about the victory of reactionary Islamism.

IJM's investigators, lawyers, and social workers and their clients show that there is nothing inevitable about slavery.

The tragedy is that there is nothing natural or inevitable about it; it is purely the result of bad political leadership.

In 5% of cases inevitable at is used

This can be inevitable at times.

It was almost inevitable at that point.

I think a bid is inevitable at some point.

Any bailout will simply mean postponing the inevitable at German taxpayers expenses.

However when the two united, his fall became inevitable at the hands of the Maskmen.

In unrelated note, that means that nuclear war is pretty much inevitable at some point.

Was a union with Telus possible? I still think a Telus solution is inevitable at some point - the question is when.

Ofcourse, foolish conservative scientists also exist even today in small number and this is inevitable at any time.

Everything happened for a reason, I couldn't have stopped singing but it's something that I consider inevitable at a time.

A change is inevitable at Emirate without which in the next anniversary we will find it difffult to have our true legends.

In 4% of cases inevitable to is used

Death is inevitable to whatever is born.

A big hit for Germany looks inevitable to me.

Conflict is inevitable to our every day lives.

Being pinned in our zone not being able to get the puck out seems inevitable to me.

Over-protection, rather than helping, leads inevitable to isolation and dependence.

It's absolutely not inevitable to me that he will be associated with white supremacy.

This systematic way of creating enriched comforts are producing elements these become inevitable to the human live.

But it does not see inevitable to me that the Cold War between the West and Russia and some of its allies had to end.

In 4% of cases inevitable by is used

All they did was postpone the inevitable by six monthgs.

Darren Bent's exit is becoming seemingly more inevitable by the week.

The British seem to have delayed the inevitable by a couple of centuries.

This trope is, in fact, held to be inevitable by Eisenhorn and his protege, Ravenor.

If the prime minister does not replace him he is only delaying the inevitable by a year.

Hi degree of corruption is inevitable by learning that his daughter is in jail for forgery.

The answer is that this has been made inevitable by Paris ' offense against hospitality which is protected by Zeus.

The police fired in self defence which was made inevitable by the miners actions hence a reversed charge of murder.

The best they can do is delay the inevitable by avoiding suspicious links, even from friends, and manage their passwords.

In 3% of cases inevitable after is used

But it was inevitable after investors came along.

But he was not inevitable after the past four years.

The break with the Catholic church was inevitable after that.

User adoption in this very low risk case is proving to be almost inevitable after a while.

Upward pressure on inflation was inevitable after New Delhi's decision to raise fuel prices.

It was inevitable after the loss of one of the greatest collection of cricketers to play the game.

The much feared epidemic of TB, seen as inevitable after wartime, was controlled by the widespread vaccination.

I arrive with my heart in my throat, pessimistic -- brain damage is almost inevitable after being stuck for so long.

The jump was inevitable after the stunning loss of top-ranked Alabama to Texas A &M; on Saturday at Tuscaloosa, Ala.

If you wish to avoid the stench that is inevitable after gutting a fish, you can just bury the remnants in the ground.

In 3% of cases inevitable from is used

All of this was inevitable from day one.

Where humanity is today was inevitable from our beginnings.

I think lunar colonisation is inevitable from a strategic angle.

Stella expressed the pressure is inevitable from school and the society.

It was inevitable from the moment Helen Clark got sworn in for a third term.

Thus we see the inevitable from these petty ' Flashmen ' with their Bullingdon petulance.

Such a conclusion as this is indeed inevitable from that particular conception of the facts.

Projecting Mobile growth might be inaccurate at this stage but the shift of funding is inevitable from TV ads.

As with most central hotels noise is inevitable from traders and locals as well at the early morning call to prayer.

The victory made tonight's fight inevitable from a financial perspective, with fantastic pay-per-view sales predicted.

In 3% of cases inevitable as is used

Many more are inevitable as the cycle turns.

It was inevitable as the sun rising the next day.

Well, it is inevitable as the community is growing.

And do not panic in case of the breakdown, as the breakdown is inevitable as a rule.

The only prejudice is that which would be inevitable as a result of any successful plea.

It is apparent that division is inevitable as the northern elite think that to rule Nigeria is their birth right.

However, some degree of imprecision may be inevitable as the concept of justifiability is necessarily value laden.

While difficult decisions are inevitable as a result of our economic situation, we must ensure these decisions make sense.

In 2% of cases inevitable due is used

However, this was inevitable due to Values Dissonance.

Peak oil is inevitable due to both physical and economic limits.

Peak flint is inevitable due to both physical and economic limits.

The collapse of the economy is inevitable due to the way that it was constructed.

Its arrival is considered inevitable due to the existence of time and the laws of physics.

Inequality is almost inevitable due to the differences in starting points for each society.

His departure from Virgin soon after was inevitable due to changes in management leading further to shifts in focus.

Science also indicates that further, accelerated warming over the next 20-30 years is inevitable due to the inertia of the climate system.

The Victor is President Mahinda Rajapaksa, The Victory was inevitable due to the patriotic deeds of the President and the Victorious are the Nation as a whole.

In 2% of cases inevitable on is used

Pressure on Geely (175) and Sunac looks inevitable on the placement news.

BE OPEN AND PATIENT- You will have to understand that uncertainty is inevitable on a vacation.

The issues are complex, as is inevitable on the nebulous boundary between religious &; secular.

The complainer is just as inevitable on a flight as what the crying child and plastic food are.

Why? Because the anti-bunting crowd almost always assumes the out is inevitable on a sacrifice.

The head-to-head confrontation with the United States is inevitable on the trajectory chosen by China.

It was a development which became inevitable on account of the nature of political crisis in the state.

Therefore, using force to unify our nation as the second best solution becomes inevitable on our agenda.

But, as we are now discovering, this became inevitable on the day we decided to create the single currency.

Many things will change this year but you have to be open and not fear what is inevitable on your karmic path.

In 2% of cases inevitable because is used

This is inevitable because of the way the bases pair together.

Presuppositions are inevitable because of human finiteness and bias.

Peaks and troughs are inevitable because of a number of reasons, which can not be explained here.

Ismail said the opening of the two centres were inevitable because of the growing number of MTN customers.

A yearly increase seems inevitable because of the aging population, but environmental factors also play a role.

To clarify my previous post -- DECLINE in PT levels was inevitable because of some of the reasons Ross Clark mentions.

In the fifties emigration was inevitable because of large families and a demand for labour after the war (I should know).

Thus we see that in a conventional measurement, the descruction of the initial state is inevitable because of the entanglement.

But he emphasized more that her termination was inevitable because of her poor communication skills which led to loss of 2 major clients.

Gandhi sought to defend the recent hike in diesel prices contending that it was inevitable because of the increase in international crude prices.

In 2% of cases inevitable under is used

Keating is inevitable under this system.

Such phenomenon is know as the Alabama Paradox, which is inevitable under such a system.

Suddenly, what had seemed impossible under Muhammad, looked inevitable under Abu Bakr and Umar.

I have an article on NRO today explaining why greenhouse gas controls of some sort are inevitable under current law.

Under VP, northerners might have consoled themselves that their suffering was inevitable under a conflict to regain their birthrights.

He warned that debt, heavy taxation and inflation was inevitable under centralised financial policies which are in need of correction.

Either way, he was yet another casualty of the systematic violations of a whole range of human rights that are inevitable under personalised and oppressive regimes.

In 1% of cases inevitable during is used

It is important to note that depression is inevitable during pregnancy because a lot of hormonal changes take place in your body.

The month of October and November are known to be the beginning of the dry season in this country thus outdoor fun is inevitable during these months.

Causes of Constipation during Pregnancy The main cause of constipation that many pregnant women face is hormonal changes that are inevitable during pregnancy.

Because security relies on the least common denominator of security controls amongst these parties, a leak is almost inevitable during the life of an account.

Those who make these capital investment decisions must take into account the reality that some changes in the operating environment is inevitable during the sunk cost period.

You say: Those who make these capital investment decisions must take into account the reality that some changes in the operating environment is inevitable during the sunk cost period.

Changes in the ultra-structure are inevitable during all the steps of processing that samples must undergo: material is extracted, dimensions are changed and molecular rearrangement occurs.

In 1% of cases inevitable between is used

Tension was inevitable between administrative limitations and political compulsions.

At this point you might think that violence is inevitable between the two protection services.

Hostilities of apocalyptic proportions look inevitable between the affluent minority and the penurious majority.

As long as current policies remain fixed, new points of contention seem inevitable between Pakistan, its neighbours, and the US.

A constant, fierce spiritual battle is inevitable between the army led by the Blessed Mother and the other army led by the devil.

Jayewardene's ridiculous efforts to put off the inevitable between 1983 and 1987 only saw the terrorists get stronger and his own reputation internationally plummet.

I think cultural differences are inevitable between Chaostans and Orwellburgs, and I think it will continue to be extremely difficult to neutralize one enemy guerrilla without inspiring five more.

In 1% of cases inevitable of is used

Growth sometimes requires that we shrink in order to preempt the inevitable of size.

That's just only preventing the inevitable of there being major problems between the both of you down the line.

There were ' promises ' that the owners didn't keep so it was inevitable of Torres to leave Anfield and seek a new home elsewhere.

So there I was desperately trying to stay in bed as long as possible, in order to avoid the inevitable of having to get up and face the day alone, again.

In 1% of cases inevitable over is used

Coverage inevitable over time It was recently reported Qsymia is being covered by 30% of insurers.

Further, more coverage for obesity treatment is inevitable over time because of the costs of leaving the disease untreated, he said.

Lorenzo himself can argue all he likes about the desirability; me -- I'd rather deal with what I'd seeing as pretty well inevitable over the next couple of decades.

The duration of the strategic plan is three years but the NACOPHA will retain flexibility to respond to new issues as they emerge, which are inevitable over this time.

In 1% of cases inevitable within is used

If so, another crisis is inevitable within the next year or so.

Eichengreen a change in the international monetary order is all but inevitable within a decade.

I will not cry for his departure though as change is essential and inevitable within a football club.

Since different stakeholder groups have different and often competing interests, a healthy tension is inevitable within the organization.

And as I've said and written many times, I think somebody functionally equivalent to me was pretty much inevitable within the first decade after Internet access became widely available.

In 1% of cases inevitable without is used

You go from the impossible to the inevitable without ever stopping at the probable.

A severe energy crunch is inevitable without a massive expansion of production and refining capacity.

You don't need religious acceptance only civil legislation, which will be inevitable without the drama.

He said that the United States moves from the impossible to the inevitable without ever stopping at the probable.

For every economic bungle, and they were inevitable without the democratic control of the workers, scapegoats had to be found.

Memory alone is unreliable and factual slips of the type Enright has made are inevitable without proper research and/or a conscientious editor.

But if Iran is hell bent on enriching uranium, even on continuing to the development of a bomb, the outcome is inevitable without regime change.

This trend is in place now, under current laws, and is inevitable without a fundamental transformation of America's domestic programs and spending.

Mismanagement, tremendous waste and zigzags in economic policy are inevitable without the planning, checking, control and initiative which is only possible through workers ' democracy.

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