Prepositions after "ineffective"

ineffective in, at, for, against or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases ineffective in is used

He was ineffective in the second half.

John's Wort proven ineffective in studies.

Cole and Maxi as they were ineffective in the game.

The ventilation is poor and the masks used are ineffective in protecting workers.

Obama is completely ineffective in gaining a consensus within his own government.

Without any fat in the diet, these vitamins would become ineffective in the body.

As a result, despite his tremendous work effort, Cavani was largely ineffective in and around the penalty area.

He added that the Army was called in as the police shelling remained ineffective in controlling the protesters.

He may become ineffective in his work as elder, for the practical reason that people simply do not respect him.

Pretty much any coping strategy which isn't going to be harmful or ineffective in the long term is worth a try.

In 13% of cases ineffective at is used

Microsoft has so far been ineffective at the reserve.

Rote learning is very ineffective at promoting creativity.

But the bishops also have been ineffective at public relations.

Which hardly proves that Affirmative Action is ineffective at meeting it's goals.

It's absolutely ineffective at diminishing the abuse, and can often accelerate it.

Condoms, while good for stopping STDs, are pretty ineffective at stopping preagnancy.

Here, the Turks had heavily mined the water and mine sweeping trawlers had proved ineffective at clearing them.

Anonymous1 03 Sep 2010 We had two cars so carless days was really ineffective at reducing our fuel consumption.

Any identification process that does not require proof of ID, would be completely ineffective at preventing fraud.

It was ineffective at communicating what could be done easier with Fivesecondtest or with our existing click test.

In 9% of cases ineffective for is used

Chemo is ineffective for most forms of cancer.

It's ineffective for those who never ever stay to enjoy this.

Ryan Giggs was simply ineffective for the majority of the game.

The Villain(s) England's quick bowlers -- Ineffective for much of the Indian innings.

Sympathiser or apologist might be ineffective for the purpose of conveying real meaning.

Choice found this to be fairly ineffective for cleaning and that it left the carpet quite wet.

The present system of impeachment has proved to be totally impracticable and ineffective for disciplining judges.

The review found that chiropractic manipulation was completely ineffective for the treatment of bronchial asthma.

Joe was never meaningfully treated with the message because the mode of delivery was extremely ineffective for him.

If a patch accidentally becomes detached, it becomes ineffective for birth control if more than 24 hours have passed.

In 7% of cases ineffective against is used

Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses.

Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses, however.

However, it would be ineffective against chemical contaminants.

With his arrows now ineffective against us, the enemy sent the vultures to attack.

Anti-FGM campaigners have proved ineffective against a rising tide of conservatism.

At the same time, caffeine is entirely ineffective against the circadian component.

This is further illustrated by the end of the film, where Dr Lamont proves ineffective against the aliens.

The plumber reported that the air freshener proved ineffective against sewer gases coming out of the pipe.

The international, Papal Inquisition shortly proved totally ineffective against the Protestant Reformation.

Stu September 7, 2011 May you never have a condition that Western medicine worsens or is ineffective against.

In 7% of cases ineffective as is used

Goffs just ineffective as a strong leader.

It's ineffective as a rebuttal for another.

Impact on the audience is ineffective as a criterion.

After a while they become ineffective as the message becomes hackneyed and boring.

Goodluck Jonathan probably considered Abati ineffective as a presidential spokesman.

LiborDems are the Tories poodle and utterly ineffective as a ' check ' on the Tories.

Our inability to both admit the strengths AND the weaknesses of our candidates makes us ineffective as a party.

Subsequently switching to higher octane fuel and fuel injector cleaner was ineffective as the damage had been done.

If the power to approve supply were eroded, the House could be rendered ineffective as a control on the Government.

These distraction techniques are now becoming ineffective as the economy and peoples wealth deteriorates even further.

In 4% of cases ineffective on is used

Disagree about him being ineffective on the right.

But this policy could prove ineffective on its own.

Beckerman was simply ineffective on both sides of the ball.

Despite its name, Xbox Music seems destined to be most ineffective on that very platform.

The usual tools were ineffective on him so we bust out a janitorial pumice hard water stain scrubber.

Romney likes to say the president was ineffective on Iran, but at the final debate he agreed with Mr.

McGuire, Kleiza and Ross all got their turns, and were all ineffective on both ends of the floor, for the most part.

He played in the first two matches against Central Zone and North Zone and looked to be ineffective on those two pitches.

In this regard some nations have invested in renewable energy technologies but they are ineffective on an industrial scale.

However, this process was generally ineffective on the paint on our building and the painter had to change to a mechanical removal method.

In 3% of cases ineffective by is used

This step, he argued, was rendered ineffective by the 2006 law.

These are rendered ineffective by practice as prescribed by the Guru.

Now, the next step is to make CAG ineffective by expanding the CAG members.

Though signage and barriers are at the bridge, these are considered ineffective by many observers.

Email marketing has been rendered ineffective by the fact that it is prone to virus contamination.

The much hyped English bowling attack was rendered ineffective by the South African batting lineup.

Now there is some wiggle room on ineffective, something that Cuomo forced in (ineffective by test scores must be ineffective).

The difference is that if it is shown to be ineffective by a well constructed study or two, it will probably no longer be used.

Expatriate failure is usually defined as a posting that either ends prematurely or is considered ineffective by senior management.

When they realized that teachers would be graded on a curve and that half would be rated ineffective by design, they were horrified.

In 2% of cases ineffective because is used

Communities are ineffective because of it.

Police, all over India, has become ineffective because of such lacunae in our legal system.

Why are we having SLPL when we are saying that our bowlers are becoming ineffective because of IPL.

That was a great play call, but it was rendered ineffective because of Zach's consistent inaccuracy.

The state police on the ground were rendered ineffective because of conflicting orders from Guwahati.

Most malarial drugs are now ineffective because of the resistance that malarial strains have developed against them.

Working earlier in the evening, when the children are not in bed, however, can also be ineffective because of interruptions.

The truth is that leadership in this part of the world had been ineffective because of the faulty foundation our teachers laid.

I loved how Rose, who was never expected to marry and felt ineffective because of it, suddenly felt she had a place in the world.

We have found needle periocardiocentesis to be ineffective because of the frequent presence of extensive clot in the pericardial sac.

In 2% of cases ineffective due is used

If he's just been ineffective due to injury, they can get him healthy.

Oral therapy is ineffective due to the rapid metabolism of the menthol.

Haren's been ineffective due to back problems and is likely headed to the DL.

But Intelligent is nearly ineffective due to the failure modes it can not predict.

The financial sector in South Sudan remains very ineffective due to limited banking networks.

If not, implementation is practically guaranteed to be ineffective due to complications arising from unnecessarily varied software.

Then, Britain had no other way of striking directly at the enemy other than long-range bombing, but this was proving very ineffective due to technical difficulties.

During the Revolution it was thought that the militia was ineffective due to the number of rounds expended and the casuality count of the forces they were arayed against.

Besides, for those who need pre-assistance, the MFA scheme is ineffective due to the post-assistance mode, which only provides assistance after the poor person has paid her/his bills in the hospital.

In 2% of cases ineffective to is used

Both ranged from totally ineffective to downright hopeless.

Yet, a certain amount of products can range from the simply ineffective to the extremely harmful.

The soul ageing products that are created spontaneously as we are ineffective to action view new shin.

To stray beyond in to yet indecipherable/not quite understood/unexplained territory may render you ineffective to the Dr.

The media will double down in protecting him, because the GOP was ineffective to exposing him as the 2nd coming of Jimmy Carter.

Basically, a certain method might be efficient for 1 particular person, however it proves for being ineffective to the other one.

If you have cervical cell changes and these are resulting from HPV, the vaccine against HPV will be largely ineffective to my knowledge.

A person once mentioned that perhaps the verse is saying somehow people in the past rejecting signs caused signs to become ineffective to the future.

If the above health campaigner is not happy with the medical cannabis it is either ineffective to his condition or he prefers a more expensive and dangerous way of getting cannabis into his system.

In 2% of cases ineffective with is used

Managing from behind a desk will be most ineffective with Yers.

He works hard but seems very ineffective with passes and crosses.

Thiazides are ineffective with increasing severity of impairment.

He is a pretty dismal skater, making him marginally ineffective with the new rules.

Kunalan and Mohd Khyrill Muyhmeen Zambri were ineffective with their predictable play.

Increasingly, we must support children who are unfamiliar or ineffective with social learning strategies.

Villa, on the other hand, were ineffective with the ball unless bursting out of their own end on the counter-attack.

While a strong and appropriate legal framework for intellectual property is essential, copyright law is ineffective with individuals.

Had the law been struck down, he would have been left looking small and ineffective with no real major legislative achievements on which to campaign.

Younis Khan, Andrew Strauss, Eion Morgan, Keven Pietersen and Ian Bell have all yet to make a mark with the bat, and Graeme Swann has mostly been ineffective with the ball.

In 1% of cases ineffective after is used

United needed a super-sub, with Hernandez being ineffective after starting the match.

It will become ineffective after a certain amount of time; however use it if you can.

But the currency, given the structures in the US, is ineffective after a short period.

I have used the strongest steroid creams but all has became ineffective after a few applications.

Ineffective remedy A more complicated situation arises when the local remedy turns out to be ineffective after the applicant has tried it.

In 1% of cases ineffective during is used

But the mirrors are ineffective during monsoon months.

If the unit fails or a power outage occurs, the units are ineffective during the interim.

Best if insurance and security bond made ineffective during runaway period, ie not working for employer.

Due to its lunar sympathy, waterbending is stronger at night and ineffective during a lunar eclipse or when the Moon Spirit dies.

Saudi Arabia applied those measures from the early days of its creation but they were largely ineffective during the 50s and 60s.

However, Malinga was largely ineffective during Sri Lanka's two Tests in Australia and the subsequent home series against England.

Due to its solar affinity, firebending is stronger during the day and at its full power at noon, 7 but completely ineffective during a solar eclipse.

And while it could be argued that Gaza's rockets were largely ineffective during the eight days of fighting, it takes some time to learn to use these weapons.

According to the JI chief, the Supreme Court had declared the Sindh government ineffective during its suo motu hearings on the violence that broke out last summer.

Riyazchess Realize them the need of change in their thinking system and how their thinking system ineffective during their weakness on particular situations or part of the game.

In 1% of cases ineffective from is used

I reckon Borini should be the man, as he showed that he was very ineffective from the flank.

The civil remedies provided by the Act are similarly ineffective from the individual's point of view.

They hope to render the new President ineffective from the start to enhance their chances next time around.

Hence, when man's love and attachment cools down the marriage becomes ineffective from the natural point of view.

Their crossing abilities also mean that they can put in a decent ball from deep as well, meaning their not completely ineffective from an attacking sense.

It was quite ineffective from 1858 onwards but nevertheless the protectors of the goldfields had to submit a weekly return of all the Chinese in their district.

Today, I'll highlight some of the traits that executives and board members thought made a NED ineffective from a survey conducted as part of our recent Korn/Ferry research.

In 1% of cases ineffective without is used

Their backrow was so ineffective without him.

Rationalization is ineffective without connecting to emotion.

This assumes that the police would be ineffective without it.

Though at times ineffective without correct talking/counselling therapies.

Strategies of reversal, she posits, are ineffective without the strategies of displacement.

The problem is reaching these fans - Facebook HAS made it ineffective without sponsored/paid posts.

Women and children's development will be ineffective without the availability or access to free legal services.

The sleeping bag is a vital implement to keep you warm during the night when it's coldest - but it's ineffective without some form of shelter.

Blood pressure medication is virtually ineffective without effective monitoring and they may reduce blood pressure temporarily but can not cure it.

Paradoxically, this increases the caution used in dealing with it because the main option, an air attack, has historically been ineffective without a follow-on ground attack.

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