Prepositions after "indispensable"

"indispensable to" or "indispensable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases indispensable to is used

Nobody is indispensable to anyone.

These things are indispensable to me.

They were indispensable to the economy.

It is indispensable to the fullest growth and development of human personality.

Attacking Objects Indispensable to the Survival of the Population of Yugoslavia.

Noble silence is indispensable to the meditator who wishes to gain concentration.

Many regard FDR's third and fourth terms as indispensable to the United State's success during the World War.

Heat and light are indispensable to life but too much UV can make irreparable damages on the skin and health.

RAMABHADRAN PILLAI Concrete structures are so indispensable to life that a world without them is unimaginable.

A settled and peaceful mode of life, indispensable to the cultivation of social qualities, was unknown to them.

In 35% of cases indispensable for is used

That makes him indispensable for us.

Indispensable for both club and country.

Indispensable for Irish genealogy research.

The preaching of the Word is indispensable for both these ends (Romans 10:17).

Understanding how this is done is indispensable for any website or blog owner.

Militarisation is indispensable for the perpetuation of the Rajapaksha dynasty.

The disinformation is indispensable for the entire montage, in order for them to fulfill their global goals.

If the internet made getting to Rome easy, a Roma Pass is indispensable for getting around the eternal city.

Both see each other as indispensable for bringing peace, normalcy and rooting out terrorism from the region.

They are indispensable for any Board or Principal sadly obliged to consider expelling or excluding a student.

In 16% of cases indispensable in is used

Nobody is indispensable in this game.

Business is indispensable in any society.

No one is indispensable in the modern game.

Rum was indispensable in the fisheries and the fur trade, andas a naval ration.

It has always been regarded to be indispensable in teaching and seeking knowledge.

As I move into the role, he will be indispensable in ensuring a smooth transition.

Their control has therefore become indispensable in the breeding success of many native species? populations.

The support of the British Embassy has been indispensable in the fight to end violence against women in Costa Rica.

Bottom line, cell-phones have become indispensable in millions of households, in spite of the high illiteracy rate.

Star of the show is frontwoman Susie Smillie, who makes every lyric feel indispensable in her thick Scottish brogue.

In 1% of cases indispensable as is used

By being indispensable as a civilian volunteer I helped my husband's career.

Indispensable as a temporary whipping, tied correctly you have to cut it off.

Public sentiment held that Palpatine, in fact, was indispensable as a leader.

You don't develop in that same social way, which to me is indispensable as a jazz musician.

He has responded with six tries and become indispensable as a leader and a player in the run-on side.

President, The United Nations remains indispensable as the only universal mechanism capable of addressing issues of global impact and concern.

For any reader with more than a passing interest in the history of Egyptology, this biographical dictionary is indispensable as a reference tool.

During journeys with his father, he also gained knowledge of bushcraft and surveying and so became indispensable as a messenger or companion to early exploration parties.

It is also unquestionable that many scientific researchers are presumptive about the novelty of this technology regarding it as an indispensable as well as a needful research tool.

In 1% of cases indispensable at is used

It's not like he's indispensable at the moment.

Women are indispensable at club committee level and on county boards.

I held the mistress? s post in making tea and carving; so I was indispensable at table.

Using Morse code to communicate, telegraphists were indispensable at sea and were used for relaying secret coded messages.

Should've mentioned the new Task Manager which is absolutely indispensable at finding which applications are hitting the disk or network.

The result, Swahili Taarab, made her a Star and created an new art form, that is still very popular in the Islands and practically indispensable at Zanzibari weddings and festivals.

Include characters from outside of the Mario series Crossovers and cameos have been around almost as long as the medium of gaming, but having guest characters is pretty indispensable at this point.

In 1% of cases indispensable by is used

Everyday American, feel indispensable by comparison.

We can not get psi as causal and therefore indispensable by speaking of one thing of which another part, phi, is causal.

Banks provide almost all payment services, and a bank account is considered indispensable by most businesses, individuals and governments.

This qualification is not regarded as indispensable by modern Sunni lawyers on the ground that the Prophet never nominated any person as his successor.

The bombin is more commonly known to English speakers as the bowler hat, or derby, and is the very same hat that was considered indispensable by British bankers until just a few decades ago.

In 1% of cases indispensable during is used

In any event, the taxidermy skills Darwin learned from him were indispensable during his voyage aboard H.

Susan had been indispensable during the illness of her husband, Emma Matthews being too distraught to be of any assistance.

With contents familiar to and popular with the folk, the woodcuts were indispensable during Chinese Lunar New Year and holidays.

Patients using the patch would be able to give themselves a flu shot without medical training - making it indispensable during a major pandemic.

The overview of the project is a useful way to communicate with the investigator, while the field procedures are indispensable during data collection.

There are foods that are cheap and that are present in almost every household that can be indispensable during times of sickness as a home treatment alongside more conventional GP care.

In 1% of cases indispensable of is used

The creation of a defence office, properly staffed and supported, would give a clear signal that the defence teams should be treated as an equal and indispensable of a fair trial process.

In 1% of cases indispensable with is used

In Figure 3, we do not have it that is indispensable with respect to the later event.

This is something that is indispensable with many employees regardless of their background.

In this defense it is not indispensable with the intention of the landlord as well as insured are individual with the same.

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