Prepositions after "indigenous"

indigenous to, in, as, of or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases indigenous to is used

We are indigenous to this planet.

None are indigenous to Australia.

Sinhala is indigenous to the Island.

Whilst not indigenous to Jamaica, this fruit has remarkable historic associations.

It is founded on a belief system indigenous to the Levant, not Europe, Africa, etc.

Therefore, this odor is not exclusively indigenous to this movie theater in Manila.

I do nt landscape it out of will, instead I become aware of what is indigenous to its beauty and change with it.

NUTMEG The nutmeg tree is indigenous to the Banda Islands in the South Moluccas of Indonesia, the Spice Islands.

Additionally, the majority of bamboo used in bamboo cabinets is derived from the Moso stalk indigenous to China.

In 5% of cases indigenous in is used

The indigenous in the area are Maasai people.

It is indigenous in Sikkim, and known as Magnolia Campbellii.

All wildlife indigenous in the Rocky Mountain can be found here.

They are the Indigenous in Guatemala and Peru being assassinated by mining companies.

Maiden tells me there are two bamboos indigenous in Australia, Bambusa arnhemica and B.

Thus you might only be able to usefully talk about indigenous in relation to ' the other '.

Not to talk of the Hausa / Fulani who consider themselves indigenous in virtually all states in Northern Nigeria.

Rally was a large civil disobedience The rally in Victoria was overwhelmingly Indigenous in appearance, participation and message.

The strange thing was that they were not strangely all indigenous in nature with the typical Hindu Ajanta Allora Yakshis and the Buddha Gautama Sidharta.

Butterfly Sanctuary Located along the main highway of Bilar comes this beautiful haven habituated by hundred of majestic butterflies indigenous in the area.

In 2% of cases indigenous as is used

N Indigenous as well as derailing that gravy-train many kiwis will come back.

In addition, there are some 20 other animals to view, including indigenous as well as imported species.

Mghimbi caves and malameni rock -- In the 19 th century the caves where used by indigenous as a hiding place.

People who migrate here can never be indigenous as the are not connected to the original race that lived here.

Well hidden in our mature garden, full of indigenous as well as fruit trees it will remind you of Adam and Eve in their garden of Eden.

Under Capon, a China specialist, the gallery has exhibited and collected broadly, including Asian and indigenous as well as European art.

In 2% of cases indigenous of is used

We as the indigenous of a proficient GHD manufacturer.

The government has totally failed to protect the houses and lives of Indigenous of CHT.

They have closer links with Indigenous of the vast region that extends from Tibet to Indo-China.

Factionalism aside, the indigenous of the Middle East, and North Africa are called upon to wake up to themselves.

It shows how foreign based multinational companies have changed their product according to the taste of the indigenous of a country.

What exactly does that mean? The indigenous of Australia were disenfranchised of what they occupied - a home - a place to belong - a place to live.

As far as I know hazara people are indigenous of Afganistan long long ago who eventually mixed their blood with mongols as one can see in their rostrums, no one can denied this evident fact.

In 1% of cases indigenous against is used

The Communists declared long ago that they were going to use the indigenous against the status quo power structures of each country that they marked for overthrow.

In 1% of cases indigenous at is used

The indigenous at the isolated villages would smile and wave at every passing car from their mud huts.

The ethnic Britains are a mixture of indigenous at the time, celt, gaulish tribes, romans, vikings, Normans and traders.

In 1% of cases indigenous by is used

The three strikes and out policy raised incarceration rates of women and indigenous by 216% in the first year.

My argument was also that they were not indigenous to Palestine because they were immigrants (as they were Europeans ), hence not indigenous by definition.

In 1% of cases indigenous from is used

Closer to the truth would be the busing of indigenous from Carnavan to the Pilbara to vote for what suits him and not the local indigenous.

It is, apparently, one of their most popular wines and, although the idealist in me would prefer to see something indigenous from Portugal, I can see why.

That does not make them indigenous from the argument of being of ancient origin, You then state that because their culture morphed somewhat from their Polynesian roots they are indigenous.

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