Prepositions after "indifferent"

indifferent to, about, towards, as or between?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 79% of cases indifferent to is used

I was indifferent to the election.

He might be just INDIFFERENT TO HER.

Muslims are indifferent to the Holy Quran.

You're television incarnate, Diana: Indifferent to suffering; insensitive to joy.

But if we are not indifferent to the state, that does not mean we can rely on it.

It is indifferent to the artworks made about it, even the zoological experiments.

Once a business becomes dead or indifferent to the needs and problems of the society, its demise is inevitable.

I hope that those of you indifferent to the Affordable Care Act will read Jeneva's essay and ponder on it a bit.

Only when the coloniser becomes indifferent to the life of the other does genocide or ethnic cleansing may occur.

But Americans can not be indifferent to the form of government that others may choose, or have imposed upon them.

In 6% of cases indifferent about is used

I am wholly indifferent about it.

But mostly i'd indifferent about them.

I was now completely indifferent about religion.

If they are indifferent about reconstruction, they still see a plastic surgeon.

Chinamen are very indifferent about death; it seems to have no terror for them.

Serge is one of the many Russians who feels indifferent about the trio's plight.

We'll spend the next however many months discovering what's so good or bad or indifferent about the Audi A7.

There has been a theft in his house and they want him to go there, but he is completely indifferent about it.

Being indifferent about whether the park is placed in our town or not you must acknowledge each side equally.

Are we really that forgiving, or just indifferent about people worth our respect and admiration? This is a SCAM.

In 4% of cases indifferent towards is used

He is indifferent towards Jake.

She often indifferent towards Olivia.

I became rather indifferent towards my work.

A Theatre Arts student fresher was quite indifferent towards the PDP candidate.

The XML world is indifferent towards the logical consistency of your statements.

We live in a society that's never cared much for comics and is becoming increasingly indifferent towards them.

As for Paris I arrived last Monday morning: cold, grey and dreary Paris seemed busy and indifferent towards me.

He may become more romantic within the marriage, or indeed he may become quite callous or indifferent towards you.

Furthormore, Sodexo has often been criticized in the past for being indifferent towards students when serving food.

In 2% of cases indifferent as is used

He seemed too indifferent as a vet caring for my dog.

They are often indifferent as to how we help get them.

The state, having had hold of me for 32 years, has now become indifferent as well as cold-hearted.

They were the Middle Ages version of the suicide bomber as the were indifferent as to whether they survived a mission.

She was never tired of asking her lover questions and admiring his answers, good, bad, or indifferent as they might be.

Since the NPV and IRR rules can give conflicting ranking to projects, one can not remain indifferent as to the choice of the rule.

The doctor was less impressive in full daylight; he was a trifle shiny, a bit bulbous as to nose and indifferent as to finger-nails.

The sea bass, salmon or zander is relatively indifferent as to whether coarse sea salt, fine table salt or conventional cooking salt is used in the batter.

As the grace comes from God over a period, we shall eventually arrive at a kind of equilibrium position where we are indifferent as to whether we stay or move.

In 2% of cases indifferent between is used

Traditionally, a bride would be indifferent between the two.

Therefore, he will be indifferent between the two when the pursuer is 1.

At your fair price, you should be indifferent between taking either side.

In our example, a risk-neutral investor will be indifferent between the two choices.

If a person is indifferent between life in either population, then the argument stops.

In our case we have become indifferent between machine harvesting grapes or hand picking.

Then N has probability 1/2 iff the agent is indifferent between the gambles: A if N, B if not B if N, A if not.

We now construct a compound lottery T * over the outcome set W, L such that the agent is indifferent between T and T *.

Therefore, he will be indifferent between these two bridges when the pursuer's probability of waiting at the safe bridge is 1.

But if every player prefers not to switch (or is indifferent between switching and not) then the set of strategy is (Nash) equilibrium.

In 2% of cases indifferent in is used

Indifferent in his choice to sleep or die.

The public too seem to be indifferent in the suspension of the service.

I have six divisions of SS men absolutely indifferent in matters of religion.

The majority of spectators were unwilling or indifferent in terms of getting involved.

If one is indifferent in this area it is considered a great sin causing God's punishment.

Raji Fashola can not continue to remain indifferent in the face of this glaring disaster.

Second, they did not retain the profit they secured out of the market and remained indifferent in repaying loans.

Sadly the mother believes she is of no value so she would be very indifferent in assisting to murder her daughter.

It is caused by a certain lack of trust in God and makes us indifferent in the use of the means necessary for our sanctification.

In 1% of cases indifferent of is used

My God is totally indifferent of what we do here on this earth.

So, even the world cup couldn't have been completely indifferent of it.

You pretend to be liberal and the inner mind is indifferent of the such killings.

If we accept this arrangement, it will be indifferent of taking it as a charity show.

If people are accepting or indifferent of such behaviour, then there's no hope for society.

They won because they refused to be indifferent of the sufferings of their brothers in pain.

It is blessed with incredibly awesome landscapes that astound even the most indifferent of visitors.

But the fact that with a new truth there is always something like the becoming indifferent of some evident differences is, in my opinion, very important.

They focus more on practical value and judge by personal interest and show weak common consciousness of society and indifferent of social responsibilities.

In 1% of cases indifferent on is used

We're fairly indifferent on where we meet people.

I was indifferent on the subject of Grothe resigning.

A change only being seen in the amount of Canadians who are indifferent on the laws.

Some people were mute, some believe him, others remained indifferent on the whole issue.

Whether the referee was good, bad or indifferent on Sunday has to be coped with as best as people can.

I'd glad to know I'd not the only one indifferent on the topic in a world that has become baby ' crazy '.

Gaye was icy cool beautiful and indifferent on stage but her bass playing was great and worked well against Howard's razor buzz guitars.

Ted Strickland, who moved the amendment (a good career move, as the saying goes ), is probably at most indifferent on the Jerusalem question.

The ability of Malaysians to milk the situation has the public image consultants in knots, because the politicians they defend are equally indifferent on backing down gracefully.

In 1% of cases indifferent toward is used

Those who did not identify as religious were more or less indifferent toward atheists.

Normally Lena was indifferent toward the guys who approached her this early in the evening.

This left us wondering why other ministers (not parishioners ), were indifferent toward us.

Although, the organization could not be indifferent towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The bulk of the citizens either give support to or are indifferent toward their leader's actions.

I had been feeling very indifferent toward these women and whenever they spoke to me I was extremely candid.

It explains his hot-cold dichotomy, and how he can be so indifferent to things (or people) he has no business being indifferent toward.

It is important also to study our God-given faith in detail, since he who is indifferent toward truth is in danger of becoming easy prey for false teachers.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker Show her that you do not have time for people of her nature in your life, act indifferent toward her, and don't show her that your hurt.

In 1% of cases indifferent with is used

I'd indifferent with the home and away.

Freedom is indifferent with regard to these inclinations.

She has been quite indifferent with what Dips says from the very beginning.

Muslims should not be indifferent with respect to the attacks on the Prophet (PBUH).

But I think we should punish the bad people and not to be indifferent with good people.

Essentially there are three groups, pro, anti and indifferent with the indifferents in very much a minority as pretty much everyone I know has some sort of opinion one way or another.

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