Prepositions after "independent"

independent of, from, in, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases independent of is used

Each is independent of the other.

It can exist independent of an order.

They are made independent of science.

The officer authorising the informant should be independent of the investigation.

The first component (V n) is independent of the value of source resistance (R s).

These are independent of the measurement uncertainties in the first part of KT97.

These attributes are not intended for use by software that is independent of the site that uses the attributes.

Note that, due to the method of calculation, these risks are not independent of the risk of direct devastation.

In classical mechanics, time is absolute in the sense that the time of an event is independent of the observer.

The scriptures argue that the human is responsible and capable of making choices independent of the environment.

In 12% of cases independent from is used

LITCs are independent from the IRS.

Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut.

That is independent from the fund? s Manager.

Independent from anyone, whether boss or colleague, you work only for yourself.

The other is that the Contract exists independent from the invalided contracts.

In 1970 Komeitobecame completely separate and independent from the Soka Gakkai.

I like to refute this its not true there is no scientific evidence for mind being independent from the brain.

Many Brethren, who had remained independent from the Grand Lodge, found these and other changes unacceptable.

This association seems to be independent from the OHRQoL instrument used and context of the included samples.

In 8% of cases independent in is used

Power is independent in nature.

Senate as an independent in 2010.

Nigerian became independent in 1960.

The Service will continue to remain independent in the delivery of its functions.

He even said police administration is not independent in MP to operate impartially.

With each step you should feel more comfortable and independent in new environment.

Birgitta Klasn is considered independent in relation to the company, its management and its major stockholders.

It is shown that these two variability sources can not be regarded as independent in their effect on transport.

Then almost over night she just decided she was ready and became almost completely independent in the bathroom.

This last litter only became independent in the last couple of months which is why they haven't been named yet.

In 2% of cases independent for is used

We became independent for this.

We are too independent for his taste.

Navarre has been independent for 1200 years.

I've been an independent for about 7 years now (I call myself a Bible Conservative).

People living with dementia also want to remain independent for as long as possible.

He is fiercely independent for his age and many staff members believe he will go far.

I've been living alone for about 2 and a half years now so I would say I'd very independent for a 19 year old.

Hardly Papua New Guineans are involved in the mineral industry although we have been independent for 35 years.

These functional companions have been used to assist handicapped individuals grow to be independent for years.

These functional companions have been employed to help handicapped individuals turn into independent for years.

In 2% of cases independent on is used

Tanganyika became independent on Dec.

It became independent on 1 January 1962.

Jamaica became independent on 6 August 1962.

Similar insinuations also appeared in The Independent on Sunday (2nd November 1997).

Can i refer everyone to the article by LAWTON in the INDEPENDENT on this very subject.

Zanzibar finally became independent on 10 December 1963, but the joy did not last long.

Tanganyika became independent on December 9 1961 and two years later, December 19 1963, Zanzibar became independent.

And after the Ford Cortina came a very large number of cookery programmes ' (Independent on Sunday, 10 August 1997).

The last viceroy, Murshid Quli Khan became viriually independent on account of the weakness of the Emperor of Delhi.

Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad and Junagarr were among those Princely States who became independent on 15 August 1947.

In 1% of cases independent at is used

The joey is weaned and independent at one year.

They are taught to be independent at a young age.

So I felt really independent at the age of 18 or so.

You have moved on from being dependent to being independent at the physical level.

Vocational education training helps them to become independent at a particular age.

All the servers are connected together, but they are all independent at the same time.

She is independent at all levels - she can make her own money, follow her own path, and be her own best friend.

Birds who remain steadfastly independent at breeding and don't join the group at nesting time will die of cold.

It made me independent at an early age, but -- looking back -- I see it also made me hunger for parental interest.

Intelligent Design does have its *roots* in the creationism movement, but it is entirely independent at this point.

In 1% of cases independent by is used

I was a lifetime independent by registration.

Scales on the y axis are independent by gene.

They are soft spoken, talented and independent by nature.

The commissioner or commissioners must be perceived as being independent by all parties.

She is independent by nature, and would therefore suit working people who are out all day.

The media is free and independent by all means, but they do not hold the right to change facts.

Raccoon babies are independent by the end of summer, when they leave the den and disperse from their family groups.

Those people with a high level of desire and motivation to become financially independent by working for themselves.

People with a high level of desire and motivation to become financially secure and independent by working for themselves.

It includes provisions intended to make FASB financially independent by eliminating its need for corporate contributions.

In 1% of cases independent to is used

The judges are independent to take decisions.

Chelsea's concerns are independent to Roman's.

Oisin, on the other hand was as independent to the core.

And voters in Maine sent another independent to Washington on Tuesday, with former Gov.

For example electrostatic or Casimir forces are apparently independent to the mass of object.

They should be a person you can trust who is independent to your coaching program and can be used as a sounding board.

She reflects on how quickly someone can move from being financially independent to depending on others on a daily basis.

The value of datasource is completely independent to each system -- that just so happens to be the name of my datasource.

Aquarius Habits: Besides being independent to a fault, the Water Bearers can also go way out of their way to help others.

In 1% of cases independent with is used

Assume games are independent with wins) =.

I'd financially independent with my own home.

Independent with the smarts on their sleeves.

I'd location independent with a home base in central Ontario's cottage regions.

Until recently, I considered my self an independent with strong liberal leanings.

If i use the word independent with him, he'll freak out and think I want a breakup.

Captain Canuck is an independent with no affiliation with the major American publishing houses or superheros.

The sprint is China remains independent with a semi-gold backed yuan, or its broken into pieces a la - Warring States.

Each nation in the EU remains fiercely independent with many different legal guidelines, cultures and social structures.

I think it's actually EASIER nowadays to promote yourselves and make money as an independent with the internet as it is.

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