Prepositions after "incompetent"

"incompetent in" or "incompetent at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases incompetent in is used

They were incompetent in this matter.

Either PPARC was incompetent in the past, or STFC is now.

We know you are incompetent in your role as a city councillor.

We've been incompetent in stopping them so far and I can safely say we never will.

Followed by some comment proving they are incompetent in their own technical field.

In the end, both word and silence are utterly incompetent in the alleviation of pain.

Either the medics were completely incompetent in dealing with a common complication or something else happened.

All this make the pricing very confusing and hence the borrower feels incompetent in terms of bargaining power.

The killing of the US ambassador on 9/11/12 clearly states the USA goverment is incompetent in the Middles East.

Overseas medical graduates always being labelled as incompetent in clinical skills once we practice in Malaysia.

In 21% of cases incompetent at is used

He would not be incompetent at housework.

The median voter is incompetent at politics.

We look weak and incompetent at the same time.

HR and most management of most companies are simply incompetent at the hiring task.

Obviously people have lied to Cameron, misled him or were incompetent at their jobs.

She's also at least as incompetent at the art of government as her male predecessors.

Well, I guess that means that VIA is incompetent at running both intercity rail and long-distance/tourism rail.

Some must be persuaded that the government is economically unsound and incompetent at carrying out its projects.

They have had their opportunity to show us what they can do, and shown themselves totally incompetent at doing it.

No one forces them to be incompetent at a role for which they have no experience nor have any transferrable skills.

In 7% of cases incompetent for is used

We don't want someone that is too incompetent for the position.

It is incompetent for being accompanied by an improper affidavit.

The boards and management of the ORFU have been incompetent for years.

They are almost without an exception, wholly and manifestly incompetent for the work.

It takes to long to impeach him, he should be removed for being too incompetent for the position.

The amount of people who I've had interview me this year who are incompetent for such a role is beggars belief.

The problem is, you've believed all politicians to be incompetent for so long, you don't realise this is different.

It is one of those things at which you can be incompetent for long periods of time until the consequences catch up.

I'll still call you incompetent for not figuring out how to update Office manually and just packing things up in a hissy fit.

Partisan, small minded, limited imagination, pampered and yet mean spirited, vindictive, ignorant and incompetent for good measure.

In 6% of cases incompetent as is used

He has proven himself to be incompetent as a leader.

They are all as corrupt and incompetent as each other.

The FA have proved over time that they are incompetent as a ruling body.

He tests himself quickly and rapidly learns and accepts that he is incompetent as a salesman.

The single player campaign is unimaginative for the most part and largely incompetent as a whole.

Mass murderer and a complete incompetent as a leader, military or political, Hitler destroyed the German economy.

NO IT DOES NOT! Awful decisions aside the defending by Everton was as equally incompetent as the officials performance.

A complete incompetent as a leader, Salmond and the forces of Scottish separatism can not be defeated with him at the helm.

Was George Entwistle incompetent as an internal manager? Perhaps his only weakness was in dealing with people like Humphrys.

In 5% of cases incompetent to is used

However, I believe in power shifting from the incompetent to the most competent.

All of them were incompetent to some degree, but Gordon Brown was by far the worst.

The quality of Indian lawyers ranges from the shockingly incompetent to the simply brilliant.

He is only incompetent to the extent that anybody expects him to actually fulfill the duties of a patriotic president.

The Royal Navy would look bad in front of it's NATO partners, and we would look unbelievably incompetent to our customer.

This is a damn CodingHorror! I get customer complains and barrage almost daily, and my boss think I'd incompetent to finished up the job.

Perhaps you are incompetent to the point that you need the government controlling your life and spending your money, but most of us aren't.

People, the FCC can stop the voices that whip up the mentally incompetent to deadly violence in a heartbeat and the solution starts with you.

So they were aware that no one was there for us to talk to, but asked us all there so that they would not look incompetent to administration.

The fact remains, if he was incompetent to the point where he carried a bag for someone else, where was his family? Where were his guardians? carrying.

In 4% of cases incompetent on is used

Daniel turned out incompetent on anchoring.

I don't think he's incompetent on the economy.

Schools are often completely incompetent on this issue.

The middle east is going to blow and this administration is incompetent on foreign affairs.

I thought the team would look incompetent on the field and that the coaching would be the same.

Incompetent on a Dan Rather scale b/c they published with absolutely no attempt to verify anything they said.

However, the EU leaders were seemingly incompetent on giving precise answers about the issue reports Euobserver.

They term it as unpatriotic and incompetent on the part of the government to lose its the territory to Cameroon.

So they'd prefer to keep losing money than accept his ideas and risk people thinking they were incompetent on their own.

We've had to go through seeing that truely incompetent on a reality TV show and her book tour as she amassed her bank accounts.

In 4% of cases incompetent by is used

Bush wasn't perceived as a weak incompetent by world leaders.

I was just labelled as incompetent by bosses who wanted to get rid of me.

In an OA5 company if you're making your coworkers unhappy, then you're incompetent by definition.

Plus you've shown yourself to be mentally incompetent by implying that conspiracy doesn't happen.

Either she knew of those transports and lied, or she was incompetent by not knowing about the central remit of her job.

However, the founder must be at least 18 years of age and not be subject to tutorship or curatorship, or declared incompetent by a court.

These validations were revealed as utterly incompetent by bloggers, and later by BBC Wales journalist Ciaran Jenkins (now working for Channel 4).

The best question to ask is: Have you been adjudicated incompetent by a court of law? Name and phone numbe rof guardian List of chronic medical conditions.

Those with an MMSE score? 10 and those with an MMSE score between 11 and 23, but who were found cognitively incompetent by a physician or a nurse, were excluded.

The EC, which has been ruled incompetent by the highest court in the land, to be the only source of information Ugandan's democracy remains at the mercy of a few men.

In 3% of cases incompetent with is used

It is not just maths that Akerman is incompetent with, it is also language.

I have to give him some credit I have never seen someone as incompetent with such a great squad.

Beaten out of Iraq, humiliated in Afghanistan and it proves serially incompetent with procurement and public money.

It can reward it, if you have a fortune and build on it, but it can also punish it if you are incompetent with your inheritance.

The law was that if the Court was not properly moved, the matter was incompetent with the consequence that it must be struck out.

Even in the comedy shows, the man who is incompetent with his kids is incompetent because he has concentrated his competency on his job.

This is a good idea, since in most rural areas, even if there is medical care, it is most likely incompetent with regards to diagnosing malaria.

The Federal Government is, as in every other of its endeavors, incompetent with regard to ending drug use (assuming that was truly the goal, which it is not.

They lack every trait that makes for a decent government, are third rate politicians horse traded into high office, and are broadly incompetent with no vision.

In 3% of cases incompetent of is used

I was incompetent of making rational choices.

Romney was judged to be the most incompetent of politicians.

Sears management must be the most incompetent of any corporate forerunners that ever lived.

Urban elites, who are ignorant to and incompetent of managing rural development, present further problems.

We are doomed to having to choose a Presidential candidate who we hope will be the least incompetent of the two.

Not only are you an incompetent of the greatest magnitude, but you also blame everybody but yourself when things go wrong.

Costed is improper but then why would anyone expect you to know that when you are so blatantly incompetent of better judgement.

That's not only incompetent of the editor/admin but above all, as a dedicated gooner of 25 yrs, I find it highly irresponsible that a news medium such as JustArsenal.

I think that it is sad that this is what the federal school lunch program offers food competency when they are already believed to be incompetent of eating a variety of foods.

In 2% of cases incompetent from is used

He is incompetent from a political standpoint.

Empowering what? Police are just incompetent from the top officers.

These restrictions ban people under guardianship or determined incompetent from voting.

It's been driven by the dour incompetent from Nevada and the queen of pork from California.

Many other professions have similar qualifications to keep the incompetent from preying on the rest of us.

Thinking that you can do unlimited QE (Krugman) and that your plant (financial system) will still remain stable is criminally incompetent from my perspective.

Point was that no matter what you think the important objectives of American foreign policy should be--Obama's probably been incompetent from that perspective.

The man was patently incompetent from day 1, was wormed in there by Gordon Brown, has fiddled his own expenses and did not, as convention requires, leave his party politics behind.

In 1% of cases incompetent about is used

For weeks I felt inadequate and incompetent about everything -- from the way I parented to the way I served El (God) in ministry to the way I organized my time and my life.

In 1% of cases incompetent like is used

He is a fool and incompetent like the rest of Republicans.

It's amazing, utterly amazing, that a once-great country like the United States could end up electing an unqualified incompetent like Barack Obama.

Were it not for the utter weakness of his caucus, it is inexplicable that Stephen Harper would keep a proven incompetent like Flaherty at the helm of the Finance Department.

In 1% of cases incompetent due is used

The evidence sought to be countered should not refer to those which are incompetent due to an exclusionary rule 4.

In 1% of cases incompetent beyond is used

I thought they were lying, but they were just incompetent beyond belief.

I'd no investigative reporter but Susan Rice is flat out lying or incompetent beyond human reason.

To make a decision at the first hearing, it must show that a person is mentally incompetent beyond a reasonable doubt.

But the weakness of the one and the insecurity of the other have combined to produce an administration that is inept and incompetent beyond words.

So why are the DfT now negotiating a 2% share of the profits for Virgin? I'd no civil servant but why not just agree to Virgin's offer? These people are incompetent beyond belief.

In 1% of cases incompetent over is used

Union seniority rules promoted people that were incompetent over people who were most qualified.

They have proved to be systematically incompetent over the years in managing such a big scheme and they should not be trusted with one.

I voted for her in last year's elections as a preference to the swanker Mark Campbell, but this was a case of choosing an incompetent over a brownshirt.

In 1% of cases incompetent rather is used

There was a perception that the Blair Brown regime was mad rather than bad, incompetent rather than corrupt.

Security forces ' witnesses preferred to make themselves look incompetent rather than just telling what they know.

In 1% of cases incompetent regarding is used

Sony and Nintendo are so incompetent regarding digital, they are terrified of it.

In 1% of cases incompetent because is used

Did it work? Well, no, but to say that he's incompetent because of that is far too harsh.

Unsecured minded people are incompetent because of mental sickness or disability can withdraw their contracts but maintain high standard.

Most soldiers had little respect for surgeons because some became alcoholics from having easy access to medicinal liquor, and some were incompetent because of poor training.

In 1% of cases incompetent after is used

The Japanese stewards were branded by the entire racing world as incompetent after taking down Buena Vista.

It would have been inappropriate and a small-minded view to do so as much as judging President Mahama to be incompetent after three weeks in office.

It is ludicrous to be slating him as incompetent after one game under siege in a team that was determined to be respectable at all costs, the main of which was its scoring capacity.

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