Prepositions after "inclined"

"inclined to" or "inclined towards"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases inclined to is used

I am inclined to think that Mr.

I'd more inclined to meditation.

He will be inclined to help others.

Both believed that the Russian peasant was by nature strongly inclined to Socialism.

Guilt and shame keep humans tamed and domesticated, not inclined to buck the system.

Not only do these Gentiles protect us, but they are charitably inclined to our poor.

These stones are generally of a brownish-red colour, reddish-orange, or even reddish inclined to violet and yellow.

The old designs are copied so glibly that we are half inclined to think them original, save for that very glibness.

Ronni Ahmmed: But compared to his earlier works, this time around his work seems more inclined to the prosaic side.

Labor and Greens supporters were the most inclined to back Senator Obama but Coalition voters were also supportive.

In 28% of cases inclined towards is used

He is not inclined towards sweetness.

Those inclined towards the active, i.

I was more inclined towards the arts.

They are the patterns of behaviour that successful people are inclined towards.

From the late 1940s church leaders had increasingly inclined towards abolition.

There's very strong support for the dark brown, and I'd inclined towards it too.

He also took a keen interest in changing the previous navy commander (who was not well inclined towards him).

Tata was inclined towards locating the steel plant around the Nagpur region, which too had iron ore deposits.

She discussed it with her friends and was feeling herself more inclined towards writing a story of that idea.

The people of Cochin are very much inclined towards preserving and furthering their regional art and culture.

In 9% of cases inclined toward is used

I'd inclined toward the latter.

They're inclined toward the ecstatic.

I'd more inclined toward this solution.

But they are inclined toward legal, financial, political and diplomatic measures.

In fact, none of these projects are meant for neighbours inclined toward litigation.

I'd inclined toward the latter, which might seem self-serving, but hear me out on this.

Many in the west were favourably inclined toward these two hideous regimes because they didn't know any better.

As Cardinal Avery Dulles pointed out, the majority of Catholics are not strongly inclined toward evangelisation.

Strongly inclined toward the legal profession, Chothani was raised in an era when daughters were not so welcome.

We are naturally inclined toward our core values, and are eager to spend time on activities that align with them.

In 3% of cases inclined at is used

The dwarf planet's orbit is inclined at 10.

These slopes are inclined at 45 to 75 degrees.

The orbit of Venus is inclined at an angle of 3.

Flanges on the rollers hold the revolving drum, which is inclined at an angle of about 10.

However, if you are more inclined at gaming, then Intel Pentium G620 could be somewhat disappointing.

Even if one doesn't have a sponsor, one exchanges numbers with simpatico people if so inclined at meetings.

The satellites are also placed, in equal numbers, in six orbital planes, each inclined at 55 from the Earth's equator.

The Prime Minister's invitation is there to join the government but he himself seems to be not inclined at the moment,.

The space segment of GLONASS consists of 24 satellite slots in three orbital planes separated by 120 and inclined at 64.

The finished dam would have an almost vertical back face (usually inclined at a 1:10 ratio) with a gently sloping front face.

In 2% of cases inclined for is used

I'd not so inclined for equally well intended reasons.

The menu is basically inclined for Northern Indian dishes.

I thought I should put some record straight although I am not inclined for debates.

And for those who are inclined for the religious, belief in that higher force provides strength.

This is a more theory based course which is more inclined for the likes of electronics students.

If was not much more inclined for geology than the other branches of Natural History, I am sure Mr.

The approach is inclined for people with disability to perform real-life operations at home by directing appliances through speech.

The sun is also romantically inclined for them, ' he told himself as he ran his tongue along the cup rim his mind full of kissing scenes.

We have not decided on what primary education that we will send my daughter too yet, my wife is inclined for private about RM 1K /per month.

Recent Posts Featured Pages Legal Notice The information in the various pages of this blog site are issued by The Legally Inclined for general distribution.

In 2% of cases inclined in is used

Love was a slope very slightly inclined in my eyes.

Even into creativity, I was more inclined in writing.

I am not tribally inclined in my dealings with fellow Ghanaians.

Working on H1 is good for ppl like us who are finally inclined in going to india back.

However, Carter is more inclined in voting of Penner because they didn't want a veteran to win.

It gives proof that the scales of the unattainable harmony were inclined in the direction of imperial power.

It would seem as though this would leave lots of room for manipulation, if an agency was inclined in that direction.

Conversely, the losing side might be less inclined in accepting the results than in previous close-run elections, it noted.

I have said before that while I am not yet entirely convinced about independence, I am strongly inclined in that direction.

Once you dress simple and not to attract attention then naturally you will feel more inclined in wanting to lower your gaze.

In 1% of cases inclined by is used

Although inclined by only around 11.

The orbit of Venus is inclined by 3.

We are therefore inclined by our very nature to have mercy for our spouses.

They were then inclined by an influence from without themselves, or so disposed as to embrace eternal life.

Won't buy again by skinhaireye inclined by age by out of stars out of stars consumer reviews a examination of show that it is sterling.

The windows walls are made from toughened laminated glass inclined by 25 degrees so as not to reflect sunlight and glare from the river.

The Moon's orbital plane about the Earth is inclined by 5 degrees with respect to the Earth's orbital plane about the Sun (the ecliptic plane).

Every Republican man knew that, as to himself at least, your charge was a slander, and he was not much inclined by it to cast his vote in your favor.

The market in 2011 inclined by % of which Asia-Pacific witnessed a strong growth of % followed by Western Europe with a growth rate of % during the year.

Gestalt therapists are inclined by their training to consider pathology as emergent in the therapeutic process, to be encountered as it appears, not before.

In 1% of cases inclined from is used

During its rotation on its axis, our Earth is slightly inclined from its orbit.

In the sense that you're not just talking to people who are inclined from the get go to agree with you.

In this opposition of forces, the political balance inclined from the first in favour of the Oriental Power.

Anyway, publisher B had a series into which my book fit very neatly and they were positively inclined from the start.

The two main halls are arranged side by side, with their long axes, slightly inclined from each other, generally running north-south.

Spiritually inclined from a young age, she said she first read the Quran in her mid-20s, because her former husband, a Muslim, owned a copy.

It leans towards the ballad side, since it's too slow to dance to, but it's still catchy enough to stop the less classically inclined from falling asleep.

Help getting your kid smarter Kids who are technologically inclined from their childhood are supposed to be very smart and intelligent when they start their schooling.

In 1% of cases inclined on is used

The Earth is inclined on its own axis at an angle of 23.

I'd more inclined on siding with the pessimists on this question.

Pakistan has also been requested to providing assistance, Pakistan inclined on it.

Visitors are now more inclined on frequenting pages where they can get freebies and discounts.

My observation is that your generation is no less inclined on consumption than the Baby Boomers.

Even if the allocation is done after 1st year we are inclined on using grades/ranks as the criterion.

We weren't inclined on getting those living at the trailer park to our meeting or making the meeting there look like church.

If you find you will be typically inclined on online payday loans to obtain by, look at speaking with a personal debt specialist.

If a person does not know whether his feeling is inclined on one side, or is equal on both sides, he should act according to the rules of doubt.

This is the use of postcards which works absolute wonders if one is inclined on mailing his for the last 10 years having moved here for work reasons.

In 1% of cases inclined with is used

The bullion inclined with about $1.

Yesterday, the shiny metal inclined with about $3.

Irwin and I write more lyrics than Martin; Martin's more technically inclined with the production side.

Such policy should be inclined with infrastructure upgrade like power which is already improving a bit.

They offer a free version and a paid plan suitable for social media marketers who are not too inclined with coding.

The thousands of supporters that gather are ideologically inclined with these people AND they are a part of the nation.

Originally Sikhi appealed to the strongest and most spiritually inclined with a constant and rapid flow of ideas and people.

The orbital constellation consists of six orbital planes, each inclined with respect to the equatorial plane by about 55 degrees.

Sometimes, an employee who isn't quite comfortable voicing an opinion on their own may feel more inclined with all of their coworkers present.

Registering for it at the right time costs less than 50 and you get 2 goody bags for those inclined with a t-shirt as well as a towel included.

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