Prepositions after "incarcerate"

"incarcerate for" or "incarcerate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 37% of cases incarcerate for is used
    He was incarcerated for four years.
    Hitler's laws set time limits that Germans could be incarcerated for e.
    Although incarcerated for many years, Nelson Mandela, along with others such as Desmond Tutu, was a man of his times.
    He was thereafter, at the slightest opportunity, incarcerated for several days even for minor offences that did not warrant detention.
    Furthermore, the amount of individuals incarcerated for drug related crimes would decrease thus lessening the costs of prison related expenditures.
    Church leaders in Eritrea told Open Doors that by mid-December, a total of 2,891 Christians, including 101 women, had been incarcerated for their faith.
    The Newsweek article notes Justice Department officials provided the reporter a list of seven individuals who have been incarcerated for violating sanctions.
    The new remandees will in all probability be incarcerated for many years before being brought to trial and may not even get the opportunity to be charged in front of a magistrate.

    In 30% of cases incarcerate in is used
    I don't mean those incarcerated in detention, nor those processed.
    According to Odhikar there were 2,402 women incarcerated in prisons.
    The detainees incarcerated in it were often left for days without food or drinking water.
    I was incarcerated in civilian facilities and returned to the military where I had a court proceeding in which I set a precedent about racism.
    I can not really bring myself to call this justice because if there was even a smidgeon of justice then Tony Martin would not have been incarcerated in the first place.
    I've a slight edge here - I've spent (short) time incarcerated in the US system and I also took time out to spend with volunteers visiting one of the tougher London establishments.

    In 9% of cases incarcerate at is used
    I refer to those who have lost their homeland, and are incarcerated at alarming rates within Australia.
    It was reported that black non-Hispanic males are incarcerated at a rate more than six times that of white non-Hispanic males (World Report 2011: United States, www.

    In 5% of cases incarcerate by is used
    During the days of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto when Khan Ghaffar Khan was incarcerated by him, he dubbed Bhutto the worst dictator.

    In 2% of cases incarcerate from is used
    He was again incarcerated from 1931-38 and then again from 1942-46.

    In 2% of cases incarcerate since is used
    Al-Sherif had been incarcerated since May 21 after posting an internet video of her driving as part of the efforts for next month's protest.

    In 2% of cases incarcerate with is used
    The law requires that juveniles be detained separately from adults, but in practice many juveniles were incarcerated with adults.

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