Prepositions after "inaugurate"

"inaugurate in" or "inaugurate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases inaugurate in is used
    This first museum venue was inaugurated in 1905 by the King of Italy.
    The Barrage was built at Bhimnagar between 1959 and 1963, and was inaugurated in 1963-64.
    Bruce Goff's Pavilion for Japanese Art was inaugurated in 1988, six years after Goff's death.
    Frimpong Boateng had continuously served as the Director of the Centre since it was established in 1991 and formerly inaugurated in 1992 by H.
    To fill these rooms, 22 airlines brought visitors to our two international airports -- including the national carrier, Air Jamaica, inaugurated in 1968.
    FAASL Lectures: The FAASL lecture series was inaugurated in May 2006 and the Commission has hosted over 25 lectures by scholars, artists and public figures.
    The university can trace its roots back to 1845 when Magee College was established in DerryLondonderry and 1849, when the School of Art and Design was inaugurated in Belfast.
    The Museum building, designed by Mario Lab (Genoa, 1884-1961 ), a distinguished Genoese architect who practised the principles of rationalist architecture, was inaugurated in 1971.

    In 23% of cases inaugurate by is used
    MEATF 2012 will be officially inaugurated by the EAC Secretary General, Dr.
    It was inspired by games of chance in 17 th century France and inaugurated by the Fermat-Pascal correspondence.

    In 17% of cases inaugurate on is used
    When Quezon was inaugurated on Nov.
    To be inaugurated on Friday, it will be on till April 3.
    Aquino III has been proclaimed the 15th president of the republic and is set to be inaugurated on June 30.
    He had just settled in when he was called upon to be the first Regional Leader of the Christian Brothers in Zambia: the Mater Dei Region was inaugurated on 4 February 1984.

    In 6% of cases inaugurate as is used
    Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States and became the first African American President.

    In 6% of cases inaugurate at is used
    inaugurated at age 46, he was the third-youngest president.
    The Court was inaugurated at a state dinner on November 18, and by mid-January 1876 the new Court had drafted a set of rules of procedure.

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