Prepositions after "inadequate"

"inadequate for" or "inadequate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases inadequate for is used

That's inadequate for two reasons.

It is wholly inadequate for any other.

It's badly inadequate for our necessities.

Anything that is provided for its satisfaction may be inadequate for its purpose.

It's clear that existing hate speech laws are inadequate for the social media era.

However, this facility is still inadequate for the growing number of senior staff.

Evidently, the gravitational pull exerted by its own existence is inadequate for the purpose of further ascent.

The modest two-room office suite was to soon prove inadequate for the soaring growth-rate of the Canadian Work.

As the pickings become inadequate for all of them they start battling for dominion in their sphere of influence.

At present the DD(M) is given the task of licensing mechanized boats, but its manpower is inadequate for the job.

In 23% of cases inadequate in is used

But it is inadequate in mental health.

Treatment of gout was inadequate in most cases.

It would still be inadequate in every which way.

It is, however, woefully inadequate in the case of a chemical contamination event.

It is a rare man (or woman) who does not feel inadequate in comparison to another.

Grounds with turf pitches and turf practice pitches are inadequate in the country.

I constantly try to tell all girls I meet that feel inadequate in some aspect that they are just right for them.

This low density of telephone in Bangladesh is due primarily to inadequate investment in this sector in the past.

Indeed the quotas are still inadequate in this regard and have kept many families apart for long periods of time.

That this growth in exports was inadequate in comparison with the growth in imports by 50 percent was underplayed.

In 15% of cases inadequate to is used

But the checklist is wholly inadequate to the task.

It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Our efforts in that direction have been inadequate to date.

Some of these very ideas were a part of the inadequate to the task stimulus money.

I dab at my feet and the napkin, inadequate to its task, disintegrates in my hand.

When I started riding a lot, these nearly invariably proved inadequate to my needs.

The division structure that has served us well for 100 years is woefully inadequate to the demands of modern warfare.

She might not have felt inadequate to every situation, but that inadequacy provided tremendous love from other people.

However, for two reasons this research is inadequate to the task of demonstrating that mild corporal punishment is wrong.

The management of the canoe alone appears a work of unsurmountable difficulty, its breadth is so inadequate to its length.

In 6% of cases inadequate as is used

Human reason is totally inadequate as a standard to govern the State.

Nancy's belittling of him has led to him feeling inadequate as a man.

Many men feel quite inadequate as a result of the obsession over size.

The woman feels hurt, inadequate as a wife and then the battle is on and it doesn't quit easily.

And that I would be made to feel so terribly inadequate as a woman, mother, human being as a result.

UIP budget remains woefully inadequate as the decision-making process remains pathetically primitive.

Michael Kors luggageMichael kors online outlet will not glance inadequate as well as significantly more regularly.

Like Jamie, I often feel inadequate as a book blogger because I don't read nearly as many books as my fellow bloggers.

Polly sat on the stile and hated the whole scheme of life -- which was at once excessive and inadequate as a solution.

Humans Do Not Need to be Saved or Fixed I have spent most of my life convinced that I am somehow inadequate as a human.

In 3% of cases inadequate at is used

Food supply was also inadequate at times.

Research might be inadequate at this point.

Words are so inadequate at a time such as this.

Words are so inadequate at this time, especially as time goes by, and life moves forward.

Thus what was ok at a point in time and space, becomes inadequate at another time and space.

Allergy care in the NHS was totally inadequate at all levels with a postcode lottery of premium care.

The unassisted brakes can feel a little inadequate at higher speeds, but are perfectly acceptable for city driving.

It reveals that compliance with health and safety requirements was inadequate at almost three-quarters of the sites.

There is clear evidence that the current system of patent examination and grant is inadequate at a number of levels.

Even in early October, it feels hot inside the Chevette and the blowers seem woefully inadequate at cooling the car down.

In 2% of cases inadequate because is used

Its so sad when black women are made to feel inadequate because of the beautiful manes that they have.

In most compact way the essence of tawhid principle is inadequate because of its ever changing nature.

This procedure, however, is inadequate because of the time lapse that exists for the strongest associations to occur between comparative events in the meteorological and asthma data.

Living and operating in a male-dominated literary circle can often break a female poet's morale, making her feel inadequate because of her inherent feminine experiences and expressions.

I just felt despondent over everything and I sort of gave up I also felt very inadequate because of my background (I have no relations who are teachers ), therefore I did all the work myself.

In 2% of cases inadequate by is used

But utterly inadequate by itself, and misleading.

This view has been judged as inadequate by many later scholars 118.

However the goal was criticized as inadequate by environmentalists and industry officials.

A school that was top of the list for one family might be considered inadequate by another.

Many schools found to be inadequate by the state are ranked high by the city and vice versa.

The pledge, intended to help tackle one of the UN Millennium Developments goals, was descibred as inadequate by anti-poverty groups.

There is no degree of precision - in words or numbers - that can not be considered inadequate by simply demanding a higher degree of precision.

Here it should be all the more expected that the results reached by one generation of scholars are found to be inadequate by a later generation.

This level of action is considered inadequate by many activists, which appeal consequently to our emotions in order to incite continuous activities.

In 2% of cases inadequate with is used

I felt really inadequate with my trusted 50mm block.

I have to admit I've always felt a bit inadequate with my food photos.

I have been feeling a little inadequate with the ' Jones ' the last few days.

He felt discontent and inadequate with his existing revenues and quality of life.

I felt a little bit inadequate with my riding CV of a few lessons, I can tell you.

Conclusion Knowledge about dengue and its vector is generally inadequate with only 35.

Transport services are inadequate with buses plying the roads reducing in recent years.

They all try and push new technology on us making us feel inadequate with our old phones.

Government provision for homeless and vulnerable children remained inadequate with over 1 million street children across the country.

Of course, since there are those, including professor Brand, who consider the EU model to be inadequate with regards to high-volume low-value disputes, this might be a necessary step.

In 1% of cases inadequate about is used

I definitely felt inadequate about that.

Thamby, there is nothing inadequate about Sri Lanka's education system.

The woman-as-provider dynamic will work if the man doesn't feel inadequate about it.

All that the myth of the G-spot has done is make men and women feel inadequate about their sex lives.

And them they come out within dribble and make us feel more inadequate about where have we gone wrong.

The effect of these mass images is to cause men and women to suppress their opposite trends, feeling guilty and inadequate about them, which is harmful.

We all have areas that we like to hide or feel inadequate about, thank goodness that we can display or hide or positive and negative features with fashion.

The moment you stop weighing your own life and achievements against those of others, you will find that there is nothing you need to feel inadequate about.

We live in a society where it is primarily the women who are judged based on their appearances and who always feel inadequate about the way they look, not the men.

In 1% of cases inadequate after is used

I also felt pretty inadequate after reading things like the Gina Ford book.

A lot of money has since been expended but results may appear very inadequate after 45 years.

I guess I will forever be inadequate after all, at least while I'd still staying in that place.

If security was found to be inadequate after an event, the contractor's licence may be withdrawn.

The stimulus was woefully inadequate after Democrats compromised away half of the spending that economists predicted was needed and implemented more tax breaks in order to get Republican votes.

In 1% of cases inadequate against is used

He was terribly inadequate against Napoli.

However it proved inadequate against lightly-armed, fast-moving cavalry.

England are aware that their kicking game was inadequate against the Wallabies.

Although completely inadequate against gunfire, these tunics did provide some protection against swords.

However, the World Cup exposed a worrying trend, of batsmen whose footwork is inadequate against spin bowling.

The Aussies have looked inadequate against spin, both in the warm-up games and in the opener against Zimbabwe.

Like the demand for an NHS in the 1930s, our national response is wholly inadequate against the scale of the challenge.

The contrast between the two types of enemies produced a dilemma for the Polish army, since a force suitable to combat one enemy was inadequate against the other.

In 1% of cases inadequate due is used

Many of these funds are inadequate due to improving life expectancy and the weak investment returns of the last decade.

However, very low carbohydrate diets are at risk of being nutritionally inadequate due to their low plant food content.

In 1% of cases inadequate from is used

All aspects for relief proved inadequate from transporting the grain to disbursing it.

There are a lot of aspects of the law on rape that are inadequate from the point of view of a pro-male activist.

That is, a particular type of protector should not be used if noise levels are too high or if it proves to be inadequate from a hygienic point of view.

It is certain that anyone, who tries to make his report as he imagines she would make it, will not deliver a report which is inadequate from any point of view.

Despite growing evidence of the epidemiological and economic impact of CNCDs, the global response to the problem remains inadequate from various stakeholders (6).

In 1% of cases inadequate of is used

She ate the rest of the fruit inadequate of walking about this on the square of.

Due to inadequate of appropriate guidance it is unable to succeed to develop self-employment.

Inadequate of the whitening chemical compounds along with the product or service will probably be unproductive.

Access to mobile phones in the district is very limited due to inadequate of information technology network backbone.

The vast majority have either no money saved for retirement or an amount far inadequate of what they'd need to keep them in their present lifestyle.

In 1% of cases inadequate on is used

We have enough to make us feel bad, guilty and inadequate on any given day.

However, I also think Darwinism is grossly inadequate on scientific grounds.

The talent around him is inadequate on many levels, but he isn't getting it done.

However, all religions are either silent or inadequate on this subject, except Islam.

Wisdom is in the city square -- If a man of God is inadequate on a particular subject it is not shameful to get help.

The latter, in my view, while important, was wrong on a lot of things (such as the national question ), and inadequate on others (especially philosophy).

However, suffice it to say that, on the non-covered side where I have some intimate knowledge, provisioning is still hugely inadequate on both business and mortgage books.

In 1% of cases inadequate without is used

There is a sea wall but it is probably inadequate without the additional use of rock armour.

In other words, an idea of self remains incomplete and inadequate without involvement of other mind.

Singers practice breathing every day, as their vocal chords would be inadequate without controlled muscular support.

Like the Name Dropper, this one too feels inadequate without letting everyone know they have been to so and so place.

Having mere scientific knowledge, for example, is woefully inadequate without understanding the philosophy of science.

Distillation yields some gasoline, but the yield would be inadequate without catalytic reforming, which is a more costly process.

Unfortunately, there has been a tendency in recent years among some countries to immediately say domestic mechanisms are inadequate without even studying them properly.

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