Prepositions after "inactive"

"inactive for" or "inactive in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases inactive for is used

They will be inactive for two years.

The others, if any, are inactive for the game.

Bucks F Drew Gooden was inactive for the game.

The bbq sets inactive for most of winter and is in continuous use for summer months.

This guy was inactive for over 24 years! Suddenly kizee springs into feverish action.

The text in that image says neutralgreymiddle has been inactive for more than 90 days.

Please be aware that you will not loose your unlocking credits when your account became inactive for this period.

UP also vibrates gently to remind you to get up and move when you've been inactive for a specified amount of time.

Many banks, fearing fraud, still keep debit and credit cards inactive for online transactions for security reasons.

Ochocinco was inactive for the AFC Championship game and did not predict what role he would play in the Super Bowl.

In 18% of cases inactive in is used

His law license became inactive in 2002.

His law license became inactive in 2007.

Soft switch forum become inactive in 2001.

But the virus can remain inactive in your body for many years and cause recurrent infections.

They also were resolutely inactive in the hours outside of exercise, the motion sensors show.

TE Adrien Robinson (New York Giants) 11/11/12 at Cincinnati Bengals - Was inactive in a 31-13 loss.

The purified oxidized enzyme is inactive in the H2-NAD+ reaction, but can be activated by catalytic amounts of NADH.

The Judd development tightens the Blues ' cap and potentially explains why they were so inactive in the trade period.

The name, Zomi, which remained inactive in the social, cultural layers and folksongs of the past, is now surfacing in.

Silent complicity -- when the company is silent or inactive in the face of systematic or continuous human rights abuse.

In 6% of cases inactive on is used

MIP-1? is inactive on basophils.

And inactive on behalf of members.

The sites, which went inactive on Oct.

The fraternity is listed as inactive on the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life website.

I understand that I have all of a sudden, been inactive on LinkedIn, and 0mlm, for the past few months.

I emailed again, then checked her profile and discovered she'd been inactive on the site for some time.

The Bears need to find a way to get Kyle Adams on the field, and at a minimum should make Davis inactive on game days.

So a firm that is silent or inactive on strategy runs the risk of losing the confidence and engagement of rising stars.

But you have given me a great idea that will help me get a lot of traction on Twitter (one platform I have been inactive on).

However, just moments prior to kickoff, the Eskimos announced that Sherritt would be inactive on Sunday due to an ankle injury.

In 4% of cases inactive at is used

PS: It's just the forums that are a bit inactive at this point.

This layer remains inactive at lower levels in order to provide a clearer view of the coverage.

Inactive at Dallas (11/21) and against New England (11/25 ), after suffering knee injury at the New York Jets (11/7).

Red crabs are diurnal (active during the day) and almost inactive at night despite lower temperatures and higher humidity.

Patients with active disease at baseline but who were inactive at study completion showed a mean (SD) improvement in PSO-LIFE score of 19.

I've been largely inactive at local branch levels which I am now addressing having stepped away from a UK job that took up a huge amount of my free time.

Many of the familiar faces were acquaintances from our days at the coalface of portfolio reviews at Rhubarb???? in Birmingham (sadly inactive at the moment).

By contrast, the two other unidentified Flame-related malicious programs (SP and IP) were not generating traffic and generally inactive at the time of the May 2012 takedown.

Inactive at pH 5, chloroquine phosphate exhibited gradually Increasing antimicrobial activity, with Increasing relative alkalinity, that was further aggravated by UV light 350nm.

This morning -- the morning when Malone stood triumphant on the crest of Chunuk Bair; when the Australians were pluckily attempting to carry Abdel Rahman -- passed strangely inactive at Suvla.

In 4% of cases inactive due is used

But the steelmaker remains inactive due to differences over the claims.

He played on Sunday because star receiver Percy Harvin was inactive due to a sprained ankle.

Wickremesinghe said the entire university system in the country has become inactive due to this problem.

What have you been up to since then? Rob: Yeah I've been a little inactive due to reasons out of my control.

This is because debugging information is not collected when Opera Dragonfly is inactive due to performance reasons.

Currently inactive due to a handling that I do with my parents business (I am 18 years old and about to go into the army).

The upper surface of the tail of a real dog has supra-caudal scent glands (which some regard as possibly inactive due to evolution).

Most, if not all, ERVs have become inactive due to mutations or transcriptionally silenced through the action of diverse mechanisms.

The number of people who were economically inactive due to long-term sickness fell by 83,000 between April to June and July to September 2012 to reach 2.

In 3% of cases inactive after is used

It had been kept in reserve and had remained inactive after June 1944.

They arose when the tenants had a grievance and became inactive after the issue was dealt with.

Only a mere 11 percent were able to define a customer to be inactive after 11 months of inactivity.

When I stop the pings then the ssh session goes inactive after a short time, and I'd not able to ping the pi.

Market operators said the large-scale investors became inactive after taking some profits during the bull run in the last two months.

You will not be able to use the same user ID and e-mail ID as that gets occupied under your status and becomes inactive after deletion.

The Teachers Union (ETTU) was inactive after their office was destroyed by fire in April 2006 but new leadership was elected and KSTL has helped to reinvigorate the ETTU.

After piloting this strategy for 6 months, however, product results were disappointing: although the target number of 700 accounts was reached, 85% were inactive after 3 months.

However, these issues can not be understood by the followers of Sectarian Missionary Muslim as they claim that (nazubillahi) Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) has become inactive after his death.

In 3% of cases inactive since is used

The volcano has been relatively inactive since 1904.

The ferries have been docked and inactive since September 2009.

He observed that the Commission had been inactive since 2009 until February 2012.

In 2008, the Navy reactivated its Fourth Fleet, inactive since 1950, to patrol the region.

The party failed to nominate any candidates in 2004, and has been almost totally inactive since then.

The only thing is, this Kony character has been on the run and assumed by some as inactive since 2005.

The Palestinian Legislative Council (parliament) has been inactive since 2007 and President Abbas rules by decree.

GSP has been inactive since March 2011, when he defeated former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields via unanimous decision.

But the PA also continues to pay the salaries of 36,500 security personnel who have been inactive since the Hamas takeover of Gaza in 2007.

The charity, however, appears to have been inactive since 2007, reporting less than $5,000 in total assets last year, according to the CRA.

In 3% of cases inactive during is used

Make sure that your cell phone is inactive during class.

If you are inactive during a game, you will get an abandon.

All of your teammates become inactive during rule #2 in this case.

An example is a color print module that is inactive during a black-and-white print.

He hovers around the perimeter and against Duke, he was very inactive during those stretches with Cauley-Stein and Noel.

One person reported that dogs were very active during peak of the eclipse while others said that they were inactive during the eclipse.

Since the mouth is exposed to less oxygen and is inactive during the night, the odour is usually worse upon waking up (morning breath).

Have FIIs been active participants since Feb 2002? FIIs were inactive during the whole of 2002 and for the first 5 months of 2003 also.

It was Kamal who kept the administration inactive during the systematic killing and torturing of religious minorities in Bangladesh on various occasions since the election of 2001.

In 2% of cases inactive by is used

However, this functionality is inactive by default.

For example, Google Chrome displays broken plugin icons over content rendered inactive by missing or disabled plugins.

They are rendered socially and politically inactive by their drug of choice and so do little to threaten the advance of corporate culture.

We try to keep them inactive by starving them of computing resources, but sometimes they get out of control, start replicating like a virus until they turn into you.

Hiding place or retreat Tarantulas are essentially nocturnal (active at night &; inactive by day) and all need a dark shelter where they can hide in during daylight hours.

Perhaps, even the most intelligent person has never thought that there could be another form of magic in such place where every molecules in your body are inactive by choice.

After every mailing (or month ), move anyone who becomes active again to your active list, and anyone on the active list that now qualifies as inactive by your definition to the inactive list.

In 2% of cases inactive as is used

Instead, he was inactive as the No.

Makeup medical scrubs carry whole grains that really help as a way to ease inactive as well as a dry skin.

A short account of the more important of these will show that I was not altogether inactive as regards literary work.

But with the scoreboard rendered inactive as the scorers still battled to make sense of Vance's over, Ford blocked the last delivery of the match.

The costs of ships rendered inactive as a result of third party damage can be substantial as can all claims from collisions and groundings attributable to such causes.

It appears that DeJon Gomes, who was the starting strong safety for the first three games before the Doughty-Pugh combination took over, will be inactive as the odd man out.

In 2% of cases inactive to is used

He is bold and active; she is bored and inactive to the point of total inanimation.

It takes at least three years, on average, to take a farm from inactive to profitable.

The number of unemployed amounted to 1,267,595 while the number of inactive to 3,375,297.

Card Activation For your safety, your Alfalah Prepaid Payroll Card is sent inactive to you.

The available date is the date and time that the assignment changes from inactive to active.

It is also possible that some injuries occur when a person tries to move from inactive to a more active lifestyle too quickly.

Let's also assume that all these volcanoes suddenly went from inactive to active 50 years ago (at the beginning of the time period covered by Steigs study).

Foot problems can affect everyone, from the inactive to athletes, and depending on how you walk or run may cause referred pain across other joints and the lower back.

I knew that I wasn't going to lose all my weight or get fit over night and I knew that it was going to be hard, as going from relatively inactive to super gym user wasn't an overnight thing.

In 2% of cases inactive with is used

Proteins with sulphur-containing components are particularly sensitive and become inactive with oxidation.

However, until now it was not known why human stem cells become fewer and inactive with increasing age, which biochemical mechanisms are involved and if FoxO played a role in ageing.

Another trough expected to cross the continent late in the weekend and early next week is expected to remain weak and relatively inactive with the main feature a cool to mild wind change behind it.

In 1% of cases inactive because is used

Clover, the normal nitrogen source, is still broadly inactive because of the low temperatures.

In 2008 Department for Education and Learning statistics indicated that there were 100,000 deemed to be economically inactive because of sickness or disability.

In 1% of cases inactive from is used

Failure to do this will immediately render your email address inactive from the database system.

Failure to provide your username and password will render your account inactive from our database.

He has been inactive from the group since 2008 after announcing that he wishes to pursue his acting career.

In 1% of cases inactive like is used

There's no reason to be inactive like this.

I'd also happy to see so many followers I've gathered through all these years although I've sometimes been very inactive like this summer when I was in Malta and Spain.

In 1% of cases inactive against is used

Chloramphenicol is inactive against A.

It is inactive against Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Zusevics is inactive against the Jets for this Thanksgiving night showdown, and Salas is likely an option for the practice squad should he pass through the waiver wire.

In 1% of cases inactive out is used

If we simply become inactive out of frustration, then it will be failure.

In 1% of cases inactive over is used

Being physically inactive over a long period is linked to high blood pressure, a leading cause of strokes.

In 1% of cases inactive according is used

One third of adults across the world and four in five teenagers are physically inactive according to the study, which was based on self-reported data.

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