Prepositions after "important"

"important for" or "important to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases important for is used

Important for buying decisions.

Important for a smaller sized clip.

That is not important for the moment.

To be able to climb securely is highly important for the often called ' bearcat '.

While foreign aid is an important form of easy money bribe, it is but one of many.

Most important for the Church was the liturgical work that marked these centuries.

It's extremely important for the community to get involved because we want this plan to belong to the community.

Data are also important for the reputation of the sector; it is important that society knows what foundations do.

It is important for the team leader to step back and help the team take responsibility for milestone achievement.

Mr Combet claims it is important for the government to have confidential negotiations with foreign car companies.

In 35% of cases important to is used


It? s important to? pace yourself.

It's just not that important to me.

It is very doubtful, but yet ironically, very important to the Christians of today.

Though rich with possessions, nothing is as important to the Skeens as their Bible.

It's important to ask specific, concrete questions on matters of fact and receive direct and unambiguous answers.

It's vitally important to the growth of your business that you educate yourself on advertising methods available.

This is why > this is so important to the discussion whether or not the brain > processes are computational.

What I am is an everyday normal poor American, but My Freedom is just as important to Me as it is to Joe Q Banker.

In 18% of cases important in is used


Assemblies are also important in.

Important in keeping the public safe.

The fried so important in the time of writing prescriptions for hundreds of dishes.

This is important in the ideas market, in which perceptions count for a great deal.

The need for vigilance is all the more important in the light of these revelations.

Proper key word placement is additionally going to be really important in relation to ranking your internet site.

Definition of words is VERY IMPORTANT in science or we get the miscommunication problems we are having right now.

One thing to say is that international mobility is really important in terms of developing researchers ' careers.

New Australian research is providing important information about environmental factors and the development of MS.

In 4% of cases important of is used

This is the most important of the six.

This is the most important of all Mudras.

Iran is the most important of the 1st round.

Fring: This is app is one of the most important of the 5 apps for your Nokia phone.

Because of this, these would be the MOST IMPORTANT of all foods to buy organically.

The Russian Federation is the largest and most important of the USSRs 15 republics.

What should the RM250 billion be used for? Human capital is very important if not the most important of a nation.

Both of these books, but especially Minds at War, have many more pages about the most important of the war poets.

It is probable that Celtic will yet be found to have been one of the most important of the Indo-European tongues.

Of course, we do share some similar beliefs, re birth and karma being the most important of the shared doctrines.

In 1% of cases important about is used

What is important about this? Easy.

What's so important about that date.

What is important about this site is: 1.

Two things are very important about this level of the organization of reactions.

AK What is important about these works is not that they are made out of pigment.

It is usually a sign to tell you what the poet thinks is important about the poem.

What is important about the Reggie Bush Jersey big day will be the pair along with the folks they really like.

Mustafa Aziz of HSBC Global Markets in Dubai said: I think what's important about this deal is three elements.

But before we go on, we would like that you go ahead and tell us what you like and think is important about it.

You just found out something very important about them, and something that's very difficult to learn otherwise.

In 1% of cases important as is used

The important as calories faster.

The exam is equally important as the C.

The city is important as the heart of Europe.

So joining up across channels is as important as providing them in the first place.

This is important as the North Face jacket could possibly be put on time and again.

This is a very important as the Cam and follower will jam if not properly designed.

Tactically this is very important as it is often the platoon which takes the first shot that wins the engagement.

For somebody like Thierry, that was very important as the Champions League was missing from his list of trophies.

Important as that is, it's not uncommon to get passed without the call, or as you mentioned, by an e-bike/hybrid.

Indeed, this role looks set to become more important as the student movement seeks to refocus its energy in 2011.

In 1% of cases important at is used

What is important at the moment.

They aren't important at this time.

If not, then its not important at all.

She was able to learn that what was truly important at the end was their happiness.

I think his reputation is far more important at this point in his career than money.

The details of possible special currencies are not important at the moment, however.

This is particularly important at a time when the medium-term growth outlook for two of the G-3 economies, the E.

This will be important at a later date if the third party denies that the accident occurred or if he is uninsured.

I'd sure people will tell me to take care of my body, but making that play was a little more important at the time.

In 1% of cases important from is used

Running Linux is most important from adoption.

This step was important from CJ, because Govt.

This is especially important from the economic.

Creating Connections These findings are important from an engagement perspective.

These interspersed repeats are very important from an evolutionary point of view.

Avery was Saying Something Very Important from his desk at the front of the room.

This was considered quite important from the early days and it is synonymous with the tenets of good Feng shui.

Yet, she still felt he was hiding something important from her, something different from her initial suspicion.

At least it is important from the point of view of equity holders; the long-term impact is far less easy to peg.

But actually, the same cows could be important from different perspectives at the same time to a different degree.

In 1% of cases important on is used

It's very important on the toes.

Words are important on any journey.

Very important on an 18-year mission.

Knowing this, it becomes on the more important on our part to preserve our language.

Furthermore, search is just as important on your mobile website as your desktop site.

Again, this is particularly important on sites that allow contributory publishing, e.

Rodriguez Otero This article is one of the most important on the history of medicine Drchidambaran Enteric Fever.

IMPORTANT On July 6, 2012, BLS corrected data series for book stores and news dealers and for electronics stores.

His strengths are the players really enjoy playing for him, which is important on a team as young as the Marlins.

But it is very important on your part to always check the prices of the flooring that they offer and compare them.

In 1% of cases important with is used

That's especially important with ebooks.

Everything is important with bullet points.

It is most important with whom we associate.

Spending less is very important with all the shaky ecosystem that we are living in.

But I feel like it's important with what I do for people to see who you really are.

This is especially important with cat fur as it will felt very easily if compressed.

Therefore proper pretreatment is even more important with a EDI device, in order to prevent fouling or scaling.

It is really important with this to understand what is going on, otherwise you risk getting seriously confused.

Then care of the environment becomes important with all kinds of limitations, fees, regulations, fines and laws.

Full fidelity between on-premise and cloud apps: this is especially important with software as a service (SaaS).

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