Prepositions after "imply"

"imply by" or "imply in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 43% of cases imply by is used
    A lot lower than implied by the GDP data.
    There are slight differences implied by some of these terms.
    This is also implies by the reference to the blood of the Lamb in both sections (5:6, 9; 12:11).
    As implied by the name, preventive controls are intended to prevent unintended consequences occurring, i.
    Well, granted, he may be a babe in the AGW debate woods, so that he does not know what is implied by his sloganeering.
    Each sex has the ability to contribute to successive generations, as implied by the term khalifa in the Quran (vicegerent).
    And the particles being aware of their presence make the God aware of its presence -- which is implied by the definition of God.
    Such contract may be varied by consent of all the partners, and such consent may be express or may be implied by a course of dealing.
    A data item with the specified selector exists in the bag, but has a data type that conflicts with the data type implied by the call being used.
    All conditions, warranties and representations implied by law in relation to our provision of Services are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

    In 34% of cases imply in is used
    It was certainly implied in his two articles.
    Three persons are clearly implied in this verse.
    I don't see where coercion is implied in this article either.
    This is implied in the manner of their destruction coming upon them, being represented by their foot sliding.
    For example, I never said or implied in any of my writings that Rajneesh died from nitrous oxide and Valium use.
    They were overreacting -- there was neither a threat nor any disrespect of Bal Thackeray implied in the message.
    There is a certain eroticism implied in the way the featured couple blend or confuse the passions of violence and sex.
    I'd not sure but there might be even more to be added to that difference due to the entropy implied in thermodynamics.
    The isolation that is implied in the affirmation of the self is a bar to any kind of amiable relationship among persons.
    However, certain rights and duties are implied in a tenancy unless there are contrary provisions in the tenancy agreement.

    In 5% of cases imply for is used
    He is not wrong to say this is a depression, but he has not a clue what that implies for economic policy.
    Feedback In response to my statement What does this imply for writing an auto-solver? That if we wanted to do an exhaustive search for solutions, it would take much longer than we can afford to wait.

    In 2% of cases imply to is used
    I didn't mean to imply to those reading that your position had been that Savile was not a Catholic, and to leave that interpretation open was a failure of mine.

    In 2% of cases imply from is used
    The acceptance of an abandonment may be either express or implied from the conduct of the insurer.
    As implied from its name the program is specifically meant to delete all sorts of threat associated with this very infection.
    The large side stones remain parallel and 8 feet apart all their length, implying from their unusual width the use of wooden lintels.

    In 1% of cases imply x is used
    However, I'd entirely fine with someone saying the lack of nuclear power implies x warming, *if* it's backed up.

    In 1% of cases imply vis is used
    What does this imply vis a vis the tiger? More habitat loss.

    In 1% of cases imply regarding is used
    This is explicitly stated in Gen 1:22 regarding the sea creatures and birds and implied regarding the beasts of the earth in the language of ' after their kind ' in Gen 1:24-25.

    In 1% of cases imply on is used
    There is something very politically useful in Labor's health reform plan for the government, namely the anti-political attack it implies on the state governments.

    In 1% of cases imply of is used
    Loose time waiting for oral cues to see if your personal msg is getting implies of.

    In 1% of cases imply as is used
    And it does imply as a consequence a willingness to share.

    In 1% of cases imply along is used
    First I must discuss exactly what phony implies along with exactly why it isn't a very important thing.

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