Prepositions after "imperative"

"imperative for" or "imperative to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases imperative for is used

It is imperative for your health.

Thus, it is imperative for you to.

This is imperative for our progress.

From the very beginning of the match, Manchester City was imperative for the win.

It is therefore imperative for our leaders to invest in the education of the youth.

It is imperative for a living room to be attractive, spacious and also comfortable.

In fact it's imperative for the next generation who frankly will be the first one not to outlive their parents.

It will be imperative for the exchanges to invest, and invest well, in revolutionising their IT infrastructure.

Therefore, it is imperative for the Government to ensure there is enough and reliable electricity for everyone.

If she wishes to bury me there then for the sake of my friendship it is imperative for you not to agree with it.

In 16% of cases imperative to is used

It's imperative to building muscle.

But it is imperative to your success.

While buying a house it is imperative to.

Everything you mentioned absolutely is imperative to the state of the final movie.

Therefore, it is imperative to practice prudence when searching for a home to buy.

The ' cold and disappointing ' part is imperative to the continuation of the tale.

Serengeti Balloon Safari How it Works Anyone can go on a balloon safari but it is imperative to book in advance.

For a child with a physical disability, improvement of these developmental traits is imperative to their growth.

Maintaining fresh yet recognizable visual communications was imperative to TELUS ' ongoing success in the market.

They may not be new to the team, but addressing the problem when it is new is imperative to effective leadership.

In 9% of cases imperative in is used

Inclusiveness is imperative in this process.

This is even more imperative in a democratic setting.

This is something that is imperative in playoff territory.

This kind of modelling is imperative in the sense that it tells the agents what to do.

David; I'd in agreement with the 5 points you outlined as imperative in this 5 yeat period.

MEDICATION The use of chelation therapy is imperative in all symptomatic arsenic poisoning.

Use of HSHPC is imperative in high-rise buildings because of the high magnitude of loads carried by the columns.

Obviously these little facts such as whether or not the wet floor sign was visible are imperative in such claims.

Vijitha Nanayakkara A constructive dialogue on nationally important policies is imperative in any liberal democracy.

In 2% of cases imperative on is used

This made it imperative on the GOI to return this land to them.

The situation makes it imperative on the companies to hire workers at very high cost, he said.

He said that it is imperative on the Kenyans to ensure that recommended reforms see the light of day.

His energy and agility on the field makes him an important player that has proven to be imperative on the field.

I find that a substantial cooked breakfast is imperative on a day like this, when the next meal break is an abstract concept.

Similarly following shariah law is imperative on Muslims because it proves that you accept Islam and it's teachings as the true.

In the US on the other hand it is imperative on the part of a Pharmacist to bag a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree before he enters into a full fledged practice.

It is imperative on the person willing to take the friendship to another level to ensure that his or her feelings do not cause cracks in the wall of their bond.

It therefore becomes more imperative on the pastor, not to neglect, carefully and frequently to admonish the faithful how grievous and detestable is this crime.

In 1% of cases imperative as is used

For me, journaling is imperative as an author.

So digitisation on a mass scale is absolutely imperative as a first step.

Thirdly, it is imperative as well as logical to establish your expertise in the cover letter.

That is imperative as a moral matter as well as from the standpoint of assembling the best football side possible.

But, finding Hong Kong medical insurance is imperative as the cost of medical care in this part of the world is extremely high.

Therefore, if you wish to have children free of allergies, it is imperative as a mother to be to get your gut health in order before birthing them.

Adherence to this directive is imperative as the health and safety of our employees may be negatively impacted if we fail to enforce this directive.

Taimur Islam, however, said acquiring private property was not imperative as the Antiquities Act grants the government guardianship rights and permits it to take action for preservation.

In 1% of cases imperative at is used

The demands in Syriza's programme are imperative at this juncture.

Now it is imperative at a national level to take this to another level in terms of National success.

Please note that good English will not guarantee success though it is imperative at times in your chosen field.

What is imperative at this age is good grades and excelling at which ever course he or she has chosen to pursue.

It's imperative at this point of time to present the service or product keeping in mind the following aspects: 1.

This was imperative at that low temperature--he knew that much; and he turned aside to the bank, which he climbed.

This was imperative at that low temperature? for he knew that much; and he turned aside to the bank, which he climbed.

Thondaman said it was imperative at this stage to bring in the LTTE for talks, the President responded by saying the Tamils did not want talks with the LTTE.

Symptoms A person who is experiencing hypoglycemia will exhibit some of the following signs: Treatment It is imperative at the first sign of hypoglycemia you give sugar immediately.

In 1% of cases imperative upon is used

According to Islam, it is imperative upon Muslims to regard all the above categories of humans, as well as animals as rightful shareholders in their assets.

It is therefore imperative upon the Ahle Hadith that they never read less than 11 rakaats taraweeh, they always make salaam after evey 4 rakaats and they always read 3 rakaats witr with one salaam.

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