Prepositions after "impart"

"impart to", "impart in" or "impart by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 55% of cases impart to is used
    This predictability is, in turn, imparted to the non-oil economy.
    Their superiority has consisted in imparting to others their characteristics;.
    Davids imparts to those who bother to visit this often overlooked corner of Wales.
    It is a spiritual thing by which the spirit of Christ Himself is imparted to the individual.
    And now let's consider what Olivier Blanchard's Macroeconomics textbook imparts to his students.
    Therefore, etymologically jurisprudence is that science which imparts to us knowledge about ' law '.
    Don't discuss your friend behind their back and don't spread rumors about the confidences they've imparted to you.
    While most of my friends are those older than I am, I do not fail to move with people I can impart to or impact on too.
    The reason is to attenuate the energies in a collision so that sever kinetic energies imparted to the brain become less injurious.
    I'd not going to share to you the specific details of the reflections, resolutions and affections that were imparted to me in my 3-day silent retreat.

    In 13% of cases impart by is used
    The contribution imparted by this sector is a little bit worth to be maintained.
    The skills imparted by Bres, however, serve the same function of completing the functions needed in settled society.
    In this particular campaign, they appear to have run out of steam at the crucial moment, not surprising considering the additional strain imparted by their failed League Cup run.

    In 12% of cases impart in is used
    Clinical legal education is imparted in two ways: live-client model and simulated.
    No wonder, there are reports of students admitted to Form I while they can't read nor write! We need to impart in our youth the desire to acquire knowledge for its own sake: exams should come second.

    In 3% of cases impart at is used
    In short, Europe has a lot of knowledge to impart at a time when Asia is keen to learn.
    The following seems to imply that the soul is imparted at the moment of conception, but it really is difficult to follow.

    In 3% of cases impart into is used
    I must say that most of the times I simply switch off and can not absorb what the teacher are trying to impart into me.
    I have become a master in life by reason of the knowledge you have imparted into me through different ministry materials and teachings.

    In 3% of cases impart upon is used
    I can recall the many evenings i would sit her office &; listen to her smooth voice as we would share revelations that the Lord would impart upon us.

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