Prepositions after "impair"

impair by, for, in, because or throughout?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 47% of cases impair by is used
    Sorry to hear that your judgement has been so seriously impaired by your sourness.
    This means you must be certified as severely sight impaired by a consultant ophthalmologist.
    My vision appears to be impaired by whatever the rigid boundaries of the blackness limits it into.
    As a result, that accused was found guilty of having the care or control of a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol.
    Aluminium has unique recycling qualities: the quality of aluminium is not impaired by recycling -- it can be repeatedly recycled.
    impairment versus intoxication It should be noted that individuals can be impaired by alcohol without manifesting any visible signs.

    In 9% of cases impair for is used
    He was not just temporarily impaired for one or two lectures, as I had hoped.

    In 9% of cases impair in is used
    The issue of usability has been founded on the context that there are a lot of people who are disabled or impaired in some way.
    Severe depression In addition to the symptoms of moderate depression, the person's judgement is impaired in a severe depression - i.

    In 7% of cases impair because is used
    Navigation menus, Text zoom, Hi-Contrast View, Quick Search, Random Imagery) will be impaired because of this.

    In 2% of cases impair during is used
    The judiciary's authority and independence was significantly impaired during the Abacha era by the military regime's arrogation of judicial power and prohibition of court review of its action.

    In 2% of cases impair from is used
    Unlike portable breath tests for alcohol, there's no easily available way to determine whether someone is impaired from recent pot use.

    In 2% of cases impair off is used
    No matter how many wrecks they get into you try to get old people who are impaired off the road.

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