Prepositions after "imbue"

imbue with, in, by or onto?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 88% of cases imbue with is used
    They've been too imbued with the new values.
    imbued with a smoky after-hours atmosphere, ' This Was The Pace.
    A strategic story is memorable, adaptable and imbued with meaning.
    The attributes, abilities and powers he has been imbued with bespeak of his high status.
    But Oates was imbued with the British tradition of self-sacrifice and the stiff upper lip.
    Compared to which the skyline of San Francisco (or even Seattle) seems imbued with culture.
    Until he got very old, at which point he tried to force Allard to take him to the monstastery, so he, too, could be imbued with immortality.
    It's a must-order at Wang Xing Ji, because they truly make them near-perfect: meltingly tender, mild charring, imbued with old wine, soy sauce and syrup.
    He may be still a professor of religion and do this; but he will show that he is imbued with none of the spirit of religion, and is a stranger to its real nature.
    Some are still imbued with the belief that churches work for good and that all else is suspect - they are horrified at the possibility that churches might be criticised.

    In 4% of cases imbue by is used
    Cold intellect almost does not exist: most of our so-called logic thinking is imbued by our feelings, therefore so does our intuition.

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