Prepositions after "identifiable"

identifiable by, as, with, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases identifiable by is used

It is uniquely identifiable by humans.

Distinct features identifiable by shape, size etc.

The men are easily identifiable by their beards and.

Here's one of the golf driving ranges in Japan, identifiable by their huge nets.

So we are sure that he will not make a movie that will not be identifiable by all.

The MVDA stipulates that dealers must operate out of separate premises, clearly identifiable by a visible sign.

Jack, identifiable by personality and red hair, was advancing from the forest A hunter crouched on either side.

The commercial ships, identifiable by the cranes visible on their decks, were much slower and easier to capture.

In 15% of cases identifiable as is used

Sergius identifiable as the monastery of Ss.

A written mark must always be identifiable as such.

If you don't strip all of them, you are identifiable as the source.

This is easily identifiable as the wall sockets are RJ45 (ethernet) connections.

In this case, the individual customer would not be identifiable as the offender.

We've found a cohesion that's not as easily identifiable as the things that made it.

There was no clear evidence on the extent to which Council properties were already visually identifiable as such.

Over this decade, grime is exclusively identifiable as a British genre that fundamentally grew out of East London.

Even if you shed your red suspenders and adopted protective coloration, you were easily identifiable as a trainee.

The underlying premise is that terrorists are readily identifiable as a breed apart (perhaps by the mark of Cain).

In 14% of cases identifiable with is used

I want it to be easily identifiable with a strong branding.

He is really identifiable with the Egyptian martyr known as St.

Kitchen Bar stools are now identifiable with very good taste and style.

The voice existing in a literary work is not always identifiable with the actual.

Aside from his features, he is probably more identifiable with any smart white kit.

A number of crowd members are identifiable with both their faces and school uniforms shown.

My own surname, in its English guise of Bonner, is even more closely identifiable with Donegal than Gallagher.

Vietnamese and Asian faces will more identifiable with the locals, granting them a sense of trust in the products.

There is no evidence that they believed that a ruling angel was ontologically equal to God and identifiable with God.

As such a person loses his sense of I-ness and becomes selfless, he will be identifiable with every type of goodness.

In 11% of cases identifiable in is used

People should be identifiable in their dresses.

They will be easily identifIable in the welcome email.

Grammatical units are identifiable in functional terms.

And if there isn't a leader immediately identifiable in your community, perhaps its YOU.

Undoubtedly, similar dynamics are identifiable in Brixton, Notting Hill, Holloway, and elsewhere.

The kids are all perfectly identifiable in a sea of kids and no need for ridiculous caution vests.

Personally, if a person's face is identifiable in the photo, I try to make sure they see I've photographed them.

Staff were easily identifiable in bright yellow shirts, and the three people I spoke to were pleasant and helpful.

Similar to the camouflage pattern, animal print may come in a number of colors but still be identifiable in the pattern.

See those three sandy-looking patches? They are in the side-view as well as readily identifiable in the GIF overhead view.

In 9% of cases identifiable to is used

Make it something identifiable to you.

They have to be identifiable to the reader.

On-the-spot services could be the new trait that is identifiable to a Takaful operator.

Identification: Few ghosts are readily identifiable to a real individual, past or present.

There are also standardised patterns of hair loss that are easily identifiable to the trained eye.

Some of your activities in connection with the Services will be identifiable to others by your Username.

In this respect, (invisible) audiences in the offline world are to a large degree identifiable to people.

A link to these terms and conditions should be easily identifiable to the user when accessing the home page.

Daly has got talent, but she needs to harness it to a story that's more readily identifiable to an audience.

Pepper foam sends out UV dye, which helps you get back at your attacker by making him identifiable to law enforcers.

In 6% of cases identifiable from is used

No one individual will be identifiable from the responses.

This is usually quite identifiable from a cursory inspection.

The purpose (Maqasid) of Shari'ah are identifiable from the texts.

A change in a rule of law will be identifiable from statute or from judicial decisions.

There are always characteristic points in any circuit which are easily identifiable from the data.

Most LRT stations was cramped with Bersih and antiLynas supporter identifiable from their t-shirts.

However, no single individual will be identifiable from the anonymised details that we collect for these purposes.

Their tents -- pointed top and filled with crates instead of just kegs -- are easily identifiable from those of the brewers.

No individual user will be identifiable from such information, which is used to ensure the Site reflects the needs of users.

How can lions be uniquely identified? Each lion is identifiable from the whisker spots, which are found on each side of the face in rows.

In 3% of cases identifiable on is used

Many a work contains a path identifiable on the ground to this day.

Only laughter and sighs of relief were easily identifiable on the tapes of the deaf volunteers, this week's New Scientist reports.

Plymouth, as a naval town and easily identifiable on the coastline, received a terribly concentrated series of attacks and Liverpool had a nasty week.

To access a WebLogic remotely from a remote machine we require that weblogic's listen-address is set to an IP Address or a particular Host name which is identifiable on your n/w.

In 2% of cases identifiable at is used

I also agree it fails to meet the specifications requested, identifiable at 1x1cm.

A fringe group which was clearly identifiable at last weekend's riots was Hizb ut-Tahrir.

In the stream floor the crush zone can be observed at several points, and the surface is identifiable at close hand by its deep weathering and undulating topography.

IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience is not part of this core group, but a journal firmly embedded in the set of life-science journals identifiable at the top-left corner of Figure 1.

Moebius Syndrome Moebius Syndrome is identifiable at birth by a mask-like expression most apparent during crying or laughing due to paralysis (palsy) of the sixth and seventh cranial nerves.

In 2% of cases identifiable for is used

This is a very heartfelt story, all true and so identifiable for so many.

Senior nurses act as ' patient ambassadors ', easily identifiable for any immediate enquiries from patients and their families.

His men pulled their cowls down as well, revealing messy brown or blonde hair with the occasional blue headband his men were identifiable for.

The building's green roof and steeple make it one of Hamburg's most distinctive landmarks, and mean it is immediately identifiable for miles around.

Preconceptions and prejudgments At times, preconceptions and prejudgments can be somewhat difficult to sort out from expectations, but they're easily identifiable for their specious rationale.

Let's start with the Hollywood star who's so identifiable for her spectacular commitment to personal fitness, she actually was a Bond girl -- it's the Academy award-winning superstar Halle Berry.

In 2% of cases identifiable through is used

We will not collect personally identifiable through this website unless you voluntarily provide it.

Each city/town has been divided into enumeration blocks consisting of 200-250 households identifiable through sketch map.

London 2012 festival events will be identifiable through branding, a pink ribbon, that she says will give them the imprimatur of quality.

Some soldiers were in civil but were easily identifiable through the gun on their shoulders, even as they were walking or riding their bicycles.

Its natural history is reasonably well-known and it has a clear preclinical phase which is identifiable through the use of the tumour marker PSA.

In addition to being identifiable through different job duties, it is often easy to distinguish between members of a restaurant staff by uniforms.

Photointermediates States of removes the proton water that participate photocycle, identifiable through a proton dissociates the objective of it will have the protein and upon protonation of.

In 1% of cases identifiable without is used

This book covers the species most likely to be seen and identifiable without the use of a microscope.

In 1% of cases identifiable across is used

Some of those goods are indeed human rights; they are identifiable across time and space as being always applicable, regardless of the society in which one lives.

In 1% of cases identifiable within is used

If you really have to stick with JavaScript or any other link types, be sure you discover how to insert text that is identifiable within your link.

In 1% of cases identifiable such is used

How do I safeguard and protect my password? Do not choose a password that is easily identifiable such as your personal telephone number, birthday or other personal information etc.

Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable such as your name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available.

How do I safeguard and protect my Online Banking password? Avoid passwords that are easily identifiable such as your personal telephone number, birthday or other personal information etc.

In 1% of cases identifiable like is used

But, while recessions can be typologised in general terms -- identifiable like the shape of a hurricane from space -- they each play out differently on the ground.

Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available.

Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, address, e-mail address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available.

In 1% of cases identifiable including is used

Despite the drivers ' cartoony appearance they're all easily identifiable including their stereotypical accents and voices.

In 1% of cases identifiable due is used

Diamonds are also regionally identifiable due to the make-up of the soil and the pipe that it was formed in.

Over the years, one of his tusks has got damaged, and he is now easily identifiable due to his partly broken right tusk.

The houses, which are easily identifiable due to their bright fluorescent appearance cost between 80,000 to 100,000 PHP (approximately $2,000 USD) and will last the families for a number of years.

In 1% of cases identifiable because is used

He is easily identifiable because of his unique fashion sense.

They said that the boy's body was not identifiable because of what they say that the accident was tragic and he was hit beyond recognition.

This is a one floor tower with a single room, with large windows, wide-open in three directions (north, south and east) and easily identifiable because of its vermilion color.

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