Prepositions after "ideal"

ideal for, in, as, at or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 87% of cases ideal for is used

MPC would be ideal for the Army.

Our location is ideal for Oxford.

Really, ideal for a Sunday night.

Locally designed pieces are cool and ideal for the no-fuss woman with exquisite style.

There is a romantic soft atmosphere that makes it ideal for the most special occasion.

This is very user-friendly cloud storage, ideal for the small business user on the go.

At the time the processor was one of the fastest on the market, making it ideal for the Amigas efficient multimedia.

That's the ideal for the wellness programs, too: To help me develop a long-lasting, sincere desire to get healthier.

Centrally located within the Bayswater area, the ' Craven Gardens ' is ideal for visiting or business clients alike.

These coaches are ideal for the demands of public sector applications, and set the benchmark for an entire industry.

In 4% of cases ideal in is used

Kalabagh is ideal in every way.

The location was ideal in my opinion.

This is ideal in portrait photography.

A striker, a world class midfielder and potentially a winger would be ideal in my book.

Two things ground this ideal in the US like ropes holding down a primed hot-air balloon.

The conditions are ideal in both water height and temperature for this June run of fish.

The western model of providing social ' nets ' has failed, it looked ideal in theory but then again so did communism.

This includes an 8K camera sensor chip which can capture at 120 frames/second (considered ideal in reducing flicker).

It is ideal in banking, hospital, government and other industries where convenient online image capture is essential.

The weather conditions are ideal in the winter months to spend the entire day out exploring the city and sight seeing.

In 2% of cases ideal as is used

Ideal as a PLAYER of the DAY award.

Process can make ideal as the saying goes.

It is therefore ideal as a center of IP control.

It has at it's heart the same ' all are brothers ' ideal as the other ' Godly ' faiths.

He said it would be ideal as a holiday complex for deprived children and their families.

This is not ideal as a judge that has been appointed by a king will be loyal to the king.

Most guidelines also specify that ordinary tap water is ideal as opposed to bottled water and carbonated fizzy drinks.

However, they're still quite a ways off from the ideal as to date their Facebook page has only a little over 5,000 likes.

After a few miles he was almost able to go in a straight line, which wasn't ideal as the road at that point was very twisty.

Providing both insulation and weatherproofing in a lightweight package, this jacket is ideal as a mid-layer, or worn on its own.

In 1% of cases ideal at is used

At the moment, the Note 2 is ideal at 5.

Injury Attorneys are Ideal at Discussions.

He is ideal at #7 Because he is a slogger.

Active government was never the ideal at any time during any dynasty after Qin Shi Huang.

And there is no reason to being a pragmatist if there is no ideal at the end of the road.

This evening I will set forth policies to advance that ideal at home and around the world.

He would be ideal at 6 or 7 and could play a similar role to what Andrew Sydmonds once played (until he lost his marbles).

People are suffering already, gears are ground and cramp is being endured, which is not ideal at this mid stage of the day.

It is easy to say that gases become less ideal at low temperatures, but what counts as a low temperature varies from gas to gas.

Tarangire National Park The Tarangire park, with its own special character, is ideal at the beginning or at the end of a Serengeti safari.

In 1% of cases ideal from is used

That's ideal from my point of view.

IMO that isn't ideal from a user PoV.

These arrangements aren? t ideal from the U.

Trust me when I tell you it's less than ideal from the male perspective at times as well.

Farmed filter feeders like mussels are ideal from an environmental and health perspective.

The mounting holes are a definite improvement but not ideal from a placement point of view.

So, although the situation was not ideal from the point of view of women's participation, women were in the picture.

It is not ideal from a crew resource management perspective to be juggling two roles, which draw heavily on your consciousness.

Margaret Coffey: What this means for David's care may not be ideal from the point of view of hospital management interested in freeing up a bed.

These lamps mostly come in pairs, ideal from bed side tables or drawing/dining rooms and there is a diverse selection of fine imported table lamps.

In 1% of cases ideal of is used

Why are you in favour of it? The Ideal of it.

Reclaiming a Conversation: The Ideal of the Educated Woman.

To me, it's not the most ideal of situations, but certainly better than none.

Towards the end of The Ideal of Human Unity Aurobindo describes what this might look like.

While chilling in this most ideal of setting I got to meet Touring Pro Tjaart van der Walt.

Of the Ideal of the Summum Bonum as a Determining Ground of the Ultimate End of Pure Reason.

The political ideal of Islam consists in the creation of a people born of a free fusion of all races and nationalities.

So that ideal of exporting the revolution doesn't serve the interests of the Iranian regime, so they don't talk about it.

They're ideal of you wish to while away you time lazing in the sunshine, lying on the deck while drinking a chilled drink.

In 1% of cases ideal on is used

Not ideal on a gradient of 15-20%.

Not ideal on that front by any means.


The ideal on the Republican Occasion won control of the House of Distributors, the Ough.

What looks ideal on the screen will not necessarily look ideal in a print and vice versa.

This is ideal on a lazy Sunday or a holiday, when you have all the time in the world to laze around.

He would be the ideal on whom I would base the friend who would give shelter to a fellow wanted by the law for murder.

Ok it's not ideal on a larger scale but I think everyone relying on the SLC has weighed this up before deciding to go.

If not, I have a back up pool of 5-7 candidates that maybe didn't come off as ideal on paper, but might on the interview.

We may imagine several of their ideas are haphazard and counterproductive, but we imagine these are completely ideal on this issue.

In 1% of cases ideal to is used

He represents an ideal to them.

Also the location is ideal to Victoria.

I use a wok which is ideal to the purpose.

The weekend before or after the Nationals like Australia would be ideal to my thinking.

This is where it is ideal to book profits for investors who had bought during the downtrend.

Cottages and small guest houses are more ideal to the welcome to Jamaica vacation real world.

It also implies that the individual and their acts are saturated with the ideal towards which the project is directed.

Leave a comment Leslie Corrice on September 13 2012 said: None of the possible nuclear waste options are ideal to you.

It does not diminish the great value and importance of attempting to realize that ideal to the fullest extent possible.

For this was how they would have wished to be, each setting up an ideal to which they were now adapting their past life.

In 1% of cases ideal with is used

Ideal with any red marinated BBQ meats.

It's ideal with grilled fish or seafood with fresh lemon.

We will fight for this ideal with or without your support.

A mini mpv like a Renault scenic would be ideal with its three individual rear seats.

He furthered this ideal with his long term as Chairman of the New Zealand Youth Choir.

Like a lot of economics, it's simply an ideal with which to base economic decisions upon.

This outstanding, classic Martinborough Pinot Noir is ideal with game food will continue to improve through to 2020.

Height plus navicular composition grant ideas regarding the type of earrings which is able to show up ideal with you.

By animate which accoutrement are a lot of ideal with your ugg boots Christmas you will be able for this winter season.

However, for rental purposes it was ideal with a beautiful outlook on a navigable river -- just a kilometer by boat into a lake.

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