Prepositions after "hurtful"

hurtful to, for, in, about or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases hurtful to is used

And hurtful to our entire community.

Hurry peculiarly hurtful to the sick.

Firstly it is very hurtful to the man.

Why would they?? YOU are responsible for changing a situation that is hurtful to YOU.

He is somehow justifying being hurtful to others in order to make himself feel better.

Furthermore, it silences speculations and suspicions that can be hurtful to your spouse.

They may well have done something mean or hurtful to you, but how you respond to that is your business, not theirs.

The primate story, I freely acknowledge, was (unintentionally, of course) hurtful to Jinie, a friend and colleague.

You did not ask/need my permission to write your original blogs, which were very hurtful to me on a personal level.

David says: 11:40am 30/05/10 Anna C, your comments are hurtful to Muslims who were born in Australia as Australians.

In 10% of cases hurtful for is used

This can be hurtful for your health.

It must be terribly hurtful for her.

It's definitely going to be hurtful for boxing.

Please think of somebody reading this who has a mental health illness, it is very hurtful for them.

It is tremendously hurtful for them when their voices are not listened to or they are told to shut up.

If it's hurtful for me to voice my feelings, it is also hurtful for those who support men marrying men to voice theirs.

The only consolation is that the body was handed over to me as his mother and it was deeply hurtful for me to bury my son.

I know that it must be so difficult - but ultimately, losing your child would be far more difficult and hurtful for everyone.

If one follows this advice then the interaction can be positive, but if not it can be painful for all and hurtful for the project.

In 6% of cases hurtful in is used

This was hurtful in the beginning.

That's what's so hurtful in all of this.

While this is awesome at the time, it's hurtful in the long run.

Just leave it -- -- I'll do it myself! This is hurtful in two ways.

We can be nasty, condescending, and hurtful in this electronic society.

The power is without difficulty adjusted and it is not hurtful in the least.

After you've read some of them, share with your friend what you found interesting or hurtful in them.

I have never heard the words retard or retarded used in any way other than to be hurtful in all of my 53 years.

We all have different tastes, and this list doesn't seem hurtful in any significant manner any more than it is helpful.

It will be rude plus hurtful in the event you bailed out found on the date at the beginning or appropriate inside the center.

In 2% of cases hurtful about is used

But I don't need to be hurtful about it.

I never understood what was supposedly so hurtful about Klark.

Raise your hand if you've ever said something hurtful about another woman.

Be prepared for her to say something nasty and hurtful about you if she takes it badly but I hope it goes well.

It means that Val feels strangely, hurtful about all the cruel things she's blurted out straight at Cam like bullets.

And much of it is coming from people who share much of the same values as I do, and that's what is so hurtful about it.

In 1% of cases hurtful as is used

It's hurtful as well as outrageous.

I had a major health scare that prevented me having any more children, so the comments are hurtful as well as being ill-informed.

In 1% of cases hurtful at is used

Well, some black folks don't find anything insulting and hurtful at all about the advert.

I find it quite hurtful at times reading stuff about us so I don't tend to go on music websites any more.

We should use them wisely, and with sensibility, and consider content that might be hurtful at the wrong time to be totally unacceptable.

On sending out proposals I've have had rather the same response as you've found -- a generally serious, if hurtful at times, consideration of work as a product.

In 1% of cases hurtful because is used

He/she may make comments which you find upsetting or hurtful because of the nature of the discussion.

Honestly, our parents can sometimes seem like our worst enemies, and the conflict is that much more hurtful because of how deep the love goes on both sides.

It was doubly hurtful because of the betrayal of trust - not only someone who professed to love me, but at the time my boyfriend was the only one I'd told about the CSA I suffered when I was younger.

In 1% of cases hurtful by is used

I am being constantly critized and treated hurtful by her.

You can do something hurtful by accident just once and say ' sorry '.

In 1% of cases hurtful of is used

As for variance components Several of the more outspoken Make primeval observations Hurtful of the finer feelings Even of the statistician.

Report abuse Towngate Aug 15, 2011, 04:11 PM EDT Very hurtful of you to bring her up as I miss her so much and am heartbroken since she left me.

Everybody hurts sometimes, but lately Pey Pey's little bro has been one of the most hurtful fantasy commodities, and arguably the most hurtful of the season.

In 1% of cases hurtful on is used

Less pain, less hurtful on our part.

And a hot glue can be pretty hurtful on your little fingers.

In alike stance for too long is always hurtful on your own overall wellness.

That is hurtful on so many levels when you are in a place where you just need a little pick me up like a card, present, or food to know that others do care.

In 1% of cases hurtful towards is used

I hate it when parents are hurtful towards their children.

I am so scared as my partner is extremely controlling and hurtful towards me.

Someone who is so hurtful towards you does not deserve any more of your energy.

I really need to let things go and become the person who realizes that what someone says that is hurtful towards me is usually not about me at all.

In 1% of cases hurtful with is used

Eventually, we just wound up being very hurtful with our words towards each other and our agendas were to protect ourselves in order to maintain a sense of control.

Everyone can have their freedom of speech, and sure any word can be hurtful with creativity, but this word is on the short list of things you just can't say in the public eye.

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