Prepositions after "hungry"

hungry for, in, at, after or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases hungry for is used

I'd hungry for a little action.

Was hungry for a lot of the day.

I'd fit and hungry for the game.

International interest Several nations are hungry for a chance to shoot for the Moon.

England is definitely hungry for a victory and have finally got on the winning sheet.

It keeps me hungry for the dog days and greatful for the cool crisp relief of Winter.

He was the hungriest for success and stardom in the band, not only in pop music but also in film and television.

It is mere luck that I happen to bump into Bailey; I held another busty beauty that looks so hungry for a man meat.

You see them at movie theaters, hungry for the next sci fi flick -- which always happens to be in English of course.

Coming so close only makes them hungrier for the 2013 world championships to be held on this year's Olympic course.

In 9% of cases hungry in is used

We never went hungry in Bagasbas.

It's hard to go hungry in Portland.

I'd never very hungry in the mornings.

Why can't you be hungry in the desert? Because of the sand which is (sandwiches) there.

While millions of people go hungry in India, thousands of kilos of grain rot in storage.

The food there is good - you should try it out if you find yourself hungry in Newmarket.

I just looked at my mother &; thought Allah sent her there for me, I would not be hungry in rest of the school time.

Having no money and being hungry in the USA is the best form of weight loss and we didn't have to join any fancy gym.

There is no hound so hungry in the whole of Hertfordshire He'd have lapped up those leavings, so unlovely they smelt.

The spectre of going hungry in the street was enough to goad me into accepting the first paying job that I could find.

In 5% of cases hungry at is used

I wasn't hungry at all on this diet.

We were hungry at this point and left.

Now if I get hungry at 11, I eat at 11.

You will never go hungry at this resort, there is food everywhere at all times of day.

She often seems hungry at morning and avo tea so o give banana or avocado or ripe peAr.

Thomas was hungry at this point so we decided our next stop should be the delicatessen.

They may not be the best dim sum in town, but a good choice if you are suddenly hungry at late odd hours of the day.

Hungry at lunch? Eggs on toast is a good filler-upper and if I go easy on the butter it's about 300 calories all up.

Related Articles Arriving hungry at this elegant restaurant, we went straight for the beef and pork shabu-shabu set.

Recommend The rich are talking to immigration lawyers while the poor are contemplating ways to feed the hungry at home.

In 4% of cases hungry after is used

I'd not at all hungry after all.

I was still a little hungry after.

He was still hungry after that fight.

Hope this helps Daljit Dec 14, 2011 Rating Please help me, hungry after night shift.

Bottle/snack -- your little one will probably be hungry after your time in the pool.

Hungry after mating for a few days without eating, she was focused on finding a meal.

I was on the subway platform, tired and hungry after a long day? s work, when I saw him out the corner of my eye.

We were tired and hungry after our first 15 km day and it was getting dark, so the warm fire was a welcoming site.

If you find that you are always hungry after dinner, it's likely because you are not eating enough during the day.

Afghanistan: Empowering The Next Generation In Kandahar Rising number of Haitians going hungry after hurricane -- U.

In 2% of cases hungry with is used

He has filled the hungry with good things.

You have made me very hungry with this thread.

Coming off 2 great seasons, he will be hungry with much to improve.

He has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich away empty (Luke 1:53).

No person should have to go cold, hot or hungry with all of the advances that science has brought.

In making this all happen on the machine constants are available, in addition to energy saving power hungry with 99.

Doug Rauch, former president of Trader Joe 's, works on his project for getting ' excess ' food to the hungry with Prof.

He will reveal his glory, the glory of the Lord as he comes bringing peace among men and fills the hungry with good things.

Hungry Niche Market The first step is finding a niche market that is hungry with people who are searching for something to purchase.

In 2% of cases hungry on is used

We felt hungry on the back 9 holes.

No-one goes hungry on the mountain.

My 4 month old is hungry on breast only.

If you are not taking the medicine then you will no doubt feel very hungry on this diet.

Avoid hungry on your way above possible nibble with the help of varied a living avenues.

Ina was also very hungry on the highway so I could see how rakus she was with the pizzas.

Wear what you like, and feast when you're hungry on delicious Jamaican home-cooked meals prepared by your personal cook.

We were told that before Jesus introduced the teaching of the Eucharist, he fed the poor and hungry on several occasions.

Some people in the diet trial did complain of feeling hungry on milk days, but so did those on the calorie-controlled diet.

World-wide 18 billion dollars is spent on armaments every week, and this would be enough to feed all the hungry on earth for a year.

In 2% of cases hungry by is used

With cereal, I'd sometimes be hungry by 10:00am.

Really hungry by dinner time so ate extra steamed veges (FYI, at $4.

I wasn't able to eat during the sessions, so I got really hungry by the end.

I wasn't even hungry by lunch time but still enjoyed another fantastic three course meal.

By 2080, climate change could increase the numbers of people going hungry by 550 million.

I started to wean myself from sweets when hungry by having small snack packs of fruit handy.

All I can do was to observe her while fidgeting every now and then, thinking she is getting hungrier by the minute.

I was so hungry by the time all this was happening, and it was 3 hours since we boarded and no drink or food service.

Soon I found myself getting hungrier by the minute looking at the many full-color pictures of mouth-watering dishes.

I mean regardless, I'd always hungry by the time I eat again (every 3 hours) which I feel is natural because of the calorie deficit.

In 1% of cases hungry without is used

Try to avoid being hungry without a healthy solution.

To be poor is to be hungry without possible hope of food.

I can not allow myself to get hungry without some food around.

This means you can eat whenever you're hungry without tapping into your ProPoints budget.

Enough cliffhanger and foreshadowing to make the readers hungry without frustrating them.

Let them strike and stay at dormitory till they go hungry without pay and they will wake up.

Lesson learned, one must plan meals ahead of time so as not to get caught by temptation while hungry without a plan.

All this by the way in a country where people were more than willing to feed the hungry without being forced to and have been doing so.

This means that you end up feeling hungrier without really feeling satisfied by what you eat, causing you to eat more and, consequently, gain weight.

The Edo-born politician asserted that it was morally wrong for pastors to acquire private jets in a country where millions of faithfuls sleep hungry without roofs on their heads.

In 1% of cases hungry to is used

Children still go hungry to bed.

And even hungrier to bag myself a win.

Jimmy Carr's kids will never go hungry to school.

We are hungry to not just see ourselves, but see ourselves in a way that will make us proud.

Speak of Albert Zhao in the changed state Degree, in fact she is afraid hungry to his good friend.

Christian Louboutin Sale renched with cold dew, hungry to desperation, and my spirits were of lead.

Seven children were going hungry to bed, not because of social deprivation but because their mother could not be bothered to feed them.

They came across as really money hungry to me and the prices they charge for food and dinner are more expensive than in many US places.

He once caused His Son to be born of a virgin, and Jesus performed numerous miracles ranging from feeding the hungry to raising the dead.

McDonald's is hoping her eight million devotees, having emerged pure from their mountain pilgrimage will be hungry to carb-load on fries and burgers.

In 1% of cases hungry of is used

However Jamaica will be the hungrier of the two teams.

For the hungrier of you, there is a varied menu of more substanial meals.

The Democratic Party was the more vulnerable; it was the hungrier of the two parties.

Shun hungry of all over what it is easy to chewing at a lot of profit coming in venues.

What you are not hungry of is a patriotic zeal to put the nation on the path to recovery, and growth.

There is no time on our side, we the fans are hungry of success this season so pls do something before u are sacked.

It was the Lions who looked the hungrier of the two sides when the game kicked off, immediately dominating the early exchanges of the match.

It's flat out naive to think that big agro and affiliated corporations give a hoot about improving the life of farmers, or the hungry of the world.

Because of the prevailing patriarchal mindset, women are the poorest of the poor, hungriest of the hungry and most powerless among the powerless.

In 1% of cases hungry like is used

Hell, we were hungry like a hound.

He looks hungry like the wolf to me.

It's wrong to keep us hungry like this.

Di whole ah we grow poor, some days we hungry like dog, so me nuh understand this whole clarks talk.

Jesus answer about David seems a little off the point as his disciples are not hungry like David's men.

We had a great lunch, not just because we had a great view, we were also hungry like hell! Paint my horizon.

Hungry like the wolf? Duran Duran filmed its classic 1980s video for that very song in this venerable establishment.

As I told my bosses as I dragged myself to my desk, I wasn't so much Hungry Like the Wolf as I was tired like the dog.

I really think that the world would be better place with the removal of a few people, but I fear I will get power hungry like Light.

She has performed consistently from day one and delivered a stylish, Red Riding hood themed paso doble to Duran Duran's ' Hungry Like The Wolf '.

In 1% of cases hungry from is used

Everyone dug in, clearly hungry from the excursion.

The scholar arrives and states jang-geum must be hungry from working.

My sister's kids come home hungry from school every day and they ai nt big.

Then I shall not have to admit that I turned a guest away hungry from my door.

They CHOW down because they're hungry from having been outside for a few hours.

The people needed a lot of food because they were hungry from all this hard work.

Ramen For Dinner: WTF We were cold and hungry from the trip (we're wet for many hours).

I probably ate too much for my own good, but I was so hungry from waking up so early in the morning.

A second reason is the swelling ranks of the young and hungry from the mainland, competing for limited top-end work.

Tired and hungry from the hiking, we looked for a place to eat instead of immediately boarding the bus bound for Manila.

In 1% of cases hungry during is used

Hi i was forever hungry during my 1st trim.

It can be distracting if you are hungry during class.

Section C: Food! You will surely get hungry during the event.

If you're hungry during work, eat healthy snacks, like fruits, salads, and fruit juices.

The Ute bands were often hungry during the long winters of the Colorado high desert plateau.

Also if you feel hungry during the day and u do nt feel like eating, think of something else.

It also means your child is less likely to be too hungry during the morning and it can help with performance at school.

When I was on the dole and hungry during the early 1980s recession, I stole food -- from shops and from my parents ' house.

Choose the schedule that works best with your day and just be sure to not allow yourself to get really hungry during the day.

In 1% of cases hungry between is used

Are you hungry between meals? 4.

I get hungry between meals We all do.

It's stopping me feeling hungry between meals.

Should you be hungry between 01:00-05:00 one can make use of the 24-hour room service.

If you eat more often, you won't get as hungry between meals -- and you won't eat as much.

If you are hungry between meals, try eating a small portion of food that is high in protein.

If you eliminate wheat from your diet, you're no longer hungry between meals because you've stopped that cycle.

Allowing yourself to get a little hungry between meals will help you determine if you are eating for the right reasons.

If you are hungry between meals, you can have a low calorie snack such as a piece of fruit or soda crackers or pretzels.

If you get hungry between meals, not only can you ask for instant noodles, but the flight attendants bring snacks around.

In 1% of cases hungry before is used

Do not allow yourself to get too hungry before eating.

I figured if he was hungry before then, he would let me know.

These kids are so hungry before school is even out for the day.

Or you can take some health drink an hour before yoga so that you do not feel hungry before doing yoga.

The deal includes daily breakfast so Groupon holders don't get hungry before going out and painting Hanoi red.

Instead, you may need to adjust meal times if your child is consistently hungry before the time you set to eat.

For example if you do yoga in the evening, you must ensure that you are not feeling hungry before starting yoga.

I recovered immediately from my hangover after drinking the honeybush tea, and became very hungry before noon (laugh).

If you are that hungry before shopping, go and purchase the item you so desperately need, eat it, then do your grocery shopping.

But it's taught me I can lose extra pounds by waiting until I am really hungry before eating and that I should stop having snacks between meals.

In 1% of cases hungry because is used

I may go to bed hungry because I last ate at 6pm 6.

Kids are going hungry because of lack of resources.

I am, not having him go hungry because of you pride.

No one going hungry because of resource disparities.

People do not go hungry because of a global shortage of food.

Most likely the kids are hungry because they need more starches.

I don?? t feel hungry because of the perceived pressure on my stomach.

Scientists believe they are going hungry because of falling fish stocks.

Almost all people give up the diet when they are hungry because of dieting.

At mealtime I was not hungry because of the terrible misery I was suffering.

In 1% of cases hungry as is used

Hungry as a bear: If you are hungry as.

No one is going to be any more hungry as a result.

Dorothy grew hungrier and hungrier as the term went on.

It's certainly a creature, but it's just as greedy and power hungry as the next thing.

Cos he gave me a crappy little sorry, and said he was grouchy cos he was hungry as a excuse.

Do nt do there if you are hungry as the plates looks beautiful but is a little lacking in size.

You'd also be watching Gerry go hungry as the road transport lobby could no longer employ lobbyists to take him to lunch.

Messi needs his rest like anybody else and he will be hungrier as a result for Saturday's league game against Athletic.

If the food prices at the market were subject to manipulation and folks went hungry as a result, then there is a problem.

If i'd very tired and lazy to get up, I'll continue to sleep and the next morning when I wake up (I'll be hungry as a wolf).

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