Prepositions after "humble"

"humble in", "humble about" or "humble of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases humble in is used

He is humble in that ONE regard.

He is simple and humble in his ways.

A modest woman is humble in her spirit.

That is why you must seek for those who are open, honest and humble in their approach.

But when someone humble in heart grows, the more humble she becomes before God and men.

Infact I believe that the sister has been very humble in her post and also very honest.

And yet they will remain humble in their silence though their knowledge exceeds what I have given to man in the past.

These are fair samples of how scores among them feel, from men in leading positions, to the humblest in the church.

I do believe that more and more studing of the Bible should make us more-and-more humble in the sight of God and man.

In 16% of cases humble of is used

Jesus, meek and humble of Heart.

Jesus, meek and humble of heart.

Born in the humblest of places.

It will really need the humblest of heart to believe in an all powerful god who can save.

It would not only be more human, it would be more humble of us to be content to be complex.

The protection of Allh is one (and is equally) extended to the humblest of the believers.

He is a huge gadget fan but appreciates the most humble of our everyday gadgets have just enough precedence as those.

The humble of mind likes to be noticed by men, not by what he possesses - like the proud one - but for his humbleness.

The moral of the story is of course to make the world your debtor - even the humblest of folk may one day be of use.

After all, the radio is where this most humble of programs first came to life -- and it's still going strong right now.

In 14% of cases humble about is used

However, he s humble about the role.

However, he is humble about the role.

CH And I felt terrifically humble about it.

Excited but humble about her new found fame, she said: ' I think it's really great.

At those times my to be humble about regular cleanup would collect him it was never.

She makes it seem like she's effortlessly attractive and yet extremely humble about it.

And Malik Osman, 22, who came to Australia as a refugee from Somalia when he was a toddler, was very humble about it.

It's a shame that Piotroski felt a need to be so humble about heuristics, because that's what leads to real-world success.

No science has so much cause to be humble about its actual achievements as has social science, including social psychology.

While she is humble about her accomplishments and the acclaim they have brought her, the force of her intellect is apparent.

In 7% of cases humble to is used

That woman is so humble to a fault.

Dbanj need to be humble to the core.

Be humble to those from whom you learn.

The feature of science based work is that it needs to be humble to the findings of data.

Guess things like that keep us humble to the fact that weather simply can not be predicted.

She's pleading us to make her people restore the dignity they deserve by simply being humble to them.

O Lord, make me grateful to You, remember You, fearful of You, obedient to You and humble to You, supplicating, penitent.

He even went as far as washing Peters legs as a sign of how they are to serve humanity and be humble to all they come across.

I don't think that public funding would make them more responsive or humble to the people it would just increase their hubris.

The progeny that wishes to associate itself with the superiority of these ancestors can only do so by being humble to Allah (S.

In 5% of cases humble before is used

Secondly, we must be humble before God.

He is one who walks humble before His God.

All things bow to Him and are humble before His greatness.

They do not be humble before the one whom they learn from.

All things bow down to Him and are humble before His greatness.

Let us stand humble before the Mystery and the Power of the Lord.

Honouring our parents and being humble before them is honouring Allah (S.

Whoever realizes the Greatness of Allah will become very humble before Him.

We should always be humble before the market as the market is ALWAYS right.

He acknowledges his sins, is humble before his Lord, and weeps in fear of Him.

In 4% of cases humble for is used

We are learning to be humble for the first time in twenty years.

There were rumors of a national holiday but Bob is far too humble for that.

Well, of course, it is really humble for the country to provide such support.

Embrace being wrong and prepare to apologize and be humble for it as fast as you can.

You will learn to be humble for knowing that there are others who are stronger than you.

You'll never hear Barner campaign for himself; he's far too reserved and humble for that.

I have the feeling that the visions of the author of this post are very modest and too humble for the social media.

It is too choked with love to incite envy, too humble for admiration, and still too stratling to escape astonishment.

We came back to the office and we tried to be humble for a while -- but we got addicted to winning and want to win again.

Massive thanks goes out to our old friend Humble for this great recording he made of this dance held at the Moonshot Club.

In 4% of cases humble with is used

Be humble with them so they will like you more.

Even after school he was kind and humble with me.

She's very humble with it, Sarah, very very humble.

You are a bitter lonely little man if you can't be humble with your 2 point victory.

Today we ought to think about ourselves are we generous, kind and humble with others.

Now yes we must be humble with nuclear energy but it can again be consistent with environmentalism.

The message of the gospel goes forward no matter what you do as long as you are humble with your successes and your failures.

The Ghanaians are the friendliest people in West Africa: warm, proud yet humble with a contagious and calming sense of funniness.

I've had the pleasure of being in the company of Brandt and he is courteous and humble with no ' handlers ' controlling him or those around him.

You can't see that a person is humble without interacting more with them, learning more about them and seeing their humble actions or words in play.

In 2% of cases humble as is used

However, when my husband confronted him, he was quiet and humble as a mouse.

His whole life was not only humble as to outward condition, but also sorrowful.

In order to be humble as well as positive, there is the need for grace and for brokenness.

The difficulty with omniscience - even with regard to a particle as humble as the electron-has been recognized as an issue since the 1920s.

In 2% of cases humble at is used

You must be humble at all time and reply anger with calm.

And you know what? They are super humble at the same time.

He was loving then, he was very soft-spoken, very humble at that time.

Sure, it was pretty humble at the beginning -- a rubber chicken dinner -- but it grew.

They were such a great couple, both of them were full of fun and humble at the same time.

Nelson is a well chosen asset, and Mahesh, ever caring but shy and humble at the same time.

I felt truly humble at the reaction to my news that my shoulder injury has forced me to give up the profession I loved.

I feel very proud and humble at having my name now linked with such men, because of the choice that you, sir, and the members of your honourable committee have made.

Better results will be gained by remaining polite and humble at all times, never raising your voice, and smiling, asking the person to help you find a solution to the problem.

In 2% of cases humble by is used

I felt so humble by the whole thing.

If you have the talents and skills, be humble by acknowledging it.

It is better to be humble by repenting for sins than thinking oneself to be too holy moly without any sins.

Despite having a very successful debut, the group stay humble by saying that they are not that successful yet.

The mass reading on Sunday encouraged Christians to be humble by looking upon others as superior to themselves.

And you will see them brought forward to it (Hell) made humble by disgrace, (and) looking with stealthy glance.

Also, being humble by saying that he doesn?? t want to keep the result of the pooja, but want to give it to God.

Bcos without education he will automatically be a deputy minister, because he is not humble by the opportunity given him becos of education.

I saw the man made humble by melancholy whose humor still survived, who was a second father to me, who treated a child like a respected friend.

It's because we're not humble by nature -- because we need to have humility formally imposed on us -- that we need the scaffolding provided by all those things we mentioned at the start.

In 2% of cases humble despite is used

He has remained level headed and humble despite his numerous achievements.

Lastly, I admire Linus for being unassuming and humble despite his fame and stature.

Someone who remains humble despite being one of the best players Liverpool and the world has ever seen.

He remained humble despite receiving numerous awards and accolades and was passionate about helping those in need.

He was described by his teachers as an exemplary student, articulate and humble despite being the next in line to the throne.

She listened twice as much as she spoke, she was so humble despite her obvious specialness, and she was never the source of conflict.

He remains humble despite his huge business success and was in November, 1992, honoured by Ogun State University with an honorary doctorate.

Many humanitarian officials are, of course, very kind and humble despite few exceptions who misuse their power to marginalize refugees in the camps.

As intelligent, college-educated persons we all would probably argue that we are open-minded and we might even consider ourselves humble despite our educational status.

In 2% of cases humble like is used

They remain ever humble like Mzee Nelson Mandela.

Jesus was referring to them being humble like children.

Be humble like Tuface and Jimmy-Jat that is why I respect them.

How unfortunate! With age, they should be more humble like ponting, tendulkar.

If he would have been humble like many of the top athlete's he would have won many more fans.

It is said that Venerable S? riputta was humble like a beggar with shabby clothes entering a village with an earthenware pot.

As dynamic as society has become, we don't have to kowtow to the ills but to embrace the wisdom of the serpent whiles remaining humble like the lamb.

Khawaja Hasan Sani Nizami, Sajjadanashin of Hadrat Nizamuddin? s Dargah has said: ' A Sufi is liberal like the ocean, kind like the Sun and humble like a river.

In 2% of cases humble towards is used

You guys are on a high horse it's time to be humble towards others.

Don't do anything for selfish ambition or for a cheap desire to boast, but be humble towards one another.

With this idea firmly in mind a person is bound to become modest and humble towards the creatures of Allah (S.

My firstborn has helped smooth the bond between me and my in-laws and for us to become more humble towards each other.

It is not correct to be humble before a disbeliever or a transgressor It is not advisable to be respectful and humble towards non-believers.

As a part of this group of the greatest performers of Cuban music, he remained humble towards how he needs to interact with the lead players.

It is entirely reasonable and understandable that one would not want to be humble towards an arrogant person, one would in fact be inclined to reciprocate with arrogance.

If it is worldly, it has no significance for the hereafter and if it is truly spiritual, the ancestors could not have attained that superiority but for being humble towards Allah (S.

In privacy you were arrogant towards Me, but when you were among people you were humble towards them, showing them your good deeds, the opposite of what you gave to Me in your hearts.

In 1% of cases humble without is used

He does not make one honored or humble without cause.

But in the coordination, we have to learn to be humble without being passive.

You can't see that a person is humble without interacting more with them, learning more about them and seeing their humble actions or words in play.

In 1% of cases humble up is used

Tadol, men-presented pain killer towards humble up to important troubles.

Is Ho Lung implying that those who die in pain are bad people? Is he saying that craps gon na happen to Bolt if he doesn't ' humble up '.

Senior tourists are spending more on travel Because of their humble up bringing during the Mao era, most citizens over 60 are more penny-pinching.

In 1% of cases humble on is used

I try to remain humble on this topic.

I hope he will be humble on the field.

So Allah wants us to read in His name and to be humble on the earth.

Yes lots of academic issues, and yes not too humble on field after occassional success.

The FHM article is the essence of David Hirst, flash on the outside, humble on the inside.

NASA's reporting on this issue, I feel was responsible, too bad they are not as humble on other issues.

In 1% of cases humble among is used

O the best of the humble among people, especially to those who are older, to people of virtue and knowledge, and to people of eminence and goodness.

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