Prepositions after "huge"

"huge in" or "huge for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases huge in is used

Fears are so huge in our lives.

That is soooo huge in my opinion.

Alex screwed up huge in that game.

He is a ceremonial male elephant, huge in size and for some reason it was very agitated.

The difference between the two approaches is huge in terms of wealth building strategies.

All part of the criteria that is huge in both depth and breadth, in his divine authority.

And with Jeremy Lin in Houston, Ichiro will be huge in the Big Apple as he attracts the Asian audience to the Stadium.

If the face is open or closed just a couple of degrees this is huge in the distance therefore it is very inconsistent.

PSY was huge in South Korea before Gangnam style and hardly a rookie, having released his first album already in 2001.

There are several mobile film festivals blossoming and it looks like that it is going to be huge in the next few years.

In 28% of cases huge for is used

It would be huge for my career.

Replaying games is huge for me.

That must be huge for you guys.

Kirsten Moore-Towers and Dylan Moscovitch of Canada - This event is huge for this team.

I hadn't seen them in four years and I had to admit to myself that this was HUGE for me.

The episode, which is set to air in November 8, is going to be really huge for the show.

But to be the number one rider on a prototype team would be huge for him and that can only be realized on the Suzuki.

And arguably it's never pushed itself harder than it has over the past year, which has been undeniably huge for them.

God we need ur help in imo state, may God also help our Governor because this work is too Huge for only Him to handle.

In 7% of cases huge on is used

Japan culture was huge on my end.

That expectation was huge on them.

I think the bag looks huge on her.

He described that the pressure was huge on his side, adding that Shakib played superbly.

I own an internet marketing company and what we tell our clients is huge on skimability.

UGG boots have and continue to be huge on campus, and are worn with just about anything.

From mocha crunch and dulce de leche to double Dutch and brazo de mercedes, all rolls are big in size and huge on flavor.

He caught only three passes with the Giants, but he came up huge on special teams in last season's NFC championship game.

Here Comes The Weekend: With Eminem roped in for an appearance you'd be expecting something suitably huge on the hook front.

We're also pretty huge on yakking about brands on forums, particularly specific interest group based ones like Hardwarezone.

In 6% of cases huge with is used

It is huge with a ton of shoes.

It's HUGE with 12 foot ceilings.

Our cabin was huge with a porthole.

The room was huge with a separate lounge room as well as a large bedroom and bathroom.

With a system so huge with so many moving parts we do expect to bump on a few hurdles.

This game is HUGE with classic hack and slash action set in literally massive levels with.

Calvin Johnson was huge with 207 yards, but he and Matthew Stafford generated most of their numbers in garbage time.

The bathroom is huge with a rainshower and a bathtub, the bathroom amenities are super and I love the dressing table.

That last issue has been huge with the players, so if that's an accurate representation, this is significant progress.

They are almost of a height, but nothing alike in width; Thor is broad and huge with his armour, his cape, his muscle.

In 4% of cases huge at is used

But he's also grown to be huge at 6.

Miniscule and huge at the same time.

This amount was very huge at that time.

Granted I'd a size 12, but I still feel huge at times compared to the rest of my family.

While my desire to save is huge at this moment, paying debts is I think more important now.

The ribeye, fairly huge at 14oz, was sitting right in front of me, again asking to be eaten.

The crowds are huge at The Open, but also really knowledgeable so it's such a pleasure to play in front of such people.

I thought these paintings were HUGE at the time- they are under 24? - and working at that size was a whole new animal for me.

Graham Geraghty and Trevor Giles took over for the last quarter and with all the hype, the disappointment was huge at the finish.

She would still be huge at 11 stone at 5 foot tall and only just get away with carrying it at 9 stone depending on her body frame.

In 4% of cases huge to is used

This is huge to our franchises.

Pop was always so huge to me then.

I noticed something huge to my right.

The grounds were huge to me as a young boy when I had to help with the mowing and weeding.

The city was so huge to them and so full of opportunity that they called it the ' Big Apple.

And although my struggles may not seem huge to most people, they were were still hard for me.

Not just the language, but the cultural gulf--it seems huge to me, but obviously it can't be as great as I think it is.

That million dollar difference is huge to the Rays, Athletics, and others who look to shave a million here a million there.

Now these are only three points that on the surface don't seem huge to me, possibly because I have been raised hearing them.

In 3% of cases huge by is used

This place is huge by any standards.

This number is huge by a factor of more than ten.

We get bailed out HUGE by playing IU, PU, and Minny at home.

They got an early strat this year and undiscovered nests are going to be huge by August.

While nowhere near as immense as European cathedrals, it was huge by North American standards.

It means then know huge by the software at completely, but it is did by the employee in options.

Beside that is another cage with baby crocs and another cage with a croc named Pangil (which is very huge by the way).

Lilly I'd so excited about my garden this year! It's not huge by any means, but it is definitely larger than last years '.

The policy has not only been huge by historical standards and unprecedented in scope, but it has been highly controversial.

Body weight training is a good tool as far as conditioning is concerned, but you can't really get huge by only using your body weight.

In 3% of cases huge of is used

They don't play that huge of a roll.

It is not as small as a country but as huge of world.

With Nene, though, it really isn't that huge of a mismatch.

Now, as to whether spring insolation vs summer insolation makes that huge of a difference (i.

There are parte huge of the Amazon where I lived where aquifers are between 10 and 26 meteres.

Visited Vietnam before, heard US can't be trusted, killed huge of innocence people during war.

Obama! And really, the vote difference is only 60/40, so it isn't as huge of a gap as everybody would want you to think.

Her commands were mighty, none could resist them; After this fashion, huge of stature, she made eleven kinds of monsters.

Or fingerprinting will be done, but I guess it's not that huge of an issue since the police and everyone else just let it go.

Today Amazon boasts of having 70k staff with $48 billion of turnover every year and has earned a legendary huge of $21 billion.

In 2% of cases huge as is used

He became super huge as a result of it.

The time gaps could be huge as a result.

The cup is huge as the outlet only sold large sizes.

Yes there's a gap but not as deep and huge as the one on the right.

The queues at customs were huge as the traffic crawled through each stage.

That's why the loss of Robinson was huge as well as why Green is a priority.

It is not only seen huge as the countries are not white anglo saxson countries.

It's big, but not so huge as a fringe festival where shows can miss an audience because of the overwhelming scope.

From time to time he would put a hand under his singlet and scratch his sweating breasts, huge as a woman's with fat.

Even though it seems a matter of 8 runs, but a huge as a result, and we have no choice but to learn sooner than later.

In 2% of cases huge over is used

I think Yakupov for Subban is a huge over payment.

After a huge over the phone argument with my husband I hired a car and drove home.

Start slow, if you become huge over night that's great but it will raise red flags and it.

The negative externalities in terms of how many people they make feel unhappy must be huge over the course of a year.

Jamie Hull recently impressed MGP UK enough to earn himself a spot on the team! Jamie shreds parks &; goes HUGE over boxes.

Pies is a great site, and although make overs are required from time to time, a huge over haul is not required in this case.

The banks failure, to do anything to restrict lending during the huge over lending/gambling period before the crash, is unforgivable.

Will you be doing anything for Halloween? I know its not huge over there but maybe there is something that will fell a little bit like home.

I loved the decor with couches and lots of plants, almost like a jungle on one side and the Empire State Building looming huge over another side.

The hedonic reward of life improvement is huge over a lifetime, but seems tiny when hit by a multiplier that falls off (for example) exponentially with time.

In 2% of cases huge plus is used

The PDF is a huge plus as well.

Space battle would be a HUGE plus too.

And that's a huge plus point in its favour.

Gun rentals at local ranges (in places its allowed, some states suck) is a huge plus too.

For me, it is also a huge plus that Popplet has developed an iPad app since the website is flash.

A break small fortune is absolutely a pile about rice wrapped in newsprint going 2 size huge plus 5 sq.

Such sights are truly lost in Singapore, and a huge plus point for living in Malaysia (save for the condos, that is).

I love how the lighting allows us to see our skin clearly and it's really a huge plus point when you are choosing makeup.

The 10-nominations factor is a huge plus point and i can't help but think that inevitably certain films will be snubbed but.

With regards to African American voters, ' Obamacare ' was a huge plus -- and was highly motivational to African American voters.

In 1% of cases huge after is used

Tim Hutton was huge after Ordinary People, starred in Taps and then really faded.

My depth perception is a little off, so that huge gap I can see, might not be so huge after all.

In fact it was made for that purpose, Toyota/Scion has a huge after market for that sort of thing.

When I first watched it on the first day, ya, it had under 500 views, I had no idea it got so huge after that.

Take Oz hard rockers AC/DC for example - they got even more huge after Bon Scott's death by drunken misadventure in London in 1980.

The message would be received much like it was received by Major League Baseball when attendance and ratings were down huge after losing the second half of the 1994 season.

In 1% of cases huge because is used

This magazine is just huge because of the gta fanbase.

Android is huge because of Google's skills and talents but also in spite of them.

They became huge because they started following the University of Phoenix model for Kaplan University.

It was not only huge because of the amount of people and material involved, but also because of the duration.

This magazine is just huge because of the gta fanbase so there are going to be pirated copy's on the internet.

The Fame and Reputation of Video on Demand The video streaming technology has gone huge because of video on demand.

You only have to ask Geale and he will tell you that this fight will only be huge because of Mundine's ability to promote it.

Indianapolis where, obviously the straightaways are long, the aerodynamics are huge because of the flat corners and the high speeds.

Because what they have done is so unimportant and silly and has all of a sudden become so huge because of this disproportionate reaction.

Kaplan -- they didn't get huge because of their test prep business, which is a consumer business and (arguably) delivers educational value.

In 1% of cases huge from is used

They were also huge from the aspect of military.

Really we can earn huge From Forex market in 1 day?

Financially, the arrears impact will be huge from the bedroom tax they claim.

Unless something similar happens between now and then, you can expect something huge from us.

Experts are making huge from this with very small amount just on the basis of your knowledge.

Americans in front at the halfway mark - huge from Phelps! Gets them half a body and the Aussies in all sorts now.

If we borrow huge from overseas, then, there is a need to have the overseas currencies covert to local currencies ie.

Because of its wide range of applications this event will be huge from a development view, and also because of the oppurtunities it will create.

That discount -- and it may be huge from publisher to bookseller, 80% or higher to the big players -- takes a huge bite out of authors ' earnings.

JJ's track record speaks for itself and I think we can safely trust that he will deliver us a product that is huge from a financial perspective while tantalizing as a story to the modern viewer.

In 1% of cases huge into is used

And they are HUGE into basketball.

I'd huge into nature and conservation.

The Chinese are a people huge into face.

Nightlife Pattaya is a beach resort area huge into the nightlife.

My son loved it, he's huge into Old MacDonald Had A Farm right now, so it was perfect.

But it also plays huge into other aspects of the polling system and the strategy of the parties.

Hannahmetz92 My boyfriend is HUGE into this show and he is VERY excited for season 2 to say the least.

I'd not huge into experimenting with my hair, I've been every colour imaginable but not into going with trends.

You possibly can always include a good solid less warm to put delicacies operating in, however less warm is going to included in huge into your stay.

In 1% of cases huge like is used

It might be something huge like going to A.

Why? Because it didn't become huge like Starships.

My mother's side of the family are all huge like mountains.

Some of the countries I have been to their drains are huge like the ones we used to have.

I am looking for -over the ear cans that are not HUGE like princess leia buns on your head >.

And it's very huge like a palace! The church is undergoing even more renovations and extensions.

Also being huge like a lineman does not mean they have bad cardio looks are pretty deceiving when it comes to cardio.

And if you are HUGE like Britney Spears, you should have 10,000 people waiting in list -- that's the limit for friend requests.

Intercultural marriages are very hard anyways, and if you have something huge like this from the outset, then it will be even harder.

In many instances, your adversary will be forced to cast something huge like Mizzium Mortars or Terminus just to clear this one, lonely critter.

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