Prepositions after "hospitable"

hospitable to, for, in, by or towards?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases hospitable to is used

May you be hospitable to criticism.

This is hospitable to foreign students.

Therefore he was extra hospitable to us.

Sovereign areas already hospitable to informal empire largely avoided formal rule.

And yes, actually, Moon, Mars, and free space are all hospitable to human habitation.

Hospitable to strangers, merciful with the poor and needy who are brothers to the Lord.

This fact in itself should tell you that Beijing in a city that is very hospitable to an international community.

Academia, following the hot topics and following the grant money, is surely more more hospitable to the new breed.

I just hope that the Dawg fans take note and be as hospitable to the Mizzou clan when they visit Athens next year.

They are friendly and hospitable to visitors and are well known for their love of colorful dresses, dance and music.

In 8% of cases hospitable for is used

This will only make the lake hospitable for the migratory birds.

Such extreme fluctuations in temperature are not very hospitable for the budding organism.

From what I read the seeding at the early levels is merely done to make hospitable for life.

Along with horsetails and ferns, these made the planet more hospitable for the first animals.

Denver's infrastructure must first be hospitable for cyclists, bus and light rail users and walkers.

The warm sun combined with nice breezes makes the island hospitable for both inside and outside pests.

No, it's more the work of an other worldly creature trying to make the planet more hospitable for their own kind.

The government rhetorics harp on its having done enough to make the parliamentary floor hospitable for opposition.

I'd sure we both want the same things in terms of a world that is more hospitable for the people now being born into it.

What Dr Evans has determined for the first time is a laboratory test showing when the uterus is more hospitable for implantation.

In 5% of cases hospitable in is used

Bangladeshis are simple, friendly and hospitable in nature.

The landscapes are both stunning in Europe and Asia and people are also hospitable in both places.

If Mars and Venus can be made more hospitable in whole or in part than the Gobi or Antarctica, colonists will go there - provided its done before they arrive.

Batam women are friendly and hospitable In comparison to others Asian countries and some Western countries, the women in Batam Island are much friendlier and approachable.

There could not be a better way of suggesting the very reverse of that suggestion, than by the continual use in public buildings of what is large in design and hospitable in gesture.

In 2% of cases hospitable by is used

People Filipinos are very hospitable by nature.

People in the Philippines Filipinos are very hospitable by nature.

Which maybe she couldn't fully grasp, being from the south where people are of course hospitable by nature.

It is well know that Lebanese are hospitable by nature, the service at the Phoenicia perfectly embodies that reputation.

The Arabs of the Age of Ignorance (period before the advent of Islam) and especially the descendants of Adnan were generous and hospitable by nature.

Indians are very hospitable by nature, so do not be surprised by invitations to eat with the family or to come to their house, particularly when progress is made or some good thing has happened.

In 2% of cases hospitable towards is used

The holy man welcomed him with open arms and was very hospitable towards him.

Be helpful, friendly and hospitable towards her and it's guaranteed she will like you sooner rather than later.

The exhibitors that you see below were so hospitable towards me, taking their time to explain the history and artfulness of.

Second, she should be courteous and hospitable towards people her husband holds dear, such as his parents and certain ascetics and priests.

In 2% of cases hospitable with is used

Viner is just as hospitable with the reader was with his guests.

Are Taiwanese people friendly? Taiwanese people are exceptionally pleasant and hospitable with westerners.

Chiefs are always strapped for cash (they must be generous and hospitable with their many visitors) and are easily tempted.

Theseus is quite obviously only an English squire, fond of hunting, kindly to his tenants, hospitable with a certain flamboyant vanity.

In 1% of cases hospitable at is used

They will react violently if offended but are generous and hospitable at other times.

A country that is rich in culture, hospitable at heart, full of talent, peace-loving, liberal and humanitarian.

In 1% of cases hospitable of is used

There are many sites which work you to parcel out for such loans without whatsoever hospitable of hassle.

Furthermore, the effect these two features produce on the planet is profound, making Venus the hottest and least hospitable of any planet in the Solar System.

Planet in profile Venus, among the least hospitable of places in the solar system, has thick clouds of sulphuric acid, a very dense atmosphere and searing temperatures.

If he be wiser still, he will have told his employers and his relatives that the tour is in North Wales, whereas in fact it is in Jersey, perhaps the most hospitable of all European Islands.

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