Prepositions after "hopeless"

"hopeless at" or "hopeless in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases hopeless at is used

I'd just hopeless at it all now.

I'd just hopeless at it, that's all.

Our cat is hopeless at catching mice.

How does that fit into Natoya's ideas? I am great at scrabble but hopeless at chess.

As a society we are often hopeless at dealing with grief at the loss of a loved one.

I still am hopeless at eyeballing 130g of protein at the buffet table on the weekends.

Everyone is different, I know women that are hopeless at multi tasking and men that are great at it and vice versa.

If you are any good perhaps you can make him a bedset? I'd hopeless at sewing but how tough can a duvet actually be.

Things seemed pretty hopeless at that point, until I finally came to understand what a gift illness can actually be.

It doesn't mean you're hopeless at picking people -- we're all guilty of showing our very best side at the beginning.

In 16% of cases hopeless in is used

I am so hopeless in the kitchen.

I'd be HOPELESS in an apocalypse.

I have got hopeless in this situation.

The rigid methods taught in most sales courses, he told me, are hopeless in the field.

Nigeria's almost hopeless in so many aspects, the economic sector is deteriorating daily.

Hope, after all, is what keeps us trying and if that goes you become hopeless in your mind.

Scott Fitzgerald * * * * * * * * * Hopeless romantics are only hopeless in the those who don't believe in romance.

Hopeless in recognizing how badly 8 years of Republican rule screwed the US, and how long it's going to take to fix it.

In 10% of cases hopeless for is used

The taskbar is hopeless for quick lurch.

But it? s hopeless for talking to humans.

As it stands, it looks truly hopeless for now.

Before this it was just slightly better than hopeless for as long as I can remember.

If the Republcan Powers That Be can't understand your message, it's hopeless for them.

It is hopeless for national regulators to narrow their horizons to protect ' their own ' banks.

It is practically hopeless for you because you do not know what parts of making yourself ready to be hired are yours.

It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago - she outgrows his prophecies faster then he can make them.

You must stop worrying when things seem hopeless for that is the deceit you will be confronted with through the work of the deceiver.

Blessed with ludicrous levels of self-belief, never more so than when the chips are down, no situation is too hopeless for him to rescue.

In 8% of cases hopeless about is used

But I refuse to feel hopeless about it.

The parents were hopeless about their daughter.

At the best of times, I am hopeless about money.

Rising youth unemployment has left many teenagers feeling hopeless about the future.

At times you may feel hopeless about your future and your thoughts may turn to suicide.

The MSM in general are pretty hopeless about linking to their sources, blogs or otherwise.

For a moment I thought back, remembering how Fi had been so hopeless about packing when we first set out for Hell.

They are likely to suffer from mental illness, particularly severe depression, and to feel hopeless about the future.

I feel a sort of affinity for a lot of them because I feel so hopeless about myself, what a mess I've made of my life.

Without this resolution, the film leaves one feeling a bit hopeless about society's malcontents -- and about government.

In 8% of cases hopeless with is used

I really am hopeless with 3rd jobs.

I used to be hopeless with fee proposals.

But it really is simply hopeless with you.

I am sooo hopeless with computer programs: (talk to me as if I am a young school kid.

Ellfian Rahim is just hopeless with directions, thus keenly follows GPS tech in his spare time.

An art teacher? Ah sure he's hopeless with money, a bit dithery and into that whole Green thing.

Tell him that you are hopeless with home repairs and he has got to come over and take a look at your air conditioner.

When I'd feeling tired and hopeless with rescuing and rehoming, He asks these lovely people to send this email to me.

But there was no one to tie the knot with because like I had said, I was hopeless with relationships, I couldn't keep one.

He's just hopeless with money so if I were completely honest with him about it we'd never get any debts paid off or achieve anything.

In 4% of cases hopeless of is used

We are not helpless before that task or hopeless of its success.

To be absolutely hopeless of the reappearance of Hazrat Qaem (a.

This lets depression in and they become hopeless of a bright future.

They left the house while they were hopeless of pleasing the daughter of the Apostle.

When the dark corners open up, is only when you realize the hopeless of your enterprise.

A few do, but too many are hopeless, and the most hopeless of all IMHO is Bryce Lawrence.

This terrifying disorder can detract from the enjoyment of life and make you feel hopeless of ever finding a cure.

At least, if I have not already succeeded in making this plausible to the reader, I am hopeless of convincing him by anything I could add now.

The inhabitants of Dvaraka had concluded that Krsna had been put into great difficulties due to the fighting; therefore, they had become almost hopeless of His return.

In 3% of cases hopeless as is used

I was quite hopeless as the weeks turned.

But it makes it hopeless as a spectator event.

His teacher called him hopeless as a composer.

The situation was hopeless as the fire was increasing.

I do not like to say it, but it looks like he is hopeless as the country is.

Simon felt hopeless as the freaks drew nearer, certain they were both goners.

I sympathize totally with their dilemma for I myself am hopeless as a spontaneous accompanist.

The route to work can be interminable, the graft and grind of the day as hapless and hopeless as a march on Moscow.

The demonstrations you describe are hopeless as the distributor has failed miserably to set the equipment up properly.

The Cowboys come out of the Superdome late Saturday night as dejected and hopeless as the Patriots were a few weeks ago.

In 2% of cases hopeless after is used

There are enough reasons for us not be so hopeless after all.

I was starting to feel a bit hopeless after reading most of these other comments.

In such comments, I see that any discussion is totally hopeless after the first sentence.

When nothing that you do seems to bring you closer to your goals, you may feel hopeless after a while.

These should be ideal family cars, but are let down by unreliable mechanicals and hopeless after care.

You mean Ibrahim is hopeless after God assured him? That doesn't befit me let alone a prophet like Ibrahim, father of faith.

I laid out all of these details from Lehrer's article because each of these findings suggest that the brainstorming process might not be totally hopeless after all.

The UK Met Office's climate models lose fidelity after just a few days of simulated elapsed time, and produce results that are shown to be hopeless after a few days of reality.

In 2% of cases hopeless by is used

The actions was struck out as hopeless by Mr.

The situation is turning more hopeless by the hour.

No need to be hopeless by the question of giving up outer yummy foods.

She's given hope to the hopeless by helping these people start a new life.

Hopeless by Joshua Cairos shows the tension between good and evil in an imaginative, allegorical way.

Where arguments are hopeless by definition there can not be any issue of general commercial significance.

I guess lying has become a habit with the DPM as the situation in Permatang Pasir gets hopeless by the hour.

There also was a woman, over 60, who was declared hopeless by her doctors and was discharged from the hospital.

And for them to reach that conviction, we must show them their cause is hopeless by inflicting massive damage on any person or nation that threatens us in the name of Islamic totalitarianism.

Despite an economic miracle in the past few decades, scientists and experts in physics, chemistry and medicine have so far been deemed hopeless by the Chinese public to win Nobel Prizes in sciences.

In 2% of cases hopeless from is used

It had been hopeless from the very first.

Was indeed hopeless from the moment Knowles was appointed as a man with a mission.

Australia's bowlers had nothing to defend and their cause was hopeless from the start.

Gary is the only judge with ANY credibility left as he's said Ryland is hopeless from the start.

You don't have the old easy quarter final against FC Nobody from Switzerland or CSKA Hopeless from Bulgaria.

I think with bass you have the same problem as guitar, if the player doesn't know the tunes, it's hopeless from the start.

In 2% of cases hopeless on is used

Not restored by the sword, of course - they were hopeless on a battlefield.

Papers from home are hopeless on war news -- always wrong and the bulletin fails too.

He's very strong on history, peak oil, druidry, sci fi, etc, and hopeless on climate science.

She could have done without this trip on top of everything else, but dad was hopeless on his own.

I was so completely hopeless on the manual typewriter with some fingers got stuck in the gaps between the keys.

It turns out that millenials, while aces on the technology and social media front, can be hopeless on the phone.

Sabahan frankly are hopeless on their own, even if they are given their autonomous govt and given 100% of their oil money.

Could be just that - or, as I said, he is good on general ideas and high level policy but hopeless on detail and implementation.

Hopeless on the media, Prof Lindzen is the sort of pundit with a four figure IQ who can somehow never figure out that you are supposed to talk into the microphone.

In 2% of cases hopeless to is used

This life feels very hopeless to me, now.

The situation must have looked hopeless to her.

It has begun to feel hopeless to me though, but I can't give up yet.

The situation looked hopeless to her -- how could she possibly feed her family now.

In assisted suicide, a patient who is suffering is hopeless to the point of wanting to die.

What does a deficiency mean? How would it affect your health or mine? So many morbid conditions and actual diseases may result that it is almost hopeless to catalog them.

The aim of the 2nd Chance program is to give these marginalized children the ability to exercise their basic rights, and transform their future from being hopeless to one filled with promise.

In 2% of cases hopeless without is used

Humans are hopeless without hope.

Life is hopeless without him, Look to Christ.

It declares you convicted, censured, and hopeless without remedy.

I'd desperate to travel to South America but would be hopeless without a tour group.

It was hopeless without at least CPCs - a hundred girls could not have done it in time.

A great many others live lives so miserable and seemingly hopeless without actually going that far.


We are hopeless without them but with them, sometimes its like you just want to strap yourself to an anchor and dive into the Bermuda Triangle.

In 1% of cases hopeless against is used

SL should save Mendis to play against India as they are still hopeless against him.

Raina, who did well in the West Indies, is absolutely hopeless against the short-pitched ball.

This is done to keep the Muslims in a state of fear from them, so we feel inferior and hopeless against them.

Barrichello actually tried to get his hand on sponsors but that enterprise was hopeless against the Senna name.

Junaid and SN are hopeless against short pitched bowling, even on the highways that were lain out in Mirpur and Khulna.

Now we have have opening bats who are hopeless against even modest new ball attacks and these days most attacks are not modest.

He was a real threat against Sweden playing in a deeper attacking midfield position but then hopeless against France and rightly hauled off at half time.

In 1% of cases hopeless because is used

If teenagers persuade themselves they are hopeless because of their troubled backgrounds, you will probably have high teen suicide rates (as in Italy).

In 1% of cases hopeless like is used

He isn't hopeless like Cannavaro was in defence post-2006.

The ALP here in WA are hopeless like every other state government across Australia.

I feel sad as i can relate to feeling hopeless like theres no way out and i also of course feel sad for you and the pain you are obviously in.

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