Prepositions after "hopeful"

"hopeful of", "hopeful for" or "hopeful about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases hopeful of is used

That's what we're hopeful of doing.

Kajal is now hopeful of making further.

It makes us very hopeful of the future.

More than this, in fact: it made us happy and hopeful of some wonderful games in Rio.

Even if the rebels were not successful he was hopeful of the flag retaining its value.

I was hopeful of a solution to the bad emotions and feelings as things were pretty low.

Kleinveldt is hopeful of a reprieve, but admits he faces a nervous wait after failing to break through in Brisbane.

Lee was hopeful of being in Australia's T20 World Cup squad that's scheduled to take place in Sri Lanka next month.

He said the Power Division is hopeful of getting back the draft with the ministry's vetting within the next 10 days.

Second, and contrary to what I've read here and there, I'd very hopeful of the pace of obsolescence for older devices.

In 22% of cases hopeful about is used

I was very hopeful about this bill.

But she's hopeful about the future.

Parents were hopeful about the future.

INTERVIEWER: Are you hopeful? MILTON FRIEDMAN: Oh, yes, I'd very hopeful about it.

Baseer, the eternal optimist, is very hopeful about the future of Bangladeshi art.

One has to feel hopeful about fairly authoritarian regimes that do the right thing.

There is a lot to be hopeful about, but resilient women need greater support if we are to achieve true equality.

There? s always something to be hopeful about, and that what we want (the album to convey ),? Chaplin explained.

For example, if a girl can be hopeful about gaining an education, she can pursue her dreams and empower herself.

I have phoned again this morning to ask the doctor should visit, but am not very hopeful about what will happen.

In 19% of cases hopeful for is used

And I'd hopeful for the future.

I am hopeful for Upton, though.

It looks hopeful for the future.

It was so hopeful for all of us to be able to share in God's blessings among the poor.

And here I am you worthless bondmen in want but hopeful for getting grace and bounties.

After LBJ became president MAs were very hopeful for federal leadership and assistance.

Mr Nawrot said he is hopeful for Poland's future and said his country ' should be ready ' to join the euro in 2015.

Though I was hopeful for Perry to win out, I don't think his gaffs in the Republican debates will work in his favor.

Thank you for this resource which has made me feel creative, productive and hopeful for the first time in a long time.

Kate, Edith and Lanieta are hopeful for the potential the Gillard initiative offers to empowering women in the Pacific.

In 6% of cases hopeful in is used

McQuillan isn't the only young hopeful in the dojo.

Who was hopeful in defeat, and generous in success.

So we were hopeful in including the store in our hunt.

At Athens she was a young hopeful in the British team, talked of as a medal prospect.

Hopeful in few years, when you are so big, I can make money of it in eBay or something.

No doubt most have the brain capacity of a flea but I am hopeful in the human condition.

I was skepticle about their online plans, but if Namco says online fights are a go, then I'd hopeful in that regard.

Despite the let down against Minnesota, Bobcats ' fans finally have a reason to be hopeful in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

We were hopeful in February as it looked like it was going to rain, and fortunately we received 15 mm in one morning.

They weren't just hopeful in some way they were supposed to be, they were assured that the future was in fact, bright.

In 2% of cases hopeful at is used

Dems became hopeful at the end.

Hopeful at the moment for the next 3.

We had every right to be hopeful at that point.

A medal hopeful at the 2008 Olympics, Mark had some bad luck, which ended his games early.

Still, like many others I remained hopeful at the potential of a new sound in the dancehall.

I want to believe the new polls but I think that could be a wee bit too hopeful at the moment.

This is one way of looking at the innovation, though I suspect the UNP has no reason to be particularly hopeful at this stage.

People were also hopeful at that time that if you examined a genius? s brain you could work out what it was that made them a genius.

I remember her a hopeful at Harvard; I remember her pushing cards with me at midnight, in the Watson Lab; I remember her at her lovely parties.

The other new character is Luna Lovegood, played by Evanna Lynch, who'd never appeared on screen when she beat out every other hopeful at the auditions.

In 2% of cases hopeful on is used

I find it hopeful on a deep, deep level.

That is amazing and hopeful on so many levels.

So another week and another reason to be hopeful on the pitch.

The web has a way of pushing people to iterate toward openness, so we're hopeful on this front as well.

Presidential hopeful on the Republican ticket Mitt Romney argues that the reforms are good for Americans.

Inspite of all these injustice, discrimination, violence and backwardness, Muslims are hopeful on Indian system.

Everyone was excited and hopeful on the promise and change that Ms Cynthia Villar will bring once she is elected as a senator.

I am rather hopeful on the new generation of young directors who are making digital movies exploiting smart technology and low budget.

Am I missing something? Why do we need the President to submit a plan to congress to vote on? hopeful on October 1, 2012 at 9:30 AM Smarty.

The question is why weren't forces in place? Who didn't make that call and why not? hopeful on November 10, 2012 at 2:22 PM Think about it.

In 2% of cases hopeful with is used

But still hopeful with it? Totally, yeah yeah.

It is a hopeful with an edge over other gold diggers.

Scientists are very hopeful with regard to the application of this technology.

Be hopeful with them and let them know that although cancer is serious, many people get better.

So I need shots at different stages, I think the early shots should be hopeful with maybe a small fish in a big pond feel.

The XMEGA board turned out pretty well I think, I'd hopeful with upcoming multiarch support in the Arduino IDE to see better support for such boards.

Mindy Meyer -- the 22-year-old Republican hopeful with a hot pink campaign website -- took just three per cent of the vote in the race for New York State senator.

However, I am very hopeful with the rate the financial planners are evolving and soon, this profession will be one of the most respected in the Philippines as well.

Things might have looked more hopeful with the sort of casting they used in season one of the show: ordinary people with no great stake in their publicly expressed opinions.

The Romney team, Republican strategists and debate experts point out the debates also provide the presidential hopeful with an opportunity to hit Obama directly on his record.

In 1% of cases hopeful after is used

I was so hopeful after Episode 1.

Having said that, I feel hopeful after watching the last 2 debates.

I have never felt inspired or hopeful after listening to our president speak.

That's why I will feel even more hopeful after an Obama win in 2012 than I was in 2008.

We were hopeful after the stroke, as my grandfather regained consciousness, some mobility, and some speech.

But, I became hopeful after passing of Samson H Chowdhury, a legendary businessman and founder of Square Group.

The boxer is currently Ghana's medal hopeful after boxer Maxwell Amponsah had been disqualified on medical grounds.

He tells Jyoti Punwani why he is both depressed and hopeful after the meet: What impressions did you come away with? Depressing.

I was hopeful after the first half, but then Lechner let us down right on the verge of half time and then it all went downhill and we lost the game.

An indication of the first Sir Wolstan Dixie's personality is reflected by claims that he installed a man-trap in the grounds to ensnare a young hopeful after his daughter, Anne.

In 1% of cases hopeful during is used

I think, for the most part, the expression is used as a way to stay hopeful during a pregnancy.

Tell your if you are reciprocal or adamantane to widen hopeful during treatment, or if you are breast-feeding a baby.

Putin made the remark about the Republican hopeful during an interview on t he Kremlin-funded Russia Today TV channel.

If we go back even a little bit further into earlier July, it seemed like the market was at least temporarily hopeful during that time.

That nose was directed into the pot of boiling tea and its contents landed as if it had been shot by a gold medal hopeful during Olympic.

In 1% of cases hopeful from is used

Doctor not too hopeful from last cycle that eggs would reach blastocyst.

The fact that he was speaking to the paramedics in route and stuff made me hopeful from the beginning.

In a late night development yesterday, the AL high command at a discussion opted for pulling Shamim Osman, another mayoral hopeful from AL, out of the race.

In 1% of cases hopeful to is used

He was hopeful to the very end.

That seems rather concrete and hopeful to me.

But it does look more hopeful to me than it did a few days ago.

Q:And you remain hopeful? A:Very hopeful to the extent that somehow, we will find a way round it.

However, a shadow government of Mormon elders were hopeful to one day resurrect the Deseret idea.

But not for long -- Yuri Blinov converted a two-on-one at 6:34, and the mood shifted from hopeful to ugly.

Buried under my blanket and old insecurities, I waivered from hopeful to hopeless and finally settling on being more self-aware.

The nondiabetic additives for dangerous patients, effetcts > 3 hypocrits -- 15 years, are hopeful to those traced for adults.

What is different this time though and point hopeful to its success is the fact that security forces teams will be in for the long haul.

Over the past month I've applied to over 17 jobs, have been hopeful to about 9, and until now not one of them have been interested in me as a candidate.

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