Prepositions after "heighten"

"heighten by" or "heighten in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases heighten by is used
    Herzl's nationalistic appeal to the Jewish people was heightened by its Messianic overtones.
    Their efforts and concerns, heightened by the wide-ranging structural changes sketched in Parts II.
    The need for a new kind of engineer has been heightened by the new international nature of most businesses.
    Concerns will be heightened by the criticism, made by the Green Paper ' s co-author, of a backlog of applicants.
    This impression is heightened by the shards of whalebone and meat you can see glistening here and there around the crater.
    Such uncertainty is heightened by connections between trends in water security and those in other areas, not least climate change.
    It was this danger, that was heightened by the political monopoly of the Bolshevik Party, which led the 10th Party Congress in early 1921 to temporarily ban factions within the Party itself.

    In 20% of cases heighten in is used
    Sectarian divisions were heightened in the process of selecting the interim Iraqi Governing Council.
    Cold War tensions were again heightened in the final where the West Germans face the Soviets who had qualified for their third final in four tournaments.
    Feelings of guilt and regret are often heightened in situations where a person dies who one has not spoken to in a long time or where fights were going on.
    The tensions and subsequent violence heightened in the 1950s during the period of decolonization when most states were propounding concepts of democratization such as majority rule.

    In 7% of cases heighten for is used
    Swaddling Can give parents a technique to calm their baby and thus time to calm themselves, this is heightened for parents who make the choice to formula feed and not bedshare/babywear etc.

    In 3% of cases heighten within is used
    Tensions have also heightened within the Coalition after suggestions from Health Minister James Reilly that a decision on abortion may not be made until the new year.

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