Prepositions after "heap"

"heap on" or "heap upon"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 65% of cases heap on is used
    Of course we had to heap on the gluttony with desert, something peanut butter based.
    And he had nothing but praise to heap on his employer under the leadership of then CEO Eric Schmidt.
    And so on to the world-wide abuse that a relatively few priests heaped on vulnerable young boys and perhaps girls.
    Ojukwu's widow, Ambassador Bianca thanked all Nigerians for the honour they had continued to heap on her late husband.
    Naadu's concern might have been due to the deteriorating health status of her husband as well as the daily insults heaped on him.
    And then we lighted some toilet paper (it burns damn well!) and in no time we go the wood shavings burning and then we heap on the dried branches.
    I guarantee that no matter how good a FA is, he or she has probably had harassment and/or insults heaped on him/her at some point in any given flight.
    Nothing is going to be fixed by shrugging our shoulders and saying that all of the debt problems we've got now, we're going to heap on the shoulders of the next generation.
    From comments I have heard and articles I have read since I have been in the UK, I have been very surprised at the amount of interest and judgement heaped on women about their dress.

    In 23% of cases heap upon is used
    None of the praises you heap upon the PM or Sonia is true.
    What happens is that too much pressure is heaped upon our defense and thats why we concede goals.
    The government's plan means that the up-coming losses in Spain's banks are going to be heaped upon ordinary Spaniards, NOT their wealthier ruling class.
    Sometimes some old people if they are themselves rich enough opt for the old age home after being fed up with the perpetual neglect and insult heaped upon them by their children.

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