Prepositions after "haunt"

haunt by, to, for, on or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 85% of cases haunt by is used
    Throughout, he is haunted by a.
    I think part of me is still haunted by that idea.
    I was haunted by the tragedies I had experienced.
    haunted by tales of butterfly ballots and hanging chads, Congress appropriated an unprecedented $2.
    When the British left India in 1947, India continued to be haunted by memories of the Bengal Famine.
    Am I being haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe?!? How cool would that be? *** In the interest of not getting sued for.
    Most of the players who died had been close friends of Bobby's and he was for ever haunted by feelings of guilt and loss.
    With the passage of time she finds out she is pregnant and delivers, but is haunted by the ghost of her deceased parents.
    Instead she finds herself alone and haunted by some unseen presence that appears to attack her every time she enters the house.

    In 4% of cases haunt to is used
    The harmony of the spheres is coming back to haunt to catastrophists.

    In 3% of cases haunt for is used
    A matching major hat is included and every thing on the costume is offered an aged and tattered appear, as if this gentleman has been haunting for some time.
    I did go to 798, the art district, and Temple of Heaven (??) though, and decided after going to these two places that I wanted to pass on the other tourist haunts for this trip.

    In 1% of cases haunt as is used
    Michan's is well-known for being haunted as well as the home of the Mummies of St.

    In 1% of cases haunt in is used
    A tune from another place, another lifetime, can turn and haunt in the heart.

    In 1% of cases haunt with is used
    Falcon (What's in a name) will be haunted with the memory that his parents will be charged with a felony crime because he ' gave it away '.

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