Prepositions after "hateful"

"hateful to", "hateful towards" or "hateful of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases hateful to is used

There is nothing more hateful to them.

The memory of the thing is hateful to me.

Just try not to be hateful to anyone else.

They're innocents, you see, and it's just wrong how Democrats are so hateful to them.

Abbott's actions were hateful towards people who wanted to obtain a medical abortion.

Thirmidhi The man who is most hateful to God is the one who quarrels and disputes most.

Naqui seems to blindly hateful to Mr Thakray for reasons which are beyond logic but based only on personal opinion.

The guilty corrupted race had become a generation of vipers; not only poisonous, hateful to God, hating one another.

Whatever men put in the place of the priesthood, atonement, and intercession of Christ, will be found hateful to God.

That's why Americans have never lost nor will ever lose a war; for the very idea of losing is hateful to an American.

In 15% of cases hateful of is used

I can be hateful of conservatism or communism.

This means don't be envious or hateful of others.

Some days I am tired and hateful of general things.

Is the entire USA this stupid and hateful of authority? Or is it the narrow minded Blaze readers.

It not that my home was bad, malicious, or knowingly hateful of gay people -- quite the opposite.

This country is under assault from the treasonous chubby nerd -- hateful of all that is Canada and decent.

White Liberals come across as either hateful of anyone with a different opinion than them- just angry all the time.

It's a little sad to see her as such a cynical woman, but it's also very hateful of her to spread unnecessary rumors.

Its better for them to stay with United Andhra, as andhraites are not that hateful of muslims and they are more secular.

To be hateful of others; to allow one's pride to cause such ungodliness as racial prejudice or other forms of injustice.

In 12% of cases hateful towards is used

Women can be very hateful towards each other.

They are too cantakerous and hateful towards Jamaicans.

Don't understand really why so hateful towards the whole idea.

McCain is just hateful towards Obama for his humiliating defeat by Obama in 2008.

They got people all riled up and hateful towards asylum seekers based on pure BS.

And this has made them intolerant and hateful towards anything or anyone different.

You may be feeling hateful towards yourself now, but think of all the things you'll miss out on if kill yourself.

Well, I was told that pro-life speech was inherently hateful towards women, and they wouldn't publish hate speech.

He did not say anything hateful, he did not promote others to hate or do anything hateful towards the gay community.

In 8% of cases hateful in is used

Go ahead, be hateful in response.

Hateful in manner and disrespectful in tone.

I found it almost hateful in it's negativity.

There is nothing more hateful in an opponent than his being right.

I don't see why it's necessary to be so hateful in your remark towards Melanie.

It is most hateful in the sight of Allaah that you say that which you do not practice.

B? It's not hateful just because you disagree, but I have seen and read lots of hateful in these posts.

The best way for people to be educated about this is to raise awareness and to show how jokes and comments are hateful in nature.

Editors note: The pictures we took were of people on public property -- and there was certainly nothjng hateful in our intentions.

In 4% of cases hateful about is used

Whats hateful about that? fool.

I'd not sure what is so hateful about those things.

I'd not sure what is even remotely hateful about them though.

First of all, I have not written anything remotely hateful about anyone.

I can be hateful about other beliefs, such as conservatism or communism.

Don't be mean or hateful about it, just do to her what she is doing to you.

Getting angry when religious leaders say something stupid and hateful about atheists is the wrong strategy.

So why can't I be hateful about religion too? It's a question that supporters of the law Incitement To Racial Hatred have continually ducked.

Thank you for your feedback, it has improved a lot in terms of the neutrality of your tone =) Nothing hateful about debating on issues, I agree with you.

In 4% of cases hateful toward is used

Convict us to pray for them and not be cynical and hateful toward them.

Which is a hateful thing to say: hateful toward men, and demeaning toward women.

Odd how some of a nation of immigrants can be so hateful toward other immigrants.

Any group so allergic and hateful toward the Chief Article of the Christian Faith is going to produce evil fruit.

From that first day, she never feels any bond with him while he seems equally detached from and even hateful toward her.

Some mothers even become completely hateful toward men, while others seek out trying to find a man to fill the space of the absent male.

Islam teaches hate against all non-Muslims but is particularly hateful toward Jews, commanding they all be killed before their day of resurrection can come.

In 3% of cases hateful for is used

It's been hateful for you and it's pretty horrid for me.

Old WHITE men have been so HATEFUL FOR SO LONG you must be exhausted.

The morning after the election I planned to be miserable and hateful for the ignorance of the people who gave Obama four more years.

You call me hateful for not having pity for folks who would do the same thing to me as a ' jew ' who stepped on their toes? Well that's your cup of tea.

In 2% of cases hateful as is used

Mugabe and his supporters are every bit as irrational, destructive and hateful as the monoid leader.

Pankaj Kapoor is hateful as the builder and it'll be interesting to see the kind of work the actor takes on in future.

As unpleasant and hateful as the whole experience was, it brought to the forefront the issue of racism here in New Zealand.

I agree that the term tea-bagger is not so hateful as the n-word, but it is the most insulting and derisive word (other than racist) that the left can find.

Sure, the quote *could* be taken by the ignorant and hateful as a basis for Jew hatred, but this was neither the intent of Jesus or the writer of the Gospel.

In 1% of cases hateful against is used

They are pretty hateful against the majority of the world who are not part of their ridiculous fantasy.

In 1% of cases hateful among is used

The most hateful among the creation of Allah us one black man among them (Khwarij).

The most hateful among the creation of Allah is one black man among them (Khawarij).

In 1% of cases hateful at is used

They are all hateful at this point.

Something within Kyoko's chest seemed to snap, she felt angry, hateful at Yuudai for betraying her and trying to kill her.

In 1% of cases hateful on is used

Now, before anyone who is really in love with their fat starts to get all hateful on me, realize that this is MY story.

At least he has a dog; that makes him a little less hateful on my scale of hate, that and the fact that he's not hideously ugly.

In 1% of cases hateful with is used

She is probably hateful with her kids too.

Thin-ice Woody &; phantomreader: making the rest of us non-believers look stupid and hateful with every comment.

In 1% of cases hateful without is used

A man totally powerless and hateful without remorse.

Well, you continue to be critical and hateful without cause.

Parasum An attractive exterior is worthless and hateful without interior holiness.

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