Prepositions after "harsh"

harsh on, in, for, with or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases harsh on is used

You are way to harsh on the GM.

Maybe a little harsh on the guy.

He was too harsh on the scribes.

We're a bit harsh on that partnership as it was the first time they had played together.

I believe you are being overly harsh on the noble FA, as the facts are absolutely clear.

Use a washcloth that is gentle, or find a makeup remover that is not harsh on your skin.

The Carioca (Rio de Janeiro) press were particularly harsh on the player, seen as a mediocre midfielder on the coast.

NAMA are currently making deals with developers, and frankly, these are pretty harsh on the developers in my opinion.

You'll just use it up quickly and it will be harsher on your skin until the pH drops as part of the curing process.

So if you judge me and say I am being harsh on some of you, I know in my heart that it is a dialogue you need to hear.

In 12% of cases harsh in is used

The weather was harsh in places.

But don't harsh in going about it.

Times were harsher in the Republic.

Japanese rule was harsh in Singapore, which was renamed ' Syonan ' (Light of the South).

But you asked, and I suppose I was a little harsh in my earlier response, so there you go.

It would be harsh in the extreme to say Coleman could have done more for the opening goal.

The protest started in reaction to the draft budget for 2013, one of the harshest in the country's recent history.

Poor D'Angel, mi seh Beenie man give it to har harsh in him new song -- a remake of Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girl '.

He has been especially harsh in criticisizing mortgage companies who have foreclosed on victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Authoritarian Style: In this style parents are unresponsive, inflexible, demanding and harsh in controlling behavior.

In 9% of cases harsh for is used

Quite harsh for such a big area.

No punishment is too harsh for them.

That is too harsh for Patent Agents Prashant.

Unfortunately, the other songs included are a bit too glitchy and harsh for my liking.

Since it does serve to exfoliate as well I am guessing it was too harsh for your skin.

My Advice: Use soap free cleansers and simple moisturizer that isn't harsh for the skin.

Of course that would have been a fantastic and far moving end but also would be a fact too harsh for fans to digest.

The world is extremely harsh for many innocent children and if it breaks our hearts, imagine what God thinks about it.

In addition, avoid using warm washcloth to remove the mask because this is extremely harsh for your tender facial skin.

Such a world would be far closer to equality, yet far harsher for those who enjoy comparative luxury lifestyles today.

In 8% of cases harsh to is used

That seems awfully harsh to me.

Well, this looks pretty harsh to me.

Apologies if I was harsh to you then.

The weather can be harsh to some people, so putting on a sweater helps us to keep warm.

In addition, they are less harsh to the skin as they do not normally react with the skin.

Andrew Neil would be widely considered conservative but is equally harsh to all politicians.

Well, for my part, I think I was unduly harsh to you and andybob in my last message to you; and for that I apologise.

These guidelines may seem harsh to some, but if followed, will provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

When the girl went to the Mirigama Police the The officers were harsh to her and did not want to write her complaint.

What country are you in? This seems rather harsh to me, not to mention that 50 patients to 1 nurse is BEYOND dangerous.

In 8% of cases harsh with is used

I don't like to be harsh with him.

Never be overly harsh with your dog.

And mom was quite harsh with him for that.

Or fear that some teacher, being protective over my modesty, would be harsh with her.

Nordmeyer tried something harsh with alcohol and his entire government got thrown out.

The climate in Astana is rather harsh with winter temperatures dropping to -35c (-31F).

If you are angry and harsh with your children you will frighten them, but you will not persuade them that you are right.

It's harsh with a scree-blasted grain, which renders the tracks both eroded feel and claustrophobically full -- airless.

It is difficult to be harsh with others when we are aware of how much we are in desperate need of God's grace and mercy.

In 7% of cases harsh of is used

That was pretty harsh of the writers.

Never does the Mk7 feel harsh of flustered.

Is that harsh of me? Probably, but who cares.

Even the harshest of words spoken with the right intention are wholesome verbal kamma.

These folks were a hardy people, independent and able to survive the harshest of winters.

While it is a shame that Jonghyun was a scapegoat, lessons are learned better in the hardest and harshest of ways.

Rather than quitting cold turkey and feeling the harshest of withdrawals, try limiting your daily cigarette intake.

They should rightly be punished with the harshest of punishments, to teach them a very important &; valuable lesson.

Compelled to work in the harshest of conditions, they never knew if they would ever again see the outside world again.

In 2% of cases harsh about is used

They were especially harsh about U.

But he's just been a bit harsh about it.

Mine is quite harsh about things like that.

Don't be harsh about peoples values to not exploit animals for hair for cosmetic brushes.

I have not yet seen The Innkeepers, but I want to; maybe I'll be less harsh about that one.

There is nothing cowardly, misguided, unjustified or harsh about Chelsea fans ' reaction at the weekend.

Mad because people r tryn to speak good things bout Whitney bt instead she ddnt like that n talkd harsh about her.

Everyone on here is being really harsh about Joe: people who know him say that he's a pretty straight kind of guy.

Michonne sits beside Morgan and apologizes for being so harsh about his difficulty getting over the deaths of his family.

Problem solve people- and learn about what humans motives are and give some consiquences but try not to be so harsh about it.

In 2% of cases harsh at is used

People have to be a bit harsh at times.

It was harsh at times, but only on rough sections of road.

The billing requirements didn't seem so harsh at the time of sign-up.

Marja's words may be harsh at times, but they usually have some level of truth to them.

I feel as though the camera flash is a bit too harsh at times, so I tend to avoid using it.

His sons meant everything to him, and even though he was harsh at times he loved them dearly.

If you find him harsh at times or he always argues with you even on little things, then maybe he can be a bad client.

The time to discover that your car is noisy and harsh at 65 miles per hour is not after you've already taken delivery.

Turn up the mids as well, and back down the treble a little too, because I'd sure 3 guitars can sound a bit harsh at times.

Because the heat in your house could be harsh at times, you may benefit from keeping an air humidifier on while you're home.

In 2% of cases harsh towards is used

I am to them but they are harsh towards me.

Hill Tribe culture in Thailand is less harsh towards women.

A myth had grown about Patel that he would be harsh towards Muslims.

The Muslims must be harsh towards the infidels and compassionate among themselves.

Karkash was very harsh towards Sushila and was making her do all the household works.

Even when they are harsh towards a little boy to the point of breaking is mind forever.

He may be harsher towards Israel in this term so that Israel returns to the Middle East peace negotiation table.

Like I said I understand you don't care for the concept but please refrain from being so harsh towards the employees.

He was angered by criticism or opposition, and harboured resentment; he was harsh towards enemies but generous to friends.

In 1% of cases harsh against is used

We feel that you are also very harsh against the Pak Army.

It is hard to be harsh against those who scramble for pennies a day.

Salamah, then suspect his religion because he was harsh against the People of Bid'ah.

Rather, they used to respect those who were harsh against the followers of falsehood.

The Salaf were harsh against them, and in some cases ordered some of them to be executed.

However I believe we should not be too harsh against the Doctor himself, for 50-year foresight of.

I can distinguish somebody launching a personal attack against the person and somebody being harsh against the book.

About the bad-manner, yes I am harsh against every mushrik and enemies of sahaba or supporters of enemies of sahaba.

While the rhetoric was harsh against the banks, the Obama team embraced one of the establishment's own to become the next Treasury Secretary.

O Prophet (Muhammad )! Strive hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be harsh against them, their abode is Hell, - and worst indeed is that destination.

In 1% of cases harsh as is used

Impact is harsh as the Zig sole has very little give.

It's not harsh as the granules have the tendency of melting down.

Coward may be a bit harsh as the church would have been a bit scary at the time.

It sounds harsh as a measure, but planning for your businesses success is your natural concern.

How could I have been so wrong? In some ways, the how's &; why's are irrelevant &; harsh as that is, that's the truth.

Their Irish brogue is harsh as well as pleasing, their manner loose but professional, and their personalities are outwardly warm and inviting.

His sixth and final chemo treatment was the harshest as it was the highest dose supposedly to ensure to kill any remaining cancer cells and stem cells.

The systemic efficiency of contract law to facilitate exchange is premised upon the enforcement of harsh as well as relatively equal contractual exchanges.

The top and bottom of it is that the Welfare State is being dismantled and just as in America, IDS expects people to stand on their own two feet, or starve -- its as simple and harsh as that.

In 1% of cases harsh by is used

His haters of course, will exaggerate and be harsh by pretending it was so awful.

For eample, you blamed me for being to harsh by picking on your wrong-doings instead of advising.

Even if a woman did falsely accuse a man of rape, the punishment is too harsh by humane standards.

Time and again I see leaders being harsher by e-mail than they ever would be in a direct conversation.

Consular assistance can not override local law, even where local laws appear harsh by Australian standards.

Be aware that local laws and penalties, including ones that may appear harsh by Australian standards, apply to you.

The winter of 1946/47 was a very cold hard winter made harsher by the post war shortages and rationing of food and fuel existent at that time.

Local laws Irish citizens are reminded that whilst in Egypt, they are subject to local laws, including ones that may seem harsh by Irish standards.

Local laws Irish citizens are reminded that whilst in Lebanon, they are subject to local laws, including ones that may seem harsh by Irish standards.

A severe enough penalty at any time, but one made all the more harsh by the economic conditions in which most Americans found themselves at the time.

In 1% of cases harsh from is used

I know it sounds very harsh from me, but it's the truth.

But the sentiment can be harsh from the devoted who have felt let down.

The treatment of gay and lesbian people is harsh from these organized religions, as well.

Interesting thought: Comments on this article (and this topic in general) have been quite harsh from both sides.

Pretty harsh from a career academic on a good salary who had a full grant and parental support when he did his degree and PhD.

I think it is harsh from a driving-fairness point of view, because he did qualify third and probably didn't gain an advantage at all because the fuel was in there.

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