Prepositions after "hard"

hard for, on, at, of or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases hard for is used

It was so hard for a long time.

She worked really hard for this.

I have to work really hard for it.

Last season we came back from 2-0 down, working really hard for a memorable turnaround.

To me, if you don't think this way it's going to awfully hard for a marriage to thrive.

It will be so hard for the mother to now pass on the child that it's just not worth it.

It is hard for the laity to understand how the leaders of the Church can remain silent in the face of this attack on.

We've been working really hard for the last 15 years at uniting the left, and something like this will set that back.

The Coalition didn't win in 2010 which is why it is hard for the Coalition to achieve a majority at the next election.

I know it's hard for the partner too but you don't want to make this discovery any harder for them than it is already.

In 12% of cases hard on is used

Stop being so hard on yourself.

Young love is hard on the heart.

That can be hard on the footsies.

It was hard on the day trying to relax but you looked after us and made us feel at ease.

If you're new to my music, I suggest listening to Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us first.

Favre is the son of a football coach and is always harder on himself than anyone else.

Getting trashed every night is hard on the body, it's not fun in the morning, it's not even fun while you're doing it.

They get turned on by the sound of their own voice and they think that others also get a hard on just because they do.

Some yachts might do 800 miles to get there, if the race is hard on the wind, but it's still a 629 nautical mile race.

A good friend once told me we are hardest on the ones we love the most, because we take their feelings for granted.

In 6% of cases hard at is used

The tour is hard at the moment.

It will be hard at the beginning.

It is just so hard at the moment.

It's not hard at all to find people in the Labour Party who are or were open Stalinists.

Tegan &; Sara Our favourite musical twin sisters are hard at work on their seventh album.

Yes, it might be hard at time the things like having the baby, education, and the respect.

It seemed hard at that moment to imagine we were headed somewhere where we'd most likely be the solitary hiking group.

Music Review: Various Artists - Songs For Desert Refugees Life in the sub-Saharan desert is hard at the best of times.

We put our album out at the beginning of this year and we've been hard at work touring that in-between my studio time.

They pushed me back time after time, and taught me to try my hardest at everything, no matter what others might say.

In 5% of cases hard of is used

Unless you are hard of hearing.

We had not too hard of fighting.

It's not that hard of a concept.

Hearing alert animals help people who are Deaf, deafened, oral deaf, or hard of hearing.

This is the harder of the three double releases to find as it was a limited promotion.

Many nations even deny basic civil rights to their Deaf and hard of hearing citizens (i.

My Unsuccessful Attempt I remember trying to think hard of a solution to my pupils illiteracy problem a few years ago.

Even when our nation is going though the hardest of times, I see people smiling, laughing and enjoying their lives.

It is a poignant story of love, friendship and overcoming life's hurdles that will warm even the hardest of hearts.

Of all the things I'd having to scale back on, the hardest of all is my Chinese (yes, sorry it's Mandarin) classes.

In 2% of cases hard in is used

It was very hard in the middle.

I know it's hard in our society.

It's hard in suburban New Jersey.

It was harder in that respect, easy because we knew the characters, we knew the story.

It's hard in 140 characters to include caveats and disclaimers, maybe that's part of it.

It's so hard in Hong Kong for many families to even provide helpers with their own space.

It is hard in the beginning but soon if you read every day if you can you will start to feel a puzzle coming together.

I would at least to thank all 3 of them for providing me with clear differences which is hard in a municipal election.

Living conditions were also hard in the camps and towns built in the mountains to house the workers and their families.

Each time she gets sick but especially when she was so little, Tracking medication and symptoms was hard in the moment.

In 2% of cases hard with is used

I was a little hard with Barker.

I will not be very hard with you.

It must be so hard with your mom.

If it were me in this situation, I'd be putting my foot down real hard with the hubby.

I laugh hard -- really hard with my friends and family Exercise I have fun exercising.

My left side is always full &; hard with milk but my right side always seems ' empty '.

Potting the opponents ball is usually to be avoided since scoring is much harder with only two balls on the table.

He was bold with the United States, and was especially hard with their warmongering, imperialistic foreign policies.

A loose, lumpy road is much harder with a strong adverse wind pushing your wheels where you don? t want them to go.

Because of this, he's forced to result to simple brute force of smacking his opponents really hard with large hammers.

In 1% of cases hard about is used

I don't see what's so hard about it.

And that's what is so hard about this.

Think real hard about it for a minute.

That's what can be hard about the Third Tribe mentality -- it takes patience and trust.

What's so hard about that? You know what Chrissy? I recently completed a 2,000 mile move.

What is so hard about this? Bvmerican clown, your comments are unintentionally hilarious.

So before you start erasing sites, sit and think real hard about the site that you most wish wasn't on the Internet.

We've included everything you need to master being an entrepreneur, including what's so hard about being self-employed.

What's so hard about understanding this? But Roberts politicized the SCOTUS with his decision, which has no foundation.

What's so hard about it all? Lots of things have to be working just right to get photons back from the lunar reflectors.

In 1% of cases hard as is used

His bed was hard as a dry field.

Hanuman's body was hard as a stone.

It must be even harder as a Famous.

Ravioli was hard as a plastic Frisbee while the beef (sirloin I think) was just alright.

The importance of physics It is sometimes hard as a scientist to maintain a broad focus.

Yes it is the every day mundane things that are as hard as going and doing special things.

But the church was hollow, And the people were hollow, And their hearts were hard as the asphalt streets of the jungle.

It will make a little flat disk on the bottom of the cup, if you feel it is hard as a lifesaver candy you know its done.

Then maybe racism might not be so hard as the poor whites would not be jealous of the attention lavished over non-whites.

He then flogged her as hard as he could lick, both with the whip and cow-skin, till she was all over streaming with blood.

In 1% of cases hard to is used

Its hard to identified the theft.

I love them, just hard to walk in.

It is not hard to understand them.

I'd guess It might make the film all the harder to pirate with a video camera as well.

Sometimes I'll try really hard to look good, but still make it look like I'd not trying.

LEAVE HIM WHEN HE STARTS! It just gets to hard to let go when your with him for too long.

All I have to say is death!! The grouse grind is deadly hard to the point where you think your jus not gon na make it.

A 2002 study found that redhead are harder to sedate than any other people requiring twenty percent more anesthesia.

From RTFA, it is hard to tell if News Corp was using a remote controlled vehicle or an Autonomous Arial Vehicle (UAV).

On the other hand, it's harder to type class notes on a tablet for extended periods of time, compared to the keyboard.

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