Prepositions after "harass"

harass by, in, at, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 70% of cases harass by is used
    I shalln't be calling them!! I'd being harassed by these people.
    I won't have you harassed by them: and they will insult you if you stay.
    Ensure that the form ones are not bullied or harassed by the senior students in any way.
    What's worse, some people who chose to walk reported being harassed by numerous rude riders.
    The story revolved around an arrogant baseball player who is being harassed by an unknown stalker.
    If you are harassed by someone who has the skills you describe it will be almost impossible to trace them.
    Merchants in the line of the storm are harassed by shameless politicians over raising prices to market levels.
    When it comes to sex workers, most of them shy away from talking to us because they are being harassed by police.
    Laura Poitras a Freelance Journalists who was continually harassed by the American Department of Internal Security.
    In fact women are five times more likely to be harassed by their boss or manager, men more likely by their co-worker.

    In 11% of cases harass in is used
    Her opening tales of getting verbally harassed in Paris caught my attention because they conjured up memories of my own.
    I think most commit suicide because they're just really given up on the future or they were harassed in some way on http: //www.
    I insist you meet with Pakistanis who are desperate to bring about a positive change in the society and see how they are threatened and harassed in ways that are unfathomable by many.

    In 7% of cases harass at is used
    You would imagine that women in powerful positions would never need to be worried about being sexually harassed at work.
    A 2012 Human Rights Commission survey found a quarter of women had been sexually harassed at work in the past five years.
    In a ruling on October 19, the SC has asked all states, union territories and regulatory bodies to set up mandatory committees where women who are harassed at work can take their complaints.
    Mr Majrowski claimed that he had been harassed at work by his line manager and the House of Lords ruled that the employer was vicariously liable for the behaviour of the manager who harassed him.

    In 5% of cases harass for is used
    I believe that women have been oppressed, discriminated against, and harassed for thousands of years.
    What can you do if you are harassed for breastfeeding you baby? Report the incident to the Human Rights Commission in your province.

    In 1% of cases harass out is used
    Most employees feel harassed out of taking their vacay.

    In 1% of cases harass throughout is used
    SARAH DINGLE: Is this a surprise to find that one in three women will be sexually harassed throughout their lifetime? ELIZABETH BRODERICK: It's probably not a surprise.

    In 1% of cases harass to is used
    This was to harassing to us, and desecrating to Russell's grave.

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