Prepositions after "handy"

"handy for" or "handy in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases handy for is used

It is very handy for the terminal.

Keep batteries handy for this also.

A steel brush can be handy for this.

Here is where a standalone player will come in handy for all your entertainment needs.

Seems to be technically very good and will be handy for the Rebs after Freier retired.

Handy for checking out a building's general condition without travelling all over town.

This can come in handy for all the web designers out there, specially when they are creating a dark colored website.

When choosing what to bring, think in terms of what you can do without rather than what might be handy for the trip.

Do you have travel (temporary home) cages, basic pet medical kits and food packs handy for your flock and other pets.

In 17% of cases handy in is used

Still, handy in a tight corner.

Not very handy in general usage.

This will prove handy in future.

I have a small notepad I use (see photo) to keep mine handy in my pocket or in my purse.

Everything is handy in the hotel's neighborhood and the traffic is also very convenient.

Keep a high stool handy in your work areas to allow you to sit down to perform tasks (e.

Make a list of hospitals and clinics along with their phone numbers and keep them handy in the event of an emergency.

Last year in college, email was really handy in making contact with other people on campus, as I couldn't phone them.

People skills will come in quite handy in this kind of job, as you will be required to deal with all kinds of people.

How to clear Facebook share cache? There is one barerly known tool that comes in handy in such situations -- Debugger.

In 8% of cases handy with is used

He is pretty handy with machinery.

The Kid is very handy with blocks.

You will also be handy with a broom.

Then what about Dilshan and Jeewan Mendis? They too are more than handy with the ball.

Are you pretty handy with a gun now? I have had this amazing gun trainer, Joss Skottowe.

Since it was pre-food blogging days, I didn't have pictures handy with me for reference.

However, the sharing of seats to be contested across the county will definitely come in handy with deals being cut.

If you're handy with a rotary tool, you can probably take enough material off the dock insert meant for the Tab 10.

As long as you use a real stamp (or if you're handy with carrier pigeons) your postcard will reach its destination.

He uses e-mail and Skype and is quite handy with the digital camera we got him for Christmas a couple of years ago.

In 6% of cases handy at is used

It will come in handy at any time.

Didn't have my camera handy at the time.

I can see this coming in handy at some point.

Saying they are artists is akin to saying John Lennon was a bit handy at writing songs.

It IS the kind of thing you want to keep handy at all times, or better yet, memorize it.

I think some copies of RyanCare should come in handy at the zoos to line animals ' cages.

The bathroom basically could have every member of the flat in it at once, which was handy at busy times on a morning.

While this sounds easy, and can be done (because we did it ), a wire bender and ice comes in very handy at this point.

You and your family will be more likely to practice good dental hygiene if you have your back-up brushes handy at home.

A floor gym is handy at this time, since it lets your child lie on a soft mat and swipe at fun things hanging above her.

In 5% of cases handy to is used

The sanctions also proved handy to Mr.

I guess the scheme came handy to Purna.

It sure is going to come in handy to me.

Which means we probably don't even need an eraser handy to pencil in most division champs.

Personally, if you live fairly handy to the rental I think it worthwhile doing it yourself.

If you don't have a cell phone yet, consider getting one - it can really come in handy to in certain situations (Umm.

These policies and standards are actually the metrics that may come in handy to chief operating officers of a company.

Taieri Mouth was perfect as it has beautiful beaches and is handy to my family in Dunedin and Scott's family in Milton.

These items really came in handy to me as an extract brewer, and much of it I consider invaluable for all grain brewing.

In 4% of cases handy on is used

He was pretty handy on those crutches.

They are very handy on each page though.

They also come in handy on long flights.

What we do know (thanks to this edit) is that Jack here is pretty handy on a snowboard.

And I'll teach you to row, and to swim, and you'll soon be as handy on the water as any of us.

Here's a collection of ' Singlish ' terms which you might find handy on your visit to Singapore.

This control is handy on thin laminations where the bite of the screw is minimal and stripping is a good possibility.

If anyone has any ideas, pass them along, even if its too late for this project it will come in handy on the next one.

Victor looked handy on the right hand side and I was beginning to think we might just have us a game of football, here.

This is very handy on my netbook, and I use it on my 1920*1080 screen as well: most of the time, the favicon is enough.

In 3% of cases handy during is used

It will be handy during troubleshooting.

And this comes handy during man training.

I'd sure it came in handy during the review too.

Disposable Hot Patch This would have come in very handy during their time in Hokkan.

I am glad that I learned it because it has come in handy during my travels to Europe.

As an aside, they were especially handy during the height of my bird problem last year.

Luckily the pistol was only ever used against wild animals, but came in handy during the bitterly cold winter of 1962-63.

They will most likely make the player relaxed; quite handy during some of the tougher levels, where it's hard not to panic.

This comes in handy during hard time, being able to offer other services on top of the main line of business are priceless.

Large Dial A large operation dial really comes in handy during music creation using sequencer functions and mixer functions.

In 2% of cases handy as is used

It comes in handy as a learning tool.

Still, they may come in handy as a backup.

It's just too handy as a central strong point in the M.

It also came in handy as an escape route when the ' wrath of the rotan ' loomed over us.

Really handy as the video would show the lecture slides as the lecturer went through them.

Knowing some German comes in handy as a translation of the menu would be required otherwise.

He also shows remarkable knowledge of lemons, which comes in handy as the bad guys are Gremlins, Pacers and the like.

Whilst this is really legitimate, that wide-angle aperture is without a doubt more handy as opposed to it might seem.

You can also print them if you'd like (this can come in handy as proof of the offer when your Catalina doesn't print).

I also keep some of my stuff semi-private, posting just to myself (handy as a kind of scratch pad) or to family members.

In 1% of cases handy after is used

They come in handy after the club.

Toothpicks always so handy after every meal.

Very handy after the recent endless circular discussions.

Very handy after all the dangerous Xmas products for gifts.

These little nutritious snacks can come in handy after a long day.

But there warn't any other place as handy after that fool of a job.

Johnson's baby powder always comes handy after a few days of riding.

The handy after half a day will be able to the hair cut is a character.

Effective on most types of fire but have a good VACUUM CLEANER handy after use.

In which case those submarines and tanks and guns might come in handy after all.

In 1% of cases handy around is used

I was never handy around the house.

He is also very handy around the house.

These came in very handy around Christmas.

Positives: Cheap to buy, handy around the house.

But I'd not all that handy around the house, either.

She is practical, too, and very handy around the house.

Nail guns are also another power tool that can be quite handy around home.

After posting this on my Facebook wall, a lively discussion took off about men who are handy around the house.

Always keep some almonds handy around the house so you always have them when you're struck with the urge to snack.

They are widely recognized as superior marriage material: intelligent, dependable, employed, honest and handy around the house.

In 1% of cases handy by is used

Keep a pad and pen handy by each phone so you won't need.

So I did a little research on them and found this site on google (very handy by the way).

Lucian Fletcher 258 -- You could only have described Patel as handy by watching it on text.

Keep a container or bowl of almonds handy by the television or computer so you have a handy snack whenever you need it.

Plus, taking the long view, it'll come in handy by simplifying my death: I will not be grasping for salvation, but for release.

Messages can be sent in the form of glued, to gain by using the T9, group as a dialog (very handy by the way ), add unwanted senders Black list.

How would you like to be introduced? (Keep this handy by the way because you'll need it one day soon:) Video yourself doing either of your introduction speeches.

Again, he believes this is where computer technology, such as the breakthrough Debt Breaker Program, can come in handy by providing a financial roadmap for people to follow.

And if your baggage is simply delayed for more than 12 hours, your travel insurance can come in handy by reimbursing any purchases of personal effects necessary until your luggage arrives.

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