Prepositions after "handmade"

"handmade by" or "handmade in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases handmade by is used

They were hand-made by experts.

One tomato was handmade by my 6 yr.

Handmade by East of India, England.

The ceramic beads, pottery and leather goods are all handmade by disadvantaged women.

These are hand-made by Glenn Miller, hand sewn real leather, stuffed with deer hair.

When someone admires it, you will say Thank you - it was handmade by an artist I found in.

The Briggs family christening gown, hand-made by Dan's great aunt, Ida Beanblossom, is on display in Jack's room.

The soothing music and plush resting arrangements are a welcome complement to the aromatic oils handmade by Fifit.

The invitation and all stationary was handmade by Jill Blanc whose attention to details on everything was fantastic.

My plan is to box the play-dough up with a few tools and an apron, handmade by the lovely Stephinie of Gypsy Forest.

In 26% of cases handmade in is used

Handmade in London by artisans.

All the cases are handmade in Minnesota.

Handmade in Italy, hand-stolen in Stepney.

Designed by Angela O'Brien and handmade in Indonesia, each bag is special and unique.

She doesn't exist, at least not off-the-shelf or hand-made in any part of the world.

Wooden sunglasses! Handmade in San Francisco! And I could lift them, price tag and all.

If you want a really unique design, shop online for Italian luxury handbags that are 100 percent handmade in Italy.

Our products are all individually handmade in southeast Texas and most contain no preservatives, msg, or chemicals.

The first prototype, handmade in our Enschede factory from salvaged parts by Henny Wanders and the first test shoots.

Handmade in Nairobi, Kenya, the new collection has been produced in collaboration with The Ethical Fashion Programme.

In 10% of cases handmade with is used

Individualy handmade with great.

A ll handmade with care and precision.

This Saturday, Handmade with Love will.

Handmade with love, these Stix are wide and chubby, not the long and skinny bars of old.

It is handmade with a 33carat diamond in the neck! Well diamonds are a girls best friend! 3.

Cookie Cutter's products are lovingly handmade with quality materials and are cute in a quirky way.

It can be hand-made with a variety of materials, rice paper is quite popular, as is the golden/silver metallic paper.

The exhibition consists of silver object such as candle stand and bowls, which are handmade with distinctive detailing.

What a good girl! (Submitted by Abby) About the Costume: Olivia's costume was handmade with love by her mom and grandmaw.

Handmade with real gold spots, this porcelain jug by Luna Lighting is almost too precious to use for breakfast, well almost.

In 9% of cases handmade from is used

The fiddles were handmade from maple and birch wood.

Nothing special that is hand-made from a local artisan.

Each set is handmade from sustainable wood and non-toxic, child-safe inks.

Durrus is handmade from raw Friesian cows ' milk sourced from a single local herd.

Many others were handmade from a patterns, whilst others have had the label cut off.

Our cakes, cookies, pastries are handmade from scratch and we use organic unrefined sugar.

The paper is handmade from post-consumer waste paper and processed into a lovely range of environmentally responsible products.

Scottish artist-designer Kenneth Topp is the man behind Bronzino, a range of containers handmade from recycled copper and zinc.

The flat and wedge sandals are exclusively handmade from pure leather using different beadings and sequence and hand embroidery.

World arts and crafts are unique because they are hand-made from natural materials and this results in variations in the design.

In 4% of cases handmade for is used

I have a pair of those, handmade for me.

Everything he has designed is handmade for what is ahead.

I recommend that you have a pair of shoes handmade for you.

All of those items can also be personalized and handmade for your party.

Pretty much everything is new, much of it handmade for this one-off car.

Katachi crystal glassware are all handmade for a brilliant, delicate thiness.

Handmade for Down To The Woods in Nepal, these garlands are whimsy in a jar and no two are identical.

I'll save buying the handmade for something I only plan on buying once in a great while -- wood furniture, for example.

The new store is anchored by a signature tangerine orange Lacanche cooking range, handmade for them in Burgundy, France.

What guitars did you use on the new album? Wolf Hoffman: I have a brand new guitar handmade for me by the German company Framus.

In 3% of cases handmade on is used

All his dolls are handmade on the mainland.

Still to this day, the footwear is ethically sourced and hand-made on the Island of Menorca, Spain.

Take this jacket for example, it looks like a vintage Porsche seat, this patina is handmade on the jacket.

The best chocolate we've ever eaten, handmade on the premises by the owner, manager, and waiter Aristotellis.

He still has a massive, loyal fanbase, of which I'd one! Each piece is handmade on a Vinyl LP and therefore any version.

Handmade on a fluffy, all natural dough case, Pizza Monkey flash fires the pizza in their wood oven to lock in the flavours.

Our third village is Bonwire where the famous Kente cloth is handmade on looms, in a time-honored tradition passed down through generations.

Our final village is Bonwire, where the famous Kente cloth is handmade on looms in a time-honored tradition passed down through generations.

In 2% of cases handmade at is used

All the furniture in the lodge is handmade at Loisaba.

Beautiful especially coz these were handmade at one of the centers that Prayaas supports.

Parts that were once handmade at a cost thousands of hours are now mass produced for pennies apiece.

Handmade at her Brooklyn atelier, each piece is unique, and inspired by the jungle and magik of NYC.

Leather shoes, handmade at Banda's Bootworks, were polished with Kiwi Shoe Polish in flat round tins.

When we started it, there wasn't any; the few sites you could order from were hand-made at great expense by web consultants.

Sweet temptations See chocolate being handmade at Trenance Chocolate Factory at Mullion where you're more than welcome to sample the delicious flavours.

A small batch of Porthole vessels were handmade at Crucial Detail, before the design studio took to Kickstarter to raise funds for a first production run.

In 2% of cases handmade to is used

AND I like to give handmade to my closest friends and family.

I only speak handmade to you, dear reader, and I know that you're largely a community of Etsy sellers like me.

Photographers, for example, have varying packages and wedding stationery ranges from handmade to mass produced.

She brings her pespective on all things handmade to B'More Green, where she will highlight projects you can do yourself as well as crafters who.

For this season, they've got an excellent selection of 5-panel caps from their ' On The Up ' collection, all handmade to the highest standard in New Zealand.

The Burns Tri-Sonic Pickups are handmade to the original design and when tested alongside the original Red Special guitar Brian was astonished by the similarity of the sound.

In 1% of cases handmade of is used

The wakid is normally hand-made of bamboo split with rattan weaving.

These are the Tabacalera cigars, hand-made of local tobacco in the Philippines by La Flor de la Isabela.

But there is a big difference - the skis are not handmade of pine and the bindings are not made of willow.

They jewellery are handmade of recycled organic materials such as horn, shell, wood, raw amber and more at her studio in Toronto, Canada.

In 1% of cases handmade out is used

ICS heating system is handmade out of six ceramic plates and tungsten, ugg boots sale.

Take for instance, the Indigo Tonus stool, handmade out of a solid block of oak wood coated with iron oxide.

A camera, usually handmade out of a box or can, allows light to pass through a small aperture onto photo paper or film.

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