Prepositions after "haggle"

"haggle with" or "haggle for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 53% of cases haggle with is used
    I haggled with Prospa a good half an hour until I got myself a djembe.
    I almost never haggle with a client, unless it's a project I really, really want.
    The times I did haggle without removing value, I had clients try to wrangle even MORE info out of me.
    After much haggling with the Swiss authorities, his Father? s body was sent to Jamaica early this year where he was laid to rest.
    The grounds of the Kingston Public Hospital are a major battlefield as the homes haggle with the families and relatives of the deceased.
    The trio headed there and within 15 minutes of haggling with an aggressive old Chinese lady, we managed to get at least 40% off the original prices.

    In 27% of cases haggle for is used
    The Dutch Boys haggled for MYR 10 (US$3.

    In 7% of cases haggle about is used
    Not to haggle about the finer points of atta and anatta (self-and non-self) when one has not even got round to making effort with the Five Precepts.

    In 7% of cases haggle over is used
    This past week I went rounds with 2 clients haggling over price.

    In 3% of cases haggle on is used
    I believe that you can haggle on a price, especially if the customer has good intentions.

    In 3% of cases haggle without is used
    The times I did haggle without removing value, I had clients try to wrangle even MORE info out of me.

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