Prepositions after "guarantee"

guarantee by, for, in, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 35% of cases guarantee by is used
    This oath must be guaranteed by others.
    Don't allow failure to be guaranteed by quitting.
    Rooms may be guaranteed by credit card? check when booking.
    The loans were guaranteed by the Central Bank of the Philippines under certain conditions.
    When our Success is guaranteed by the promise in God's Word, it is worth to depend upon it.
    Private investments in Tanzania are guaranteed by government policy and law against nationalization and expropriation.
    Consultancies can register for certification in any of up to 10 categories, although approval is not guaranteed by SwapClear.
    Students should note that this is a limited enrolment program and admission is not guaranteed by attainment of the minimum requirements.

    In 14% of cases guarantee for is used
    The area is blessed with good weather virtually guaranteed for 10 month of the year.
    Contacts could be as short as a single game and could be guaranteed for a couple of weeks.
    It refuses to date and thanks to the ' Kate effect ', it's style-factor is guaranteed for life.
    Great Britain spends 100million pounds to fund sports annually and this is guaranteed for five years.
    It guaranteed for a long time to come IBM's continued preeminence in the making of computers for profit.
    If you're a taxpayer, you get stuck with guarantees for loans and securities based on home prices that are too high.
    What we shouldn't pay back is anything that has been borrowed for the banks, or that we have guaranteed for the banks.
    The first new demand asked for the $200 per month salary to be guaranteed for life and then passed to his wife for the remainder of her life.
    Am I guaranteed a bed? Residence is guaranteed for incoming year 1 full-time students, who are coming directly from high school, or whose primary residence is outside of Ontario.
    Don't forget as well, if you don't like what you see when you have bought SBI, or you don't think it is for you, you can get a very speedy refund, guaranteed for 30 days (possibly 90, not sure now).

    In 13% of cases guarantee in is used
    None of this is guaranteed in cyberspace.
    So nothing can be guaranteed in this world.
    As is generally guaranteed in Bangladesh, we were not alone for long.
    Rights subject to constant amendment are not guaranteed in any sense of the word.
    Access to legal structures that ensure freedom of expression is guaranteed in practice.

    In 10% of cases guarantee to is used
    But once a privilege is guaranteed to a non-Muslim, it can not be withdrawn.
    The ignition problem still persists even thought they guaranteed to was the coil pack and replaced it.
    In the mock election Obama also won Alaska, Louisiana and Georgia -- solid red states already guaranteed to Romney.
    An employer does not guarantee to cocoon employees from stress and upset, nor is the employer a guarantor of the safety or health of the employee.
    Although a democratic government is based on majorities in the long run, in this case we very well may be violating the rights guaranteed to citizens via the Bill of Rights.
    He shall be subject to removal ONLY by the CARICOM Heads of Government Conference, after an evidentiary hearing in which he would have had guaranteed to him similar rights as espoused in the ECHR e.

    In 5% of cases guarantee on is used
    guarantees on behalf of Residents of Pakistan in favour of Non-residents.
    guarantees on behalf of Non-Residents in favour of Residents of Pakistan.
    Your seat is only guaranteed on the timed journey (where applicable) specified on your booking.
    As a rule possibly which a thing would not glance over it, basically tend not to guarantee on it.
    For the return journey your seat is only guaranteed on the date and timed journey (where applicable) specified on your booking.
    These are rather simple actions you can take that you can must at property so that you have minimal amount of cash and they ' re all are been exposed to and guaranteed on the basis of experts.

    In 5% of cases guarantee under is used
    Our way of life is guaranteed under the Basic Law.
    These rights are guaranteed under international law.
    Although it is not mandatory to state this because this is guaranteed under the Berne Convention, it is hereby declared as a warning that all rights for all material in this pages are fully reserved.

    In 3% of cases guarantee at is used
    But I guarantee at the end of it you would be no closer to hitting the jackpot.
    Some individuals usually have the mistaken belief that if Immigration accepts their permanent resident application then an approval will be guaranteed at the interview.

    In 2% of cases guarantee of is used
    Remember to perpetuate the site and you will be guaranteed of a good profit.
    Even newly established businesses that resort to social media marketing are usually guaranteed of instant business boom.

    In 2% of cases guarantee through is used
    An international minority would be a group or community whose rights and privileges are to be guaranteed through international instruments.

    In 2% of cases guarantee with is used
    Once the full payment on room charges are settled with our agency, we make the necessary payment to the hotel in turn, and our client is guaranteed with hotel room confirmations.

    In 1% of cases guarantee about is used
    It depends on which hostel that she gets so I can't guarantee about that:) yeah the extra-curricular activities are awesome! There are a bunch of activities to be chosen from.
    We make no warranties or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained on this site or information March of is wife paragraphs See, Ala.

    In 1% of cases guarantee against is used
    These loans are guaranteed against default by the federal government.
    MIGA issues guarantees against noncommercial risks for investments in its developing member countries.

    In 1% of cases guarantee during is used
    A 40-hour week is not guaranteed during pre- or post-season work.

    In 1% of cases guarantee from is used
    Without such an interest, Unite argues, it does not have the leverage to seek a jobs guarantee from talks.
    The euro could be seen as an unwanted anchor by many Finns, especially if eurozone membership requires substantial taxes and guarantees from the government.

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