Prepositions after "grip"

"grip by" or "grip with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 45% of cases grip by is used
    In 1348 the city was gripped by the Black Death.
    J: In your new book Clay is in the gripped by severe co-dependence.
    Almost as soon as he arrived in the village we were gripped by his dark, tumultuous relationship with Ste.
    China's annual export growth has weakened from more than 20% seen in 2010, with Europe gripped by recession.
    Nonetheless it is clear that most Europeans have not, in fact, been gripped by the same anti-gun hysteria that has swept over Britain.
    However, a single, unsterilised glass of water has done for him and now he is gripped by fever, ailments of the stomach and nervous system.
    Today, global efforts have made a difference by channeling billions of dollars to the purchase of these treatments for countries in Africa and Asia gripped by the AIDS crisis.
    Agyewodin appealed for unity among Ghanaians, noting with regret the rising indiscipline among particularly the youth who had been gripped by the vanity of foreign items and lifestyles.

    In 23% of cases grip with is used
    She is gripped with immense sadness and weeps like there's no tomorrow.
    I was gripped with fear that the scene would reveal Angeli Bayani's privates once again.
    The Qur'an, however, never gets to grip with what is a crucial Christian dogma -- the two natures of Christ.

    In 9% of cases grip in is used
    Notwithstanding, we can not help cheer for the partners when they at long last grip in strife-torn activist Kashmir.

    In 4% of cases grip onto is used
    It recognizes the opportunity immediately and grips onto its handy work, climbing to about the same height as me, its claws crushing the branches that it hangs onto.

    In 2% of cases grip at is used
    When a person finishes college and university, He even practiced the mans grip at a WWE (In the past WWE winner) Together with american footbal (Nufactured to find mn Vikings).

    In 2% of cases grip despite is used
    Thank god for spares (although it was a space saver that had zero grip despite never being used before) I had two BMW minis with run-flats and naturally no spare.

    In 2% of cases grip for is used
    It takes a particularly determined, strong and manic person to kill with bare hands, holding that grip for a minimum of 40 seconds but usually for more than three minutes.

    In 2% of cases grip into is used
    Her toes curled in, her fingers gripped into claws, and her chest convulsed.

    In 2% of cases grip out is used
    grip out of the water? Very good indeed indeed! Way ahead of felt soles.

    In 2% of cases grip to is used
    This extremely dense foam can be found in many commercial applications from handle grips to flotation safety devices to sports safety equipment.

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