Prepositions after "grieve"

grieve for, at, by, over or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 47% of cases grieve for is used
    I grieve for that dog every day.
    Therefore I grieve for you, I grieve, my dearly beloved.
    All I ask is that I be left alone to grieve for my family.
    We have all but gotten on our knees, and begged to be left alone, to grieve for our son.
    So, I know that you must grieve for your dashed hopes of 8 ones, spend some time doing it; very little time.
    I grieved for her on my own, and remembered her small acts of kindness to a girl in Norfolk she had never met.
    I grieve for the plundering of the planet, and wonder at our species inability to recognize our place in the biosphere.
    Among those on the march was Magda Pistorius, 53, who still grieves for her husband Wybrand, killed in an attack in June last year.
    How could he explain that he had only sent Boromir to keep him safe from harm? In his heart he grieved for Boromir, but he knew that he had to stay strong.
    Incendiary is an open letter to Osama bin Laden by a woman grieving for her dead husband and child, blown to bits in a terrorist attack on Arsenal's home ground.

    In 13% of cases grieve at is used
    He was deeply grieved at the sights he saw.
    Ya'qub was so grieved at the story and was so saddened by the apparent loss of his son that he wept profusely all day and all night.
    The porter bade him leave his letter, and be gone; for Sallust was so grieved at the condemnation of Glaucus that he could not on any account be disturbed.

    In 9% of cases grieve by is used
    And truly we are deeply grieved by your departure, O Ibrahim.
    I can say that all of us were conscience stricken and grieved by our treatment of him.
    Instead they sigh and groan at the lack of God's presence in the church, and they are grieved by the way human power has filled the gap.

    In 6% of cases grieve about is used
    You do grieve about it, but you have to accept it and say, this is the way my child is, and we're going to be the best at this that we can possibly be.
    But three years ago, I was one of those people who grieves about the errors of yesterday, laments the ill-fated today and stares in horror at the doomed future.

    In 4% of cases grieve on is used
    Then a curtain was drawn between the ladies of the house and those present, so that people could grieve on the calamities of Imam Husain (a.

    In 2% of cases grieve along is used
    In September 2010 I was relieved that there was no loss of life, In February 2011 I grieved along with the nation as two people I knew perished amongst the 182 fatalities.

    In 2% of cases grieve following is used
    Families and communities grieved following the loss of so many men, and women increasingly assumed the physical and financial burden of caring for families.

    In 2% of cases grieve from is used
    For days I was sad to see Geraldine grieve from afar.

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