Prepositions after "greet"

"greet by" or "greet with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases greet by is used
    There, he is greeted by a server.
    He was greeted by the Principal Mr.
    Whenever I go there, I am always greeted by many faces.
    Visitors are greeted by surrealist sculptures and expressionist art on the boundary wall.
    She opened the door to the first room and was greeted by an Ostrich which she named Olly.
    While there, he visited with faculty and was even greeted by the widow of reggae legend Bob Marley.
    Enjoy! Arriving at the airport, being greeted by the Ironman athlete herself! She finished in 12 hours, 26 minutes.
    We arrived just before dark and were greeted by Jon-Erik who had turned up an hour or so before and sorted our rooms out.
    The restored Airscapade was greeted by crowds, a haka, and spraying fire hoses when it landed safely in Te Anau yesterday.
    In January 1948 the Temporary Commission, less its Ukrainian representative, reached Seoul to be greeted by cheering crowds.

    In 43% of cases greet with is used
    Consumers were greeted with a wall of silence.
    Otherwise you will be greeted with a ClassNotFoundException.
    At the entrance you will be greeted with over 58000 dog tags.
    We found TJ's parents house and were once again greeted with such warmth and happiness.
    When you will visit the website next time, you will be greeted with a WordPress blog page.
    Later that day, customers looking to start their holiday cooking were greeted with empty fridges.
    On the other hand, The Jewish State was greeted with enthusiastic support by Jewish youth groups throughout Europe.
    Her words were greeted with applause in the packed Administrative Staff College auditorium at the heart of Kathmandu.
    How Metataste works On logging up for the first time, the user is greeted with the first three movie which they liked.
    At a performance of Melancholy Play last week, patrons were greeted with bottled water and personal fans adorned each seat.

    In 3% of cases greet at is used
    She was greeted at the Tower by the constable, Sir William Kingston.
    The highlight of the day was being greeted at breakfast with champagne and orange juice.
    You are greeted at the welcome desk that is completed with a sofa and the latest glossy magazines.

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